This is a list of episodes of the television series Spooks. The series has 10 seasons. A listing of all episodes can be found below.


[hide]*1 season 1

Season 1[Edit]Edit

The first series of six episodes went in the spring of 2002 with Matthew Macfadyen, Keeley HawesDavid OyelowoJenny Agutter and Peter Firth. The series was a success, with an average of 7.5 million viewers during the six episodes counting season. [1This by the high quality production, quick action and adventure and intriguing (espionage) story lines. [2 The second episode was notorious for the brutal death of the character Helen Flynn (played by Lisa Faulkner): during an undercover operation Helen and Tom were captured by Robert Osborne (played by Kevin McNally). In order to get Tom to release secret information tortured Osborne Healing using a deep Fryer. Tom, however, refused to give the information with the result that they died a very violent death. Many angry viewers called to the BBC to complain, and this despite the fact that the program was broadcast only after the time of 21 hours. [3[4]

6 episodes.

Episode Title Original broadcasting Production Number
1 Thou Shalt Not Kill 13 may2002
2 Looking After Our Own 20 may2002
3 One Last Dance 27 May2002
4 Traitor's Gate 4 June2002
5 The Rose Bed Memoirs 10 June2002
6 Lesser of Two Evils

Mean, Dirty, Nasty

17 June2002

Season 2[Edit]Edit

By the success of the first series was commissioned to produce a second series, which ten episodes would count. This second series was broadcast in 2003. A new main character, Ruth Evershed (Nicola Walker), was inserted in the second episode, and the season ended with an exciting Cliffhanger. [5 The series attracted an average of 7.1 million viewers. [6]

10 episodes.

Episode Title Original broadcasting Production Number
1 Legitimate Targets 2 June2003
The bomb in Toms House explodes, but another bomb goes off in which the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland is killed. McCann wants to overflowing, but is killed before MI5 hit him. Not long afterwards a secret military base near Long cross also bombed. They soon discover that it was the work of the Serbian General Gradic, which had stolen ammunition of lung cross. Zoe goes undercover to relationship with a Serbian sympathizer and secret agent, which is Gradics cousin is, and to discover the next target. Malcolm Wynn-Jones (Hugh Simon) decodes the next target, the COBRA meeting where Harry is present. Fortunately, they are able to stop the attack and arrest them Gradic. By the end of the episode, Ellie leaves Tom.
2 Nest of Angels " 2 June2003
Mohammed Rachid, an Afghan moellah of the Birmingham mosque, is suspected of cultivating a group of young suicide bombers. The last man who MI5 planted in the mosque is discovered and horribly tortured.Meanwhile the Algerian agent Muhammed Ibhn Khaldun bootlegs (Alexander Siddig) himself in the United Kingdom and offers to help by MI5 to infiltrate the cell. This action attracts the attention of the CIA, who also wish to make use of Khaldun. Eventually they find the explosives hidden in the mosque. However, a 16-year-old boy is near to a suicide bombing is to sound. Despite attempts by Khaldun blows the boy himself, but Khaldun sacrifices himself to prevent further victims.
3 Spiders


