This is a list of episodes of the English television series Silent Witness. The series currently consists of 16 seasons, a 17th is scheduled for 2014. An overview and the plot of all on the Flemish and/or Dutch televised episodes so far can be found below:


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Season 1[Edit]Edit

Nr. Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 Buried Lies 21 February1996
2 Long Days, Short Nights 28 February1996
3 Darkness Visible 13 March1996
4 Sins of the Father 27 March1996

Brief summary of the series:

1/1. Buried Lies:

Forensic pathologist Samantha (Sam) Ryan returns from Cambridge to London to get a job as a consultant at The Park Teaching Hospital to adopt. Her first case is a routine post-mortem on Sarah, a six-year-old girl by a swing in the river has fallen and is drowned. However, Sam encounters during the investigation on botverkalkingen that indicate physical abuse in the past. As Sarah's mother Ronnie and her friend Gary an appeal on tv for witnesses, Gary's ex Marion sees this. She is a life sentence for murder of her six-month-old baby and contacts with Sam to her to tell the truth.

1/2. Long Days, Short Nights:

Dr. Sam Ryan is used in the murder of Mark James. The distant State of dissolution in which his body is, know not to erase the traces of ritual murder. Professor Clarke, an expert on rituals notes the absence of a Crown of Ivy around the wrist of the victim. He referred Sam to a former student of his, the rich, spoiled Sebastianne Bird. This is when Chief Inspector Farmer known for his reckless partying and drugs. He was also a friend of the victim.

1/3. Darkness Visible:

As Sam calls in the middle of the night for a murder in a police cell seems to be the case right away solved. Victim Michael Pearce was arrested for violence during a quarrel at a gay club. He shared his cell with All Symonds, a middle-aged man who was drunk after a disastrous attempt to decorate a female colleague. Pearce turned out to have been killed instantly after a knock on the head, but is then kicked into each other.The traces correspond to the shoes of Symonds, but Sam receives a note on police paper that he was not the right man.

1/4. Sins of the Fathers:

Sam Adams by Inspector invoked to a burned body to identify. The victim has fallen at a fire in a Vietnamese restaurant. The restaurant is owned by Binh Tran, the father of one of Sams students. Sam had recently advised her about her arranged marriage with Binhs business partner, Nguyen, the victim. Sam realizes that her advice possible has led to this tragedy.

Season 2[Edit]Edit

Nr. Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 Blood, Sweat and Tears 14 February1997
2 Cease upon the Midnight 28 February1997
3 Only the Lonely 21 March1997
4 Friends Like These 4 april1997

Brief summary of the series:

2/1. Blood, Sweat and Tears:

The young, very successful Asian Boxer Kevin Sharma drives his car a construction site a few minutes later he comes all the way on. black and blue reappeared. The man he has precipitated, Tony Kennedy, stays behind. Six weeks later, the retired Chief Inspector Jack Reeve and the boxing promoter a boxing match in which Sharma is the big star. But the fight is over before it's started. Sharma dies in the ring. Suddenly Sam Ryan has two problems. How should they deal with the return of her former lover, the new Chief Inspector Peter Ross? And Kevin Sharma is indeed died from the effects of the fisticuffs?

2/2. Cease Upon The Midnight:

In the hospital realizes Mark Tate that he ended up in the terminal stage of aids. Later that day his brother Craig is waiting for his mother Isobel, in the hope that a reconciliation is possible. In another part of Cambridge gives another aids patient, Stuart Evans, a party for his 40th birthday. The next morning he's dead. Sam does a autopsy and soon comes to the discovery that someone has given an injection in his foot Evans with a lethal dose of diamorphine and then has him smothered with a pillow. The police begins an investigation. The doctor of Evans was Dr. de Groot. Very recently, there is also another patient of her late.Chief Inspector Ross let the corpse digging up.

2/3. Only The Lonely:

The young Helen Matthews runs through dark streets alone home. She thinks she hears someone behind and speeds up its pass. Suddenly she turns to to see who her follows. The relief is great: it is a well-known.Her corpse is found shortly afterwards. The murder brings to mind a case that played a year earlier. All clues seem to lead to Helens man Mike. Selway and discover that Helen was planning Speed Mike to leave the morning after the murder and with her lover Alan to fly to Canada. Alan works for Mike and everyone at work knew, maybe Mike himself also called, that Alan and Helen had an affair. But the peculiar Carolyn seems very unbalanced by Helens death.

2/4. Friends like these:

Scrub Hill is a sad wasteland with a makeshift playground, right in the city. Here is Chris Palmer to drink beer and usually with his dog to the passers-by to look. Teens against each other In the playground are raised there to brag about their plans to take over the power in the neighborhood. Two of them, Kelvin and Ben, see Palmer talking to a smaller boy, Lyndon O'Connor. It suits the pair not. Lyndon should get learn who is in charge here. Later that day let Millicent, an older woman, her dog from on site. The next day is its heavy toegetakelde corpse found by Kelvin and Am. The guys do not know what happened. At least, that they say.But Sam has its doubts.

