This is a list of episodes of the American television series Ugly Betty. The series has four seasons.


Season Number of episodes [1]

United States Broadcast

1 23 28 september2006 – 17 may2007
2 18 27 september22 may2007 – 2008
3 24 25 september2008 – 21 may2009
4 20 9 October2009 – 15 april2010

Season 1 (2006)[Edit]Edit

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Nr. Title Writer (s) Director United States Broadcasting [2]
1 (1-01) Pilot Silvio Horta Richard Shepard september 28, 2006
Betty is adopted by Bradford Meade as a Secretary of his son Daniel. Who wants to do everything that her first week her latest.
2 (1-02) The Box and the Bunny Silvio Horta Sheree Folkson 5 October 2006
Betty goes looking for the design of the magazine, Bradford delves into the private life of Fey.
3 (1-03) Queens for a Day Marco Pennette James Hayman 12 October 2006
Betty can convince a famous photographer thanks to its contacts for fashion Magazine to work. Bradford goes looking for Fahad car and Wilhelmina has a date.
4 (1-04) Fey's Sleigh Ride Sheila Lawrence Tricia Brock October 19, 2006
Betty goes along with Marc and Amanda looking for a spy, Daniel and Wilhelmina must work together against their will and Justin brings a visit to the fashion editorial.
5 (1-05) The Lyin ', the Watch and the wardrobe Donald Todd Rodman Flender October 26, 2006
Betty challenges if only dress up for Halloween at work and must bear the consequences. Daniel discovers that his father has had an affair and is visiting his mother.
6 (1-06) Trust, Lust, and Must Cameron Litvack Jamie Babbit 2 november 2006
Daniel falls for Sofia Reyes (Salma Hayek), a fellow Publisher. He asks Betty to find out more about her. Wilhelmina's daughter returns home and Betty & Hilda get unexpected news about their father.
7 (1-07) After Hours Eileen Rodriguez James Hayman november 9, 2006
Betty may review a hotel for fashion. Sofia picks up the meeting room in (which Angers Daniel) and Wilhelmina tries to impress a businessman from Texas.
8 (1-08) Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral Marco Pennette Sarah Pia Anderson 16 november 2006
Daniel is obligated to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family ... and Sofia. Justin and Hilda get visit from Santos, portrayed as a child whose father and they invite him to dine. Wilhelmina tries to celebrate Thanksgiving with her daughter.
9 (1-09) Lose the Boss Oliver Gold stick Ken Whittingham 23 november 2006
Betty must intervene during a photo shoot when the photographer there are quite weird ideas on her belt. Daniel helps Ignacio, Hilda and Justin with decorating the Christmas tree. Ignacio gets problems with his residence permit.
10 (1-10) Fake Plastic Snow Veronica Becker & Sarah Kucserka James Hayman 30 november 2006
Betty can't remember for who they should choose: Walter or Henry. Daniel is very in love with Sofia and consider them to be the true one. Marc tries to convince them of his good intentions Wilhelmina. Amanda Betty's job in trying to pick up.
11 (1-11) Swag James D. Parriott Tamra Davis January 4, 2007
Betty and Daniel must receive a Japanese fashion designer and that does not run as planned, especially when his father cancel his credit cards. Christina is pleased to announce that the current wardrobe of Fashion to leave and that caused a run on the wardrobe.
12 (1-12) Sofia's Choice Silvio Horta Jeff Melman 11 January 2007
Sofia takes a Assistant at Betty seems as two peas in a pod. Ignacio Gets a civil servant assigned that will help him with his residence permit.
13 (1-13) In or Out Myra Jo Martino Michael Spiller January 18, 2007
After his heart was broken by Sofia, regulates Betty for Daniel a date with a supermodel. Wilhelmina begins to prepare for the big unveiling that they along with the mysterious woman has planned. Hilda starts to work for herself.
14 (1-14) I'm Coming Out James D. Parriott Samantha Stanzler February 1, 2007
Daniel hires Hilda in, much to the dismay of Betty. Daniel gets acquainted with Alexis and Bradford is arrested.
15 (1-15) Brothers Shelia Lawrence Lev L. Spiro February 8, 2007
The return of Alex (is) creates quite a stir. Henry asks Betty out. Santos wants to play a more active role in Justin's life.
16 (1-16) Derailed Cameron Litvack James Hayman 15 February 2007
A snow storm hits New York and sends Christina's plans in the war. Betty and Walter make an end to their relationship. But just now therefore, challenges his girlfriend Charlie Henry her will on overthrowing its Fey Betty suspects. Claire have driven. Alexis decides to Fashion Magazine, along with her brother to lead to anger by Wilhelmina.