9 June2003
Zoe goes undercover as a teacher to find out information about Gordon Blaney, which MI5 suspects of attempted hacking the MI5 database, and to be able to catch him. It was Later revealed that Blaney got framed.The true hacker keeps section D doing a threat against his school as a distraction to collect access codes to MI5's inner sanctum. Later it turns out that the hacker Noah Gleeson, one of the pupils, whose father was a MI5 officer who was killed when he and his son were due to an operation in Greece. Zoe and Tom are able to stop Noah of the tearing down of MI5. He is then sent to a mental hospital.
4 Blood and Money 16 June2003
Victor Shvitkoy (Rade Serbedzija) of Russian mafia has $ 20 billion in aid money stolen, and let a London stock trader the first 1 billion white washing in the United Kingdom. After he is murdered, Danny goes undercover as a stock trader to find the money and reveals the money laundering scheme. He soon locates the other $ 19 billion, but also discovers that fellow stock market trader, Maxim, is the daughter of Shvitkoy. MI5 Shvitkoy arrests. Meanwhile, Zoe discovered that the man with whom she is having an affair, is married. Tom discovers that Ruth Evershed (Nicola Walker) of the GCHQ, which just joined MI5 spies on them, is started, but he gives her a second chance.
5 I Spy Apocalypse 23 June2003
The section participates in a terrifying exercise in which a "dirty bomb" goes off in London. But they discover later that it is a VX nerve gas attack was on Parliament Square, and according to the evidence seems the threat is real. The Grid loses power and shuts down to prevent gas leakage. While the team tries to make contact with the outside world, begins a large part of the team to show signs of claustrophobia. After they hear that Harry is infected, a part of the team believes that there is gas in the Grid is leaked and try to leave. In the end that whole threat was an exercise and Tom gets high marks for his leadership qualities. In the end makes Tom it out with his annoying girlfriend, Vicky Westbrook (Natasha Little).
6 Without Incident

President's Visit

7 July2003
When president Bush brings an unannounced visit to the United Kingdom for several hours, Tom maintains contacts with Christine Dale (Megan Dodds) of the CIA to ensure that his visit takes place without incident.They are able to identify the threats and ensure that the mission succeeds. Meanwhile, Tom suffered from Vicky, that greeting cards with his secret telephone number and address to strangers gives. Christine takes matters into hands and let Vicky stop by means of intimidation. In the end, Tom begins a relationship with Christine.
7 'Clean Skin 14 July2003
A 14-year-old boy steals a suitcase containing files with codes for "Firestorm", a specialized electromagnetic pulse weapon developed by a French scientist, from Harry's House. Tom is the boy, and after he realizes that the boy has learned the "Firestorm" codes, believes Tom that they can break in unnoticed in a building and "Firestorm" can steal before it can be sold to the Chinese and that the French intelligence service so nothing can find out about the involvement of MI5. The boy reluctantly agrees in and succeeds, but declines the offer to work for MI5.
8 Strike Force

Military Strikes

21 July2003
The various British Army major, Samuel Curtis, is suspected of plotting a mutiny. Tom is assigned to his unit as an army officer in order to discover the plan, but finds nothing. But they soon discover that Curtis and his men steal a convoy of radioactive waste. Curtis has called for improvements to be made in army, otherwise he blows the waste on. as Tom Curtis Curtis into giving them to surrender, the order gives Harry a sniper to kill him. This action makes Tom furious, and he starts to show signs that the work him too much. Meanwhile, Ruth reviewed by GCHQ, but her work convinces them to keep her in the Grid.
9 The Seventh Division 28 July2003
Eight Customs officers are killed by a Colombian Drugscartel under the direction of Rafa. Tom and Zoe become close friends with his girlfriend to stop to Rafa. They realize very quickly that Rafa is planning to Exchange cocaine for surface-to-air missiles with the head of a large corporate enterprise. However, the team is betrayed by Tessa, who used Sam Buxton (Shauna Macdonald) to find out what MI5 has invented;Rafa knows what his girlfriend did and kills her; in retaliation kills MI5 Rafa. Tessa leave the country to avoid Harry gets hold of her.
10 Smoke and Mirrors

Pit of Secrets

11 August2003
Christine Dale tells Tom that an American Assassin is planning to kill a member of the British Government. He recruits Danny and Zoe for help. During the investigation, Danny sees evidence that Tom may be a traitor. After the confrontation with Harry, said Tom that he is undercover cop framed. This is done by Herman Joyce (Tomas Arana), a former CIA agent, which Tom reproach for what happened there with his daughter. They put Toms fingerprints on a sniper rifle with which the Chief of the defence staff is assassinated. MI5 believes now that Tom is to blame, because Joyce died five years before, and they believe the story of Tom not. Realizing that he is trapped, shooting Tom Harry in the shoulder, and disappears in the North Sea.

