This is a list of episodes of the British television series The Inbetweeners. The series has three seasons.


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Season Number of episodes Broadcast
1 6 1 may2008 – 29 may2008
2 6 2 april7 may2009 – 2009
3 6 13 september2010 – 18 October2010

Season 1 (2008)[Edit]Edit

Nr. Episode Title Writer (s) Director Broadcasting [1]
1 1 First Day Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Gordon Anderson May 1, 2008
The series like Will start his first day at his new school has. He is bullied by fellow students and offends the headmaster. Later he meets the other characters, Simon, Jay and Neil. After he learns that there is a party in the evening in the pub decision Will go with them. To impress he wants to buy alcohol, but that does not work and Will ensure that everyone from the pub is sent.
2 2 Bunk Off Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Gordon Anderson May 1, 2008
Will and Simon call the headmaster to tell that they are sick, but they go skipping school with Jay and Neil. After they have drunk alcohol at all afternoon Neil comes home his father unexpectedly at home. Later Simon thinks that it is a good idea to express his love through graffiti.
3 3 Thorpe Park Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Gordon Anderson May 8, 2008
Simon should do driving test. The others are confident that he takes out and figure out what they can do once he gets his driver's license. They decide to Thorpe Park theme park, where Neil works.
4 4 Girlfriend Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Gordon Anderson 15 May 2008
The friends are a popular party, and more shocking: Will gets attention of Charlotte Hinchcliffe. They even go up together. Simon and Neil bullying Jay with his new friend. Do Neil a blind date at school.
5 5 Caravan Club Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Gordon Anderson May 22, 2008
Jay invites its friends to the Caravan Club. After a few text messages that he thinks Simon chance has sex with a girl from the Club. Will get attention of a gothic girl but this does not run as desired.
6 6 Xmas Party Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Gordon Anderson May 29, 2008
The end of the first half comes into view and Will is head of the Organization of the Yule Ball. Simon tries to declare his love to Carli. Neil has an eye on the biology teacher. Jay comes against his female version.

Season 2 (2009)[Edit]Edit

Nr. Episode Title Writer (s) Director Broadcasting [2]
7 1 The Field Trip Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Ben Palmer april 2, 2009
The friends have a field trip to Swanage for geography and sociology. Neil has not these boxes, but may nevertheless agree as he Mr. Kennedy, a suspected pedophile, helps. Will falls on the new girl, Lauren, but she finds Simon more fun what leads to tensions. Jay and Neil go in search of the Swanage MILF, a woman who has sex with school students.
8 2 Work Experience Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Ben Palmer april 9, 2009
It's Valentine's day and Will asks Charlotte if she has received the card and flowers. She invites him to go along to a children's disco where they behind the bar. Also the friends a internship. Jay and his father Simon working at Jay but that's not as fun as thought. Will wanted to work at the newspaper but he was exchanged by Neil. Will should now work at a garage.
9 3 Will's Birthday Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Ben Palmer april 16, 2009
Jay steals an invitation for a sexy party given by a girl from school. This party is on the same date as the anniversary of Will. They decide to go to his birthday. Patrice Simon, the French exchange student with it. If his birthday is not running as expected they decide to go to the party anyway.
10 4 Night Out in London Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Ben Palmer april 23, 2009
Will decide it's time to improve their image and go out in London. Jay and Neil are enthusiastic, but Simon thinks it's not such a good idea. He changes of opinion as Carli and her friend Rachel also go to London.
11 5 Duke of Edinburgh Awards Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Ben Palmer april 30, 2009
Will the nomination of lead of his Duke of Edinburgh Award school. Jay refuses to help, but Simon and Neil say their help. They do volunteer work in a retirement home, mainly because Will has an eye on his former babysitter Daisy.
12 6 Exam Time Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Ben Palmer May 7, 2009
It's exam time and Will constantly overworked himself and drink energy drinks. Simon is more concerned with the preparation of the exam by Carli. Jay is all crazy about his girlfriend Chloe and Neil is preparing by computer games to play.

Season 3 (2010)[Edit]Edit

Nr. Episode Title Writer (s) Director Broadcasting [3]
13 1 The Fashion Show Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Ben Palmer 13 september 2010
At the start of the school year, Carli a fashion show for charity. The four friends are not asked to help, to Carli distraught and their requesting help. Not something they could have done better.
14 2 The Gig and the Girlfriend Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Ben Palmer september 20, 2010
Simon sitting in front of a girl who is a class lower. He takes her to his first concert. Will go with him, Jay and Neil Simons and messing up opportunities when they first try drugs.
15 3 Will's Dilemma Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Ben Palmer september 27, 2010
Safi limits be tested if he kissing with his girlfriend Tara must pay with changing his dress style by it. Will spends time with the girlfriend of Tara for a return.
16 4 The Trip To Warwick Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Ben Palmer October 4, 2010
Simon and his girlfriend Tara visits her sister in college. The other friends Will invite itself off, because he wants to look at his university that he finally would choose, Jay because he then Simon sex-advice from an "expert" can give, and Neil because he has nothing better to do.
17 5 Will Is Home Alone Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Ben Palmer October 11, 2010
Wills mother is a weekend away with her old school friend Fergus. Will is this alone at home and the other guys make the most use of it.
18 6 The Camping Trip Damon Beesley & Iain Morris Ben Palmer October 18, 2010
Will arranges a last outing for the group before they all go their own way. The four friends take the Fiat of Simon for a camping trip on the countryside. Will uses his scouting experience, that cannot be said of Jay, Neil and Simon that are not prepared for the outdoors.

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