17 (1-17) Icing on the Cake Eileen Rodriguez Jeff Melman March 15, 2007
Betty asks her orthodontist out to the party of Henry and Charlie. Wilhelmina tries to sow discord between Alexis and Daniel. Daniel hires Grace Chin (Lucy Liu) in and tries to keep hidden for Alexis. Alexis will meanwhile for that her father remains in jail a little longer.
18 (1-18) Don't Ask, Don't Tell Sarah KucserkaVeronica Becker & Marco Pennette Tricia Brock March 22, 2007
Marc asks Betty to arise as his girlfriend when his mother comes to visit. Daniel and Alexis are submitted by their mother obliged to cooperate.
19 (1-19) Punch Out Oliver Gold stick Miguel Arteta 19 april 2007
Betty tries to keep Daniel on the right path. He goes in the meantime prefer events than work, and that makes her command is not easy on. everyone goes looking for Fahad secret diaries.
20 (1-20) Petra-Gate Harry Werksman & Gabrielle Stanton Paul Lazarus april 26, 2007
Daniel is blackmailed by an underage model and her mother. For the first time as a woman interviews Alexis. Amanda tries to arrange an appointment for a homosexual designer with Wilhelmina.
21 (1-21) Secretaries ' Day Henry Alonso Myers Victor Nelli Jr. May 3, 2007
Betty should be a party, but in the meantime her father still has problems with his residence permit. Alexis considers Rodrigo's proposal to move to Brazil . Wilhelmina is committed to helping to gain control of Fashion Magazine.
22 (1-22) A Tree Grows in Guadalajara Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally Lev L. Spiro 10 May 2007
The whole family travels to Mexico to ensure that Ignacio a visa for the United States. Betty goes there in search of her mother's grandmother side. Marc is jealous of Amanda's latest conquest.
23 (1-23) East Side Story Silvio Horta & Marco Pennette James Hayman May 17, 2007
Betty and Henry experience passionate times, to Charlie announces that she is pregnant. Henry and Charlie times back to Arizona, but Betty discovered that Charlie has cheated him and the child may not be of him.Wilhelmina prepares for her wedding to Bradford. Santos is shot during a robbery and Claire escaped from prison. Alexis and Daniel have a car accident.

Season 2 (2007)[Edit]Edit

Read warning: text below contains details about the content and/or the end of the story.

Nr. Title Writer (s) Director United States Broadcasting [3]
24 (2-01) How Betty Got Her Grieve Back Silvio Horta & Marco Pennette James Hayman september 27, 2007
Betty's life is chaos and fog Henry very much, but this does not admit it. Amanda is shocked now they know that Fey her mother is and does nothing else more than food. Wilhelmina Daniel and Alexis accident abused to put herself in the spotlight. Hilda and Justin must by with their lives now Santos is no longer there.
25 (2-02) Family/Affair Bill Wrubel Victor Neili, Jr. October 4, 2007
Bradford takes advantage of the amnesia of Alexis to the family to rewrite history. Betty and Christina catch Wilhelmina with her bodyguard in bed. Ignacio is visited by someone from his past. Amanda gets her part of the inheritance of Fey.
26 (2-03) Betty's Wait Problem Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally Tricia Brock 11 October 2007
Henry returns, but Betty has in the meantime know Gio. Claire goes looking for Wilhelmina and Bradford wants to speak.
27 (2-04) Grin and Bear It Veronica Becker & Sarah Kucserka Tucker Gates October 18, 2007
Betty decides to follow a course to journalism. Daniel is pressured by an advertiser to be able to dismiss Alexis. Henry helps Justin with his homework and Amanda discovered some of Wilhelmina's secrets.
28 (2-05) A League of Their Own Sheila Lawrence Samantha Stanzler October 25, 2007
Betty goes (at the suggestion of Christina) looking for a date over the internet. Marc is attracted to Cliff, a photographer for fashion Magazine. Daniel and Alexis should have a family dinner with Bradford and Wilhelmina attending and Hilda doesn't see that it goes from bad to worse with Justin.
29 (2-06) Something Wicked This Way Comes Henry Alonso Myers Samantha Stanzler november 1, 2007
Betty and Henry go sneak on date (to the musical "Wicked"), but are still caught by anyone. Meanwhile, Daniel tries to find new advertisers and this goes very far.