Season 3[Edit]Edit

Episode Title Original broadcasting Production Number
1 Project Friendly Fire 11 October2004 17
It takes place just after "Smoke and Mirrors", Tom Quinn (Matthew Macfadyen) is accused of the murder of Air Chief Marshal Sir John Stone, who had been presumed dead by an action of the CIA agent Herman Joyce ( Tomas Arana) as revenge for ruining the life of his daughter. Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) Oliver Mace (Tim McInnerny) performs a unorthodox research to section D, believing that there is a traitor in the operation. Harry Pearce (Peter Firth), who was shot by Tom, restores and brings in MI6 agent Adam Carter (Rupert Penry-Jones) to MI5 to Toms to prove innocence. Tom, posing as a wanderer, follows Joyce to the Church of his daughter and kills him, to dump the body for Thames House . Although it proves that Michael faked his death, it is no proof Toms innocence. Later discovered section D that Joyces wife, Carmen (Frances Tomelty), is planning to meet in London to Joyce. The team follows her to an apartment building, where Adam her visit. Adam let Carmen confess everything. Also that everything was set up to look guilty, Tom recorded by hidden cameras. Then let Adam Carmen commit suicide to prevent Mace Carmen to change her story. Tom is acquitted and reinstated, but his CIA-girlfriend Christine Dale (Megan Dodds) resigns. She warns Tom to leave his work before him "destroyed".
2 The Sleeper 16 October2004 18
Harry activates his first "sleeper" agent, University professor Fred Roberts (Ian McDiarmid) for "operation Flytrap". Section D let explode a bomb in an abandoned house and spreads a rumor that two terrorists died during mess with hypothetical Red Mercury, created by professor Roberts to develop nuclear weapons. Section D "ruining" Roberts live through him, so his family leaves him and arrest by to make it seem that he is deep in debt so that all potential buyers believe that he would sell the Red Mercury for financial security. He is later approached by Lawrence Sayle (Jalaal Hartley) Alef's Command, a terrorist group based inKyrgyzstan. Over time, hits Tom more concerned with Roberts ' mental state. His conscience Gets the upper hand and he sabotages the operation by trying to get Roberts to carry to his family. However, he is stopped and is removed from MI5 as a result. The operation continues and MI5 can arrest and kill its accomplices Sayle, while those trying to Roberts ' family killed. Meanwhile, Zoe Reynolds (Keeley Hawes) a romantic interest for photographer Will North (Richard Harrington).
3 Who Guards the Guards? 23 October2004 19
Danny Hunter (David Oyelowo) is appropriate as protection for the controversial Palestinian novelist Hom (Simon de Selva) if they are attacked by two armed men, resulting in the injury of Hasan's friend: bookseller Haacuhou (Anupam Kher). However, Adam discovered that a killer had a good opportunity to shoot Hasan but did not. While Hasan itself for its own security provides, touch Haacuhou friends with Danny. Later discovered a satellite photograph of section D Mace talk to Muhammed Khordad (Paul Bhattacharjee), the head of the terrorist group "the path of light", in Hebron on the West Bank. Adam, the source of the photo (Harriet Walter) to meet. However, Mace to MI6 sends agents to intercept shadows and the meeting. Because Adam is an expert in counter surveillance, he knows them eventually to shake off. The source reveals that Haacuhou worked with the path of light until he betrayed them by MI6 to help them actively to stop them. Haacuhou was the intended target in the earlier attack. Haacuhou is then killed by a sniper of Mace while he was on his way to a hiding place with Danny. Meanwhile Zoe's flourishes and Wills relationship. Harry has Adam transferred to section D to take over the position of Tom.
4 A Prayer for My Daughter 30 October2004 20
The influential UN negotiator Patricia Norton (Jan Chappell) is abducted and later found murdered. Because Adam love was on her, he discovers that a shadow organization called the November Committee, of which media mogul David Swift (Corin Redgrave) is a key member, was involved because they are the possible peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian territories wanted to strike. Section D provides evidence that the next target could be the pro-Palestinian MP Nicholas Ashworth (Anton Lesser) might be. Knowing that Catherine Townsend (Caroline Carver), Harry's estranged daughter, with Ashworth works, is sent with her friend Danny to get rid to investigate whether they involved in the November Committee. Later it turns out that they tried to expose the intentions of the Committee. As Adam invents that Swift was complicit to the death of Norton, he blackmails him to leave the country. Meanwhile Will Zoe a marriage proposal. However, brother Andy also discovers that Danny Wills (Huw Rhys), leaked photos of the research sold to the press.
5 Love and Death 6 november2004 21
Danny and Zoe have been designated to the unscrupulous scientist Eric Newland (Dermot Crowley), an expert in plague bacteria, to follow on a North Sea ferry with hopes of discouraging him from the sale of biological weapons to North Korean buyers. However, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) learns that a deal already came about, and the two must now kill Newland through insulin overdose because he is a diabetic. Zoe is unable to perform the task because they get seasick, so Danny performs the command with much resistance after persuasion and support of Adam. While this is taking place is Ruth Evershed (Nicola Walker) interested in a man who spied on them, but can not bring themselves to start a relationship with him. Later tells Danny to Zoe about how Wills brother has sold the photos to the press. because they feel has betrayed her trust, Zoe Will break their engagement.
6 Persephone 13 november2004 22
Zoe is on trial for involuntary manslaughter of undercover police officer Hasan Doyan (Cosh Omar), while they undercover was sent to the Turkish mafia to the transport of weapons to the United Kingdom to stop.Zoe, allegedly, convinced mafiosi Sevilin Özal (Kayvan Novak) to his boss Eddy Cabrera (Haluk Bahar) to kill, which also resulted in the murder of Doyan. Before a decision is taken by the jury, not a mystery what Zoe to trust Danny may be publicly known; Harry and Adam believed that Cabrera had connections with Al-Qaida. When this was confirmed, as far as has been given to kill Zoe Özal Cabrera, but they had the death Doyan not provided. Later, Zoe, despite assurances from Attorney General Lord Young (James Laurenson) that Zoe only way would be to come up with a "tap on the buttocks", found guilty and sentenced to ten years imprisonment. Angry, accuses Harry Lord Young of running a show trial for the sake of Doyans family. Harry later that regulates Zoe can disappear to Chile with a new identity, while a "Stand in" the sentence will be, but she refuses to go. Danny, who has previously admitted that he is in love with her, convinces her to go, and the two take in tears goodbye.
7 Outsiders 20 november2004 23
Nine people die after taking paracetamol. Section D discovered that a computer hacker has broken into in the database of a pharmaceutical company and certain batches of the medicine has poisoned. Later empties the hacker many bank accounts. Believing that Islamic extremists are involved, tracing section D and the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) hacking from a mosque. However, when a special arrest team storm the mosque, they find nothing. The hacker strikes again by traffic lights to manipulate and forward 112 emergency calls to sex lines. Adam realizes later that Islamic extremists are not involved when he hears that the hacker £ 100,000,000 in diamonds demands. While Ruth dining NHTCU Officer Andrew Forrestal (Adrian Rawlins) does she realize that he is, and the hacker is captured by him. He reveals his motives: he devised a G & J-algorithm, with which the user is able to break in any computer system, however, his colleagues took all the credit for himself. He gets the diamonds, but dies later because they were sprayed with synthetic cobragif. Meanwhile, Danny hard to go with Zoe's departure. Will confronts him about her whereabouts. Although Harry's has ordered not to reveal the location, tells Danny to Will in the end that she is in Chile. Later Danny Gets a postcard and a picture of Zoe and Will die back together are.
8 Celebrity 27 november2004 24
The geridderde rock star Riff (Andy Serkis) and his super model wife B (Rebecca Palmer) requests MI5