30 (2-07) A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding Silvio Horta & Marco Pennette James Hayman 8 november 2007
Wilhelmina prepares for her wedding but gets on her nerves by Victoria Beckham, her bridesmaid, which gets much more attention than they do on her wedding day. Christina's husband Stuart challenges all of a sudden want to tell Daniel about Wilhelmina's infidelity on. Betty, but can't do that because her father is not a u.s. citizen yet.
31 (2-08) I See Me, I.C.U. Bill Wrubel Rodman Flender 15 november 2007
Wilhelmina would still marry Bradford, even though he lies in the hospital. Betty tries to make it back with Daniel. Henry helps Betty to save to fashion Magazine. On his deathbed to his son to Betty asks Bradford to worry if he is no longer there.
32 (2-09) Giving Up The Ghost Charles Pratt, Jr. Gary Winnick november 22, 2007
Wilhelmina takes revenge by releasing a virus on the computer network of Fashion. Everyone turns stepping up to and even Amanda contributes. Only the cover and the deadline is a problem: the pictures are gone, the photo model is in rehabilitation and the printer would not slow down the printing process. But thanks to Alexis persuasion at the printer and Daniels idea for a cover in honor of his father, the magazine still get them ready in time.
33 (2-10) Bananas for Betty Jon Kinally & Tracy Poust Michael Spiller 6 december 2007
Henry, Betty, Gio and Hilda go out together. Wilhelmina tries to launch her own magazine. They are looking for the money for her own magazine ' Slater ' at her father, but that "recognize" his own daughter no longer and refuses to invest in its magazine. Wilhelmina are not easily on the side sliding: if they have the money for her magazine not from her father, then she seeks the money through a group of investors. But those are not as fast won for that idea: Wilhelmina has its image against. She then tries to boost its image by with a camera crew in the streets of the city her old cast-offs from dividing. This may convince investors, but Wilhelmina commits a capital error yourself: she picks up the taxi in Betty White's, one of the Golden Girls. The whole event is being filmed and does even more damage to its image. As Betty White there than agree to for the sake of the cameras to accept excuses, Wilhelmina's seems it still good to come. But Betty White used the situation to give a new boost to her own career: she paints Wilhelmina off as a monster-making them the investors finally lose. And gives Wilhelmina not won: she has (in the morgue) a number of frozen sperm of Bradford and wants to fertilize now.
34 (2-11) Zero Worship Dawn Davis Ron Underwood January 10, 2008
Amanda is meanwhile still always looking for her father, and in desperation she seeks help with a soothsayer. They ' finds ' as her father: Gene Simmons of the band KISS. Wilhelmina can't get pregnant because her womb the child would repel immediately. They will then need to find a surrogate mother for her baby, and finds a victim in Christina. Her husband Stuart is seriously ill, and is come to New York for an experimental therapy, but has no money to pay. Christina promises to help him and is obligated to accept Wilhelmina's proposal.
35 (2-12) Odor in the Court Bill Wrubel Victor Neili, Jr. January 17, 2008
Betty gets Claire Meade's perfume, because Claire finds that Betty can use it better than they do. She is after all in prison. Betty used the perfume, not knowing that the venom of a poison frog in mixed. They hit so the cooking and hyperactive-so much so that they GIO's shop window smashed to smithereens throws-and tries Amanda (Amanda finds pages from Fahad secret diary. This diary pages advocate Claire Meade free (Fey had poison in her perfume mixed, so that they would poison themselves unnoticed. Claire has murdered Fey than under the influence of the poison, but Amanda keeps the evidence behind because Claire has to convince her mother murdered) the journal's issue. Who still refuses--until Marc on Amanda inpraat. Claire Meade is acquitted and so is the whole family reunited. Wilhelmina would like to become a member of the Meade family and has a lot for about.
36 (2-13) A Thousand Words Before Friday Sheila Lawrence & Henry Alonso Myers Matt Vgiddy 24 January 2008
Claire Meade wants her life a new direction and decision a magazine for the "Active 50 +" on the market: Hot Flash. Alexis and Daniel are not keen on that idea and want only limited contributions to the new magazine, so also in her own magazine itself invests Claire: she pays her editors out of pocket, and which consists of ex-prisoners. Wilhelmina would meanwhile not that her sister Renee a relationship begins with Daniel. She warns Daniel for Renee (which apparently has a psychiatric past), but who believe its not. Renee discovered then that the baby that Christina actually carries the child is of Bradford (and Wilhelmina has planned all this), and blackmails her sister Renee and Daniel must this: Wilhelmina leave it alone, otherwise she tells everything to the police (she has Marcs confession included). But Wilhelmina can't let this happen: they let Marc Exchange, so that her psychosis Renees medication again can take the upper hand. Amanda and Marc think Gene Simmons found to have.