for help after their son Alfie is kidnapped. Mace wears Fiona (Adams wife) over to MI5 to undercover friendship with b. However, Adam becomes concerned about Fiona's cocaine use during the operation. When the kidnappers eventually £ 3,000,000 to ransom demands, different tracking systems in the plant section D bag with ransom. Switch the trackers from the kidnappers through a major magnet to a junk yard and disappear with the money. Alfie is found dead outside the House of the couple. Fiona discovers that B has put in scene the kidnapping with the help of her boyfriend, the Italian drug smuggler Rudolphino Ponti (Vincenzo Nicoli), for the publicity. Where they are not bargained for was Alfies death, what was the result of an accident. When he hears all this Riff injures Ponti, then he kills B and he commits suicide. Meanwhile grabs the politician John Sylvester (Adrian Lukis) Mace, on suggestion, the opportunity to the accidental murder of a young woman with whom he had an affair to disguise, by resigning from his post. But Harry and Adam know the truth and leak it to the press, which will lead to his arrest.

9 Frequently Asked Questions 4 december2004 25
The former British army officer and now mercenary Robert Morgan (Owen Teale) is arrested after he was working on a hidden Soviet weapon storage to dig near a Royal Air Force base, a laser-guided rocket which is missing. Knowing that an attack is imminent within 72 hours, Danny and Adam play "good cop, bad cop" during interrogation by Morgan to get the information out. However, Danny is concerned about the methods that Adam used. They discover later that Morgan has a daughter who needs a liver transplant. At the same time discovered Fiona that Morgan for the Anglo-West-Africa-oil company works, who are planning the headquarters of a competing undertaking to attack. After they threaten to leave in that building to Morgans daughter, Morgan reveals the location of his accomplices. Meanwhile, Harry nominated to the Director-General of MI5, who is retiring, to replace. He asks Ruth to prepare him for an interview, even though he wants the promotion is not. The position is finally given to another candidate.
10 The Suffering of Strangers 13 december2004 26
"Butterfly", a tipster of Danny and Fiona, MI5 informs about a possible attack with sarin gas on the London underground during a speech by the Prime Minister about the war in Iraq. However, "Butterfly" is killed by an Iraqi terrorist cell led by Ahmed (Zubin Varla). On Fiona's birthday, Danny and Fiona are being entrapped by the cell, indicating that the threat to imprison the two was a distraction. Ahmed threatens to kill them unless the Prime Minister withdraw his troops from Iraq. Adam hear this from a female cell member, Rhea Abuzeid (Hassan Timimi) that is assigned to him. Danny and Fiona try to escape but are caught. Because a guard killed Ahmed Adam, Danny gives an ultimatum, choose which of the two should die in retaliation. Danny, in an attempt to rescue Fiona, provokes Ahmed, and says: "Fuck you, you know death-worshipping fascist!", and is killed as a result. Sarah forces Adam to send her to the meeting that the Prime Minister will attend. By this time Mike reveals that she has a bomb in her stomach, which after blasts a chemical medium will release when the Prime Minister comes in. No longer willing to die, Arthur gives itself over and reveals the location of Fiona to MI5. Special Forces arrive at the time to Ahmed and his men to kill them before they can burn alive Fiona. As Adam and Fiona are reunited, mourns Ruth about Danny's death.