37 (2-14) Twenty Four Candles Veronica Becker & Sarah Kucserka Michael Spiller april 24, 2008
Betty is 24 and wants to experience a perfect birthday with Henry. But Charlie throws a spanner in the works and it's a dream day of her birthday Gio that makes. Daniel still goes out with Renée and Christina should rest in Wilhelmina's apartment.
38 (2-15) Burning Questions Henry Alonso Myers Matt Vgiddy May 1, 2008
Renees psychoses emerging: call them constantly to Betty Daniel to achieve-that is all crazy about here. Wilhelmina would like to see disappear as soon as possible and Renee does even more exciting: she invites Renee in the restaurant where the last time her stop are tripped. It is even so bad that Renee Betty suspects fall in love are also still in on Daniel-kicks. Meanwhile Betty goes with Christina looking for more information about Renee in Wilhelmina's apartment. They find a dossier on Rhonda Slater (Renees real name) stating that they killed her boyfriend after a jealous attack (they had set fire to his apartment). Betty hurries over to Daniels apartment, but Daniel isn't there-Renee wait her up. They wants revenge on Betty: it is responsible for ensuring that Renee Daniel not much see, because Betty itself is in love with Daniel according to her. By the many candles in the apartment there is fire. Betty can convince Renee just in time of her good intentions and the apartment can save just yet. But for Renee is too late: she is included in a back. Daniel then falls back into his old habits and flirt away: even if he goes to a psychologist to chat about it, he may not restrain. After talking with Ignacio he gets weather barrel in itself and goes back to work.Hilda is visited by Gina Gambarro.
39 (2-16) Betty's Baby Bump Dawn Davis & Bill Wrubel Linda Mendoza May 8, 2008
Betty organizes a party for Charlie and the baby. Hilda gets acquainted with the sports teacher of Justin. Wilhelmina plant her triumphant return to Fashion magazine: If the ultrasound of Christina is good, then they can start back working at the magazine. Christina discovered, however, that the baby in her belly the baby is of Wilhelmina and Bradford. She flees to Stuart, her husband, who recommends her to exploit her secret: why not make some money from Wilhelmina? Christina does not: she wants that for once in her life Wilhelmina think about someone else and will make the baby everything him/it deserves.
40 (2-17) The Kids Are All Right Brian Tanen Wendy Stanzler 15 May 2008
Betty missing Henry and Gio tries her cheer. Hilda tries to draw the attention of Coach Diaz and Amanda agrees to do a reality show with her father. Now Wilhelmina know that all is well with the baby, she can continue her plans: she falls in on a meeting between Claire, Daniel and Alexis and makes her pregnancy world able.
41 (2-18) Jump Silvio Horta Victor Neili, Jr. May 22, 2008
Betty is a choice made by both Gio and Henry for: Gio wants to take her on a trip to Italy and Henry asks her to marry him. Wilhelmina Gets a number of chances to Daniel checkmate. First they Daniels interrupts presentation for a major customer (making Daniel look bad to Alexis). Then suddenly a little boy (from France) at Mode at the counter, who claims that Daniel is his father (his mother is recently deceased). Daniel believes the boy not and points him off. Wilhelmina hears this story and asks the boy to eat with her. They must inform the press and let the boy as a beggar by New York strolling, so it looks like a monster is Daniel.This does even more damage to image and that Daniels is the time when Wilhelmina her proceeds: they get to Alexis and Alexis reminds her to their original plan-the management of the company, Wilhelmina editor of Fashion. And Alexis agrees: she sends him on holiday to Daniel repositioned within the company, Wilhelmina is editor...

Season 3 (2008)[Edit]Edit

Read warning: text below contains details about the content and/or the end of the story.

Nr. Title Writer (s) Director United States Broadcasting [4]
42 (3-01) The Manhattan Project Silvio Horta Victor Neili, Jr. september 25, 2008
Betty decides to offer of Henry and Gio's to ignore that and just goes on vacation. When she returns, has thus decided to go alone live-which Angers her father. Wilhelmina takes over the leadership of Daniel and rules with an iron hand on fashion Magazine. Daniel gets in charge of another magazine and Betty follows him. Ignacio finds a job in a local hamburger restaurant.
43 (3-02) Filing for the Enemy Joel Fields Michael Spiller October 2, 2008
Wilhelmina offers Betty a job as her assistant. Marc is jealous. Daniel tries to keep his son with him and Hilda and Coach Diaz put up a new step in their relationship.
44 (3-03) Crimes of Fashion Henry Alonso Myers Victor Neili, Jr. October 9, 2008
Christina is pushed down the stairs and everyone is a suspect. Betty, Amanda and Marc go looking for the perpetrator. Ignacio discovered that Coach Alexis Diaz is still married and does a shocking announcement.
45 (3-04) Betty Suarez Land Chris Black Michael Spiller October 16th, 2008
Gio returns from Italy but wants nothing more to do with Betty. Daniel gets it hard when his mother tells him something shocking.
46 (3-05) Granny Pants Sheila Lawrence Fred Savage October 23, 2008
Kimmie (Lindsay Lohan) asks help to Betty when looking for a job. Very much against Betty's feeling Daniel gives her a job at Mode. Justin does audition for a musical.
47 (3-06) Ugly Berry Bill Wrubel Ron Underwood October 30, 2008
Kimmie tries to put Betty in a bad light. Ignacio is going to vote for the first time and Hilda is taking advantage of the elections to advertise her case. Wilhelmina and Daniel have to looking for a CFO.
48 (3-07) Crush'd Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally Victor Neili, Jr. november 6, 2008
Betty tries to arouse the attention of her neighbor opposite Jessy. Amanda moves in with Betty and Cliff asks Marc to move in together.
49 (3-08) Tornado Girl Peter Elkoff John Terlesky november 13, 2008
Betty Gets a big responsibility of Daniel. But when everything goes wrong, they try to catch him in a variety of ways. Hilda tries to get a license for her case.
50 (3-09) When Betty With YETI Brian Tanen Victor Neili, Jr. november 20, 2008
Betty and Marc want to register for all two "YETI", a journalism course for young people. But there is only room for one of them. Daniel Connors is attracted to Molly and Wilhelmina tries to attract attention.
51 (3-10) Bad Amanda Chris Black John Putch december 4, 2008
Amanda and Betty must work together for an article for the website of fashion,.
52 (3-11) Dressed for Success Cara DiPaolo Matt Vgiddy January 8, 2009
Betty tries to impress her idol, Jodie Papadakis (Bernadette Peters) Publisher, which also YETI leads. Meanwhile she tries to finding the right balance between her family and her work, and that is not always easy.The rivalry between fashion Magazine and ELLE Magazine flares up again high on. Ignacio has a heart attack.
53 (3-12) Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown Henry Alonso Myers Lee Shallat-Chemel January 22, 2009
A family crisis provides a feud between Betty and Hilda. Daniel & Molly and Connor & Wilhelmina try to keep their relationships secret.
54 (3-13) Kissed Off David Grubstick Rose Troche February 5, 2009
Betty takes a decision in order to help her family. But she is distracted by her neighbor Jesse, which again shows interest in her. Meanwhile Daniel nervous when Connor goes in search of Molly's new secret love.
55 (3-14) The Courtship of Betty's Father Peter Elkoff John Terlesky February 12, 2009
Betty makes a revealing video report for Claire Meade's 60th anniversary, but also some other things so she lays bare. And the video camera captures even more things fixed when Betty accidentally accessing the camera at her father's home and reveals some secrets of her father. Daniel and Wilhelmina must learn to deal with the fact that they are no longer being single.
56 (3-15) There's No Place Like Mode Sheila Lawrence Bethany Rooney February 19th, 2009
Fashion Week makes for chaos on the editors of fashion, and Betty must have 2 business at the same time: organize a fashion show (for a rather bizarre new fashion designer named Heinrich) and a command for YETI, for which she has to work with Matt (Daniel Eric Gold), who works for a sports magazine. Wilhelmina fears that it is losing touch with the fashion world now she spends a lot of time with Conner. Daniel gives Molly a complete makeover gift and Christina gives birth to Wilhelmina's baby on the catwalk.
57 (3-16) Things Fall Apart Henry Alonso Myers Tom Verica February 26, 2009
Betty does a surprising discovery when they, along with Marc, the accounts of Fashion to review for YETI. Matt reveals more and more interest in her and let Henry via Facebook know something important.
58 (3-17) Sugar Daddy Brian Tanen David Warren March 5, 2009
When their landlord wants to sell their cottage, try the whole family Suarez money to glean to be able to buy. Ignacio doesnt even take part in a cooking contest on television to collect the money. Wilhelmina and the editors of Fashion try to process in the meantime Connors fraud.
59 (3-18) A Mother of a Problem Bill Wrubel Matthew Diamond March 12, 2009
Betty gets acquainted with Matts mother (Christine Baranski) but not everything runs as they had planned. Wilhelmina are looking for creative solution to a financial problem. Daniel tries to straighten out his relationship with Molly and Hilda tries to link the family Suarez to Archie (Ralph Macchio), a young politician from the neighborhood.