Season 4[Edit]Edit

Episode Title Original broadcasting Production Number
1 The Special (Part 1) 12 september2005 27
A bomb explodes near the funeral of Danny. Section D's research leads to an American base of an eco-terrorist group, called Shining Dawn, which believes that the human race needs to be cleaned up. They demand the release of their leader from British captivity, threatening to every ten hours to detonate a bomb in public places. Ruth visits a sympathizer, Curtis, that a goal is, while Adam and Zaf tips follow. They discover that there is a mole in MI5, since both suspects dead end. They eventually find the next bomb in a train station and make this harmless. Adam finds a witness, Natasha Scott (Martine McCutcheon). Zaf is captured by Shining Dawn members.
2 The Special (Part 2) 13 september2005 28
Adam locates and frees Zaf and discovers the location of the next bomb, which make them harmless. Shining Dawn, however, slip the next bomb on sharp and this can only be turned off with a code. Harry accuses newcomer Juliet Shaw (Anna Chancellor) to be the mole, but they actually discovered that the Mole is the u.s. liaison of MI5, Richard Boyd. He is soon captured, leading to the capture of the bomb maker. By the end they discover that the next bomb is in a hospital. Adam not only discovered the bomb can only be turned off with a code, but that Natasha was captured and is tied to the bomb. After the evacuation of the hospital, Adam remains behind with Natasha until MI5 the code finds by the maker to interviewing, after which the threat is ended.
3 Divided They Fall 15 september2005 29
The extreme right-wing political party "The British Way", that are related to a number of attacks against ethnic minorities, make the Government concerned as they explain the power. Section D is in charge of reducing the party from within. Adam occurs if a convicted to deal with party leader James Moran, while Harry and Fiona deal with William Sampson (Rupert Graves), a parliamentarian who aftreed to enforce a by-election on behalf of the British Way. They listen met with Sampson to replace Howard Pergerine-Davies MP Moran; Ruth gives Moran the recording. The plan is successful, but Moran is Adams becomes aware of cheating, and keeps him and Ruth caught. Hunted they manage to stop him and arrest him.
4 Road Trip 22 september2005 30
Adam goes undercover as a Circassisier from AleppoSyria in a people smuggling operation from London to Istanbul in Turkey . This in an attempt to the leader of a terrorist sleeping cell, Mohammed Yazdi called, to get on their side and a planned terrorist attack on the Houses of Parliament to stop. He is able to Yazdi to talk, after which he implies that a Prince from the Middle East, Hakim, is involved in the attack. It soon becomes apparent that the plan all along was for the Prince to bring, which unfortunately succeeds after he is brought to Yazdi.
5 The Book 29 september2005 31
Journalist Gary Hicks is witness to the murder of Clive McTaggart, a high-ranking retired intelligence officer and friend of Harry, who was about his memoirs, which contain State secrets, to publish. While MI5 investigation commits to publish the story, and Hicks is trying a group of people sent by the Government to kill him. Meanwhile follows aspiring journalist Jo Portman (Miranda Raison) research, and Adam, impressed by her skills, which lead to a major breakthrough in the case, recruits her by the end of the episode. In the end that McTaggart just before his death his memoirs has mailed to Harry.
6 The Innocent 6 October2005 32
The deserted from the Algerian army and by terror suspect Nazim Malik, is released from a British prison after two years. Although he has been found innocent, follows its activities, after which they discover that MI5 he is forced to a murder of an Algerian banker to perform on British soil, in order to ensure the safety of his family. The team knows to save his family, who are being held hostage, just before Malik can perform the murder. In the end he and his family get asylum in Ireland.
7 Syria 13 October2005 33
Fiona takes on a case if the Syrian Foreign Minister, Riyad Barzali, MI5 requesting help, although its own secret service will kill him if he talks with the British. The reason for Fiona to take the matter is that they Sukkarieh intent behind Ruth, her first husband, who was believed to be hanged for treason, is still alive. He kills Barzali, and takes Fiona caught to her to take back to Syria. Adam trying desperately to find Fiona when he loses her track. Eventually he finds her on a small airfield, where Fiona is able to escape, but is shot by Mete Mete after which he is killed by Adam. Fiona dies later in Adams arms.
8 The Russian 20 October2005 34
After the death of Fiona, is Adam of the research taken to a Russian billionaire Oleg Korsakov, who is planning to buy the National Health Service , and then dismantle. Adam eventually convinces Harry to get back to be admitted to the case. They use Hugo Ross, a double agent by the Russians during the cold war and by Zaf for surgery with Adam. MI5 is able to counter-surveillance measures by Oleg to get around and bring his plans into the open. On the end can deal with the death of his wife and Adam tells the finally to her parents and Wes.
9 The Sting 27 October2005 35
Juliet dismisses Harry after he stops the CIA to extradite a UK citizen, which turns out to be a terrorist, and is suspected to have killed two MI5 agents. While Harry is shadowed, the rest of the team trying to stop the terrorists, where it is revealed that Nick Pollard, an American with surveillance skills can actually be involved. In fact, he arranges for the released terrorists to take part in an attack, which is revealed to a surface-to-air missile against a flight en route to Heathrow, with a view to push the United Kingdom and the United States in a war against Iran. The attack is stopped and Pollard is arrested. Harry is restored.
10 Diana 10 november2005 36
After former MI5 agent, Angela Wells (Lindsay Duncan) Ruth is visiting, she comes in the "Grid" and hold everyone hostage. She demands that the Division the undeniable evidence that Harry and MI5 have conspired to Diana, the Princess of Wales, to kill. Otherwise it shall inform a bomb. The team discovered facts, but Harry reveals that this is a role play was, meant to help increase the safety of Diana. Ruth leads Angela to the garden and is able to end its threat. The team decides to Angela to let go because she was distraught over the death of Peter Haigh. However, all this was a brilliant trick of Angela who all the time was already planning to blow up the Royal family. The team is able to defuse a huge bomb in the Nick of time. If the team returns to Thames House, Lisa Hague at shooting guard Adam down with a snipers rifle, which thereby heavily injured. Then prepares them to Harry to shoot down.