60 (3-19) The Sex Issue Cara DiPaolo Victor Nelli, Jr. March 19, 2009
Daniel & Wilhelmina hope that an edition of Fashion about sex will lay them. Betty wants to put a new step in its relationship with Matt, but he does not want to. Marc & Amanda give Betty than a complete makeover and Hilda don't know if they want to continue her relationship with Archie.
61 (3-20) Rabbit Test Chris Black Richard Hale april 30, 2009
The police take the belongings of Meade Publications. Daniel & Betty take a drastic decision. Christina learns that Wilhelmina's baby ever could be her biological son. Matt does Betty a weighty proposal when the whole family Suarez meets with Matts father on his annual Easter egg hunt.
62 (3-21) The Born Identity Steven Ross John Terlesky May 7, 2009
Billionaire Calvin Hartley (David Rasche) wants to Fashion of the due credit in order to avoid the demise. William, Wilhelmina's baby, is kidnapped and Betty is involved in the drama. Archie wants Hilda takes part in his political campaign.
63 (3-22) In The Stars Sheila Lawrence Paul Holahan 14 May 2009
Betty must work together with Matt and Marc for their final (and most important) project for YETI: a photo shoot with singer Adele. But Matt brings the entire project at risk. Meanwhile there is love in the air, because there are no less than 2 wedding proposals done. Only 1 of them will really continue. Claire & Wilhelmina chattering about their positions within fashion and Matts mother (Christine Baranski) asks Betty to do something for her.
64 (3-23) Curveball Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally Victor Nelli, Jr. May 21, 2009
Just when Betty decides to go live with Matt, Henry returns back for a visit to the city and Betty must admit they still feel something for him. In the meantime wait Betty and Marc (after a series of test interviews for YETI) on their outcome. The media jumps on now he has become a respectable husband and father Daniel and Wilhelmina brings a visit to Victoria Hartley (Matts mother) to find out more about the relationship between Claire Meade and her ex-husband Cal.
65 (3-24) The Fall Issue Silvio Horta Tom Verica May 21, 2009
After one of the fashion editors dies, Marc and Betty fights for his place in the editorial. Wilhemina blackmails Claire with the information they received from Victoria. Matt is jealous of Henry and let that clearly brands and Justin eagerly await wondering if he is allowed to enter the drama school.

Season 4 (2009)[Edit]Edit

Nr. Title Writer (s) Director United States Broadcasting [5]
66 (4-01) The Butterfly Effect, Part I Henry Alonso Myers & Sheila Lawrence John Terlesky 16 October2009
Betty find that everything is different since she works as editor for Fashion, especially now that her ex Matt her boss is. It won't get any easier now her colleague Megan (Smith Cho), with whom they have to share an Office, her can't stand her constantly because he undermines the course and Marc hasn't gotten. Daniel is meanwhile still in mourning after the death of Molly. Justin goes to a new school and is immediately bullied by a few older students-something he wants to tell not to Hilda. Wilhelmina has in the meantime someone sightseeing, but doesn't tell to Marc who-what makes him mad.
67 (4-02) The Butterfly Effect, Part II Henry Alonso Myers & Sheila Lawrence Victor Nelli, Jr. 16 October2009
Betty may make a photo report on the building of the United Nations for its anti-malaria project to promote "Nothing but Nets". But Daniel intersperses spanner in the works and Matt has openly criticizing her.Meanwhile, Amanda found a new girlfriend on the editors of Fashion: Helen (Kristen Johnston), the new Secretary of Daniel. Wilhelmina tries to protect someone who is dear to her and Hilda Marc ask for advice now Justin is bullied at school.
68 (4-03) Blue on Blue Abraham Higginbothham Victor Nelli, Jr. 23 October2009
Betty makes every effort to be the first news of ' Gucci ' to be able to bring out, with the help of Hilda. But Marc tries to sabotage her plans and he involves Amanda and Matt in his nefarious plans. Daniel goes to a self-help group and teaches there Natalie (Jamie-Lynn Sigler), who takes him for a night out in Manhattan. Meanwhile Wilhelmina flies to Bermuda, when she discovers that Connor is perhaps to be found there.
69 (4-04) The Weiner, The Bun, and The Boob Brian Tanen Samantha Stanzler 30 October2009
Betty is overwhelmed with work and that has also seen Wilhelmina. It carries on to Betty to help. Betty performs for her article, a study of the worst occupations in New York. To do the investigation thoroughly, she needs to dress up like hot dog himself and dance in a Bollywood dance number. Meanwhile Marc ignored by his idol, ruining Hilda the campaign of Archie, Daniel hires an incompetent Assistant and Natalie Daniel to a cult leader (Dylan Baker), who is trying to win.
70 (4-05) Plus None Cara DiPaolo Paul Holahan 6 november2009
Betty feels a bit excluded. Wilhelmina is organising a dinner party for charity and she finds no one to come along for the ride: Matt has already asked and Daniel goes with Natalie. Meanwhile, Amanda hides something for Betty. Daniel discovers that his mother and Cal Hartley have a past and we come to know what Nico all has outstretched over the last few years.
71 (4-06) Backseat Betty Jon Kinally & Tracy Poust John Putch 13 november2009
An old flame of Hilda, Bobby Talercio (Adam Rodriguez), where also had a crush on Betty, now gives lesson on Justin school. Justin has it hard to adapt to his new school and Marc to be best friends with the Council gives him the meanest cheerleaders, including Ava (Bonnie Dennison). Meanwhile, Daniel introduces Amanda in his sect, The Community of the Phoenix and he hit more and more under the spell of sect leader Bennett (Dylan Baker) and Natalie (Jamie-Lynn Sigler). Wilhelmina goes in search of money to Nico's secrets to keep.
72 (4-07) Level (7) With Me Chris Black John Fortenberry 27 november2009
Daniel let the leaders of his sect now Fashion Magazine lead. Their leader, Bennett, Molly back to Daniel also has promised that he will see and that puts Betty into action. She works together with Claire a plan to get him back to do see the reality and gets unexpectedly in support of Matt and Amanda. In the meantime let Wilhelmina all: She dresses sloppily and that raises questions at the media and Marc, that deeper start digging in Wilhelmina's private life.
73 (4-08) The Bahamas Triangle Sheila Lawrence Victor Nelli, Jr. 4 december2009
On the Bahamas comes the love triangle between Betty, Amanda and Matt to a head. The hotel is a dream and stay there even a world Star: Shakira. Betty has meanwhile a terrible photo shoot thanks to Wilhelmina. She finds out that her new job is taken by her enemy Penelope Gray bridge (Christie Brinkley) and that Conner is still alive. Marc is bored a bit on the Bahamas, until he met Troy (Matt Newton). Hilda gets in the meantime more and more feelings for her old love Bobby.
74 (4-09) Be-Shure Gail Lerner David Dworetsky 11 december2009
While Ignagio prepares a feast for the holidays (and to impress his new love Jean (Faith Prince)), are both Betty as Hilda worry that they are pregnant. The situation is somewhat more complicated when they both buy a pregnancy test in the store where Jean works and Ignacio there just to the shopping is. Meanwhile, Cal Hartley welcomes the replacement of Wilhelmina, Denise Ludwig (Nadia Dajani), on the Editorial Board of Fashion. Marc wants to get back on her throne, but can Wilhelmina that only with the help of Daniel. Meanwhile are looking for Claire (together with Amanda) to her son Tyler (Neal Bledsoe), which has issued them long ago for adoption.
75 (4-10) The Passion of Betty David Grubstick & Chris Black S.J. Clarkson 6 January2010
Betty thinks she and Matt spend maybe too much time together, need a distraction for him. She organizes an exhibition of his work for him, but that has some unpleasant consequences. Troy is, to Marcs dismay, completely fallen in love with him. Hilda don't know if they should tell that to Bobby she is pregnant and Cal has finally found a replacement for Wilhelmina.
76 (4-11) Back in Her Place Abraham Higginbotham Richard Hale 13 January2010
Betty tells to Mr. z. (Fisher Stevens) about the most terrible week in her entire career at Mode Magazine: Wilhelmina gives her some small orders (futile) and she is also by Wilhelmina used as test person for some make up. Betty decides to set up a blog for some distraction to having her work. Daniel Marc to sabotage him suspect it. Meanwhile Bobby Hilda in a connected with the cotton wool and Wilhelmina with Connor.
77 (4-12) Blackout! Cara DiPoulo John Putch 20 January2010
Betty invites her neighbors out for a karaoke party in her new flat, but before the party can start is there hacked into her building and that is partly her fault. Marc has lost something irreplaceable by the burglary. On the editors of fashion is everything: Daniel and Wilhelmina must work together again and that is anything but plain sailing. Amanda wants to do something about it and can lure the two through a list to the practice of Dr. Sparks (Frank Whaley), a relationship therapist. Meanwhile, Hilda's friend and refuses to accept as Ignacio Bobby power loss ensures that everyone need to change his plans.