season 5[Edit]Edit

10 episodes.

Episode Title Original broadcasting Production Number
1 Gas and Oil (Part 1) 17 september2006
2 Gas and Oil (Part 2) 17 september2006
3 The Cell 18 september2006
4 World Trade 25 september2006
5 The Message 2 October2006
6 Hostage Takers (Part 1) 9 October2006
7 Hostage Takers (Part 2) 16 October2006
8 Agenda 23 October2006
9 The Criminal 30 October2006
10 ''Aftermath 13 november2006

Season 6[Edit]Edit

10 episodes.

Episode Title Original broadcasting Production Number
1 The Virus (Part 1) 16 October2007
2 The Virus (Part 2) 16 October2007
3 The Kidnap 23 October2007
4 The Extremist 30 October2007
5 The Deal 6 november2007
6 The Courier 13 november2007
7 The Broadcast 20 november2007
8 Infiltration 27 november2007
9 Isolated 4 december2007
10 The School 18 december2007

season 7[Edit]Edit

8 episodes.

Episode Title Original broadcasting Production Number
1 New Allegiances 27 October2008
2 Split Loyalties 27 October2008
3 The Tip-off 28 October2008
4 A Chance for Peace 3 november2008
5 On the Brink 10 november2008
6 Accidental Discovery 17 november2008
7 The Mole " 24 november2008
8 Nuclear Strike 6 december2008

season 8[Edit]Edit

8 episodes.

Episode Title Original broadcasting Production Number
1 Episode 1 4 november2009
2 Episode 2 6 november2009
3 Episode 3 13 november2009
4 Episode 4 20 november2009
5 Episode 5 27 november2009
6 Episode 6 4 december2009
7 Episode 7 11 december2009
8 Episode 8 23 december2009

season 9[Edit]Edit

8 episodes.

Episode Title Original broadcasting Production Number
1 Episode 1 20 september2010
2 Episode 2 27 september2010
3 Episode 3 4 October2010
4 Episode 4 11 October2010
5 Episode 5 18 October2010
6 Episode 6 25 October2010
7 Episode 7 1 november2010
8 Episode 8 8 november2010

Season 10[Edit]Edit

6 episodes.

Episode Title Original broadcasting Production Number
1 Episode 1 18 september2011
2 Episode 2 25 september2011
3 Episode 3 2 October2011
4 Episode 4 9 October2011
5 Episode 5 16 October2011
6 Episode 6 23 October2011

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