78 (4-13) Chica and the Man Gail Lerner Victor Nelli, Jr. 3 February2010
Wilhelmina is furious when she discovers that a Drag Queen impersonating her Wilheldiva under the name ' Hater ' (Chris Williams). Meanwhile, Betty a price for her blog, what thrill comes between her and Daniel.Them out her frustration on her blog, but that is all wrong when the national press discovered her blog and Daniel is portrayed as a monster. Amanda hires again Helen (Kristen Johnston) in, but Wilhelmina wants that Amanda her again acquits. Marc has meanwhile directing a photo shoot.
79 (4-14) Smokin' Hot Brian Tanen John Scott 10 February2010
Wilhelmina try Betty during ' Fashion Week ' on a side track, but that is considered outside Daniel. They may organize a minor show and discovered a new designer, Marisa. She wants to bring out her discovery, but it is Marc who take credit is going to run. Meanwhile, Amanda discovers that Helen is an excellent seamstress and together they try to design a new fashion line. They are trying to convince their collection for Marc and Betty to Wilhelmina, but none of the two shows that are. Claire is visited by her son Tyler and fire breaks out at the Suarez.
80 (4-15) Fire and Nice Erika Johnson John Terlesky 10 March2010
In order to speed up the investigation into the fire, Betty dated Jimmy goes (Rich Sommer), a (nasty) firefighter. Wilhelmina is trying a former boyfriend of her (Brian Stokes Mitchell) still to convince the same ' Wanda ' is in the past. Amanda builds a relationship with Tyler and tries to convince Claire Tyler stuck in rent as a model. Meanwhile, Hilda on visit at Bobby's parents (Lainie Kazan & Nestor Serrano).
81 (4-16) All the world's a Stage Abraham Higginbotham & David Grubstick Andy Cloud 17 March2010
Justin goes all the way in his acting classes, given by the eccentric Lena Korvinka (Carol Kane). He also quickly makes two new friends: Austin and Lily. Betty brings a visit to the lessons and is absolutely enchanted by Zachary (Aaron Tveit) and want to make a documentary about him for fashion. But then asks her out and she comes for a moral Zachary dilemma. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina admitted to the hospital with a stomach ulcer, and even there it continues to claim the leadership of Fashion. But then she comes thanks to Roberta (Dana Ivey) to an important insight: she wants to not only fashion, she wants to Meade Publications.
82 (4-17) Million Dollar Smile Henry Alonso Myers & Chris Black Paul Holahan 24 March2010
Betty is very happy now that her bracket finally goes off and looks forward to her appointment with Dr. Frankel (Kathy Najimy). But even before the brackets there go off, she is knocked unconscious on a photo shoot for fashion. She starts to dream and sees how her life would be like if they had had no bracket: Hilda would have been thick and Justin would never have been born, Ignacio would have had a gambling addiction, Marc would have adopted a child, Amanda would have been married with Daniel and Betty itself would have been a handsome girl. But there could be a downside to its beauty: Betty would an evil shrew have been on the Editorial Board of fashion and work together with ... Wilhelmina.
83 (4-18) London Calling David Grubstick & Sheila Lawrence Mark Worthington 31 March2010
Betty and Amanda to London to ' London Fashion Week ' to cover for fashion. There they run into unexpected Christina and Gio. Wilhelmina tries to loosen more information from Tyler to Daniel and Claire can work against. Bobby wonders why Justin so much in the meantime spend time with Austin.
84 (4-19) The Past Presents The Future Jon Kinnaly & Tracy Poust Paul Holahan 7 april2010
Hilda's marriage to Bobby is becoming very close and Betty asks Daniel to go with her to the marriage. Ignacio invites Elena and Amanda wants to link to her latest customer: soap star Marc Spencer Cannon (Bryan Batt). Meanwhile Justin asks whether he would ask for the party, Austin should Betty make a choice in her private and professional life and put Wilhelmina Tyler in as pawn to Meade Publications to get in hands.
85 (4-20) Hello Goodbye Silvio Horta Victor Nelli, Jr. 14 april2010
Betty begins a new life, and she is hoping that her decision was a good one. But then she should tell what they decided also to Daniel, and that is more difficult for her than they first thought. If they still collects all her courage, surprised her reaction. Justin and Bobby go searching for an apartment in Manhattan, but all they make is by Hilda shot off. Meanwhile Amanda mourns over the death of her Dog Halston and asks Marc wonders whether he will ever encounter the true.

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