Season 3[Edit]Edit

Nr. Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 An Academic Exercise 19 March1998
2 Fallen Idol 2 april1998
3 Divided Loyalties 15 August1998
4 Brothers in Arms 23 april1998

Brief summary of the series:

3/1. An Academic Exercise:

A murder on the University of Cambridge brings Sam in professional and emotional problems. Her good friend Professor, Dr. Anna belle Evans has been murdered. Forensic evidence on the body is very confusing, it looks like someone intentionally try to put at the wrong leg Sam.

3/2. Fallen Idol:

Come In a hidden secrets to light as the 17-year-old Gemma is assassinated. She has had her mysterious phone calls at home and at work. Should the police looking for a lover or a stalker? Or is the offender within the family to find? After all, her mother set her on her 13th out of the House and her father is just out of jail.

3/3. Divided Loyalties:

Sam is due to a war in a world of drug dealers, undercover agents and corruption. Maggie Collins has died of an overdose, her baby has died through dehydration. Two weeks later, a local drug dealer killed in a explosion, he has the same drugs in his blood as Maggie. Sam is dismissed if they kill a relationship between both suggests. Of course they do not lay down.

3/4. Brothers in Arms:

Phil Nelson as farmer killed by a trap under a harvester, thinks Sam to an accident until she gets an anonymous tip. Then is also former soldier Ian Neal kills. Both murders seem to point to a crime from the past in the Irish place Ballycoola. Someone wants me to past very like to keep hidden.

Season 4[Edit]Edit

Nr. Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 Gone Tomorrow 31 May1999
2 A Kind of Justice 8 June1999
3 A Good Body 15 June1999

Brief summary of the series:

4/1. Gone tomorrow:

A helicopter is damaged in an accident and the pilot did not survive. Sam Ryan has to figure out what the cause of death was. The co-pilot is in a coma since the accident. Despite the fact that the circumstances in which the accident occurred are not clear, a damning article about the killed pilot.

4/2. A Kind of Justice:

While Sam is working on Unraveling the identity of a skeleton is they charged with a totally different case: Mike Georgio is not died in a natural way and Brian McNally is the suspect. Intercession of Sam he comes free. Then he becomes death found on the street. His daughter does not believe in suicide. Together with Sam, she goes to investigate.

4/3. A good body:

After the fire in a cinema it appears impossible to identify one of the victims. It can only be that the body of murdered an informant would be 5 years earlier by one Caldwell. Is Caldwell than actually go to jail?

Season 5[Edit]Edit

Nr. Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 The World Cruise 11 december2000
2 Two Below Zero 12 February2001
3 Faith 16 March2001

Brief summary of the series:

5/1. World Cruise:

Sam Ryan is to advice on the suspicious death of two older brothers: Jake and Henry Davies. A friend of the brothers, Dr. Josef Horowitz, suggests that the murder was committed from racist motives. When he's not hearing takes place at the police, he points Sam on a murder of a Jew a number of years ago. The search for the culprit goes back up to the nazi concentration camps.

5/2. Two below zero:

In a Norwegian village is after an avalanche found the corpse of a girl. The parents of the missing Ruth questions to Sam or they want to travel to Norway to identify their daughter. However, it appears to be the body of one Louise Hutton. She was murdered 15 years ago and was pregnant with twins. If Sam is back in England, the Norwegian snow another corpse of a girl found.

5/3. Faith:

Lloyd Dupen is head of a school and Advisor to the Government in the field of education. If he with several others at his house arrives, he hears a shot from the bedroom. There they take Lloyds woman, Helen, to death. Because she was depressed, the police assume that the suicide was. But Sam thinks that the death occurred two hours earlier and wants an immediate autopsy. But there is not listened to her.

Season 6[Edit]Edit

Nr. Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 The Fall Out 28 september2002
2 Kith and Kill 5 October2002
3 Tell No Tales 19 October2002
4 Closed Ranks Part 1 26 October2002

Brief summary of the series:

6/1. The Fall Out:

Sam Ryan and her new colleague Leo Dalton to be sued for a chain collision involving eleven dead and numerous wounded. Between the end-of-life vehicles and the bodies they take an arm to hear in any of the bodies. Detective Chief Inspector Deacon, also on site, explains an excessive interest in for one of the corpses. Moreover, two involved undercover agents. The new pupil pathologist Harry Cunningham has trouble with his first autopsy on a child.

6/2. Kith and Kill:

In a House, three members of one family found dead, two others were injured. As ruthless business partner was father Derek Irons, little loved. He isn't wrangling had with his mistress and the relationship with his son Jamie, who survived the massacre, was tense. In another case, Harry has his reservations about the death of Mrs Boardman, an old lady who was found at the bottom of the stairs. Leo is waving his doubts.

6/3. Tell No Tales:

In an old factory building is a mummified corpse found. Selina eventually identifies the body as that of her former Thompson friend Marcus, who is missing since seven years. He turned out to have questionable connections and Selina is warned not to help the police. On the toxicological laboratory medicine from the University Meanwhile disappear.

6/4. Closed Ranks:

The murder of Jason Villers, that police training follows, reminiscent of the murder of Michael Ottey, but the victims seem to have little in common. Sam focuses its research on police training if it turns out that sergeant Ron Allen details about the murder of Ottey has spread among his students. Steph Vinson asks Harry to perform a post-mortem on her late husband, an old college friend of his.

Season 7[Edit]Edit

Nr. Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 Answering Fire 11 October2003
2 Fatal Error 18 October2003
3 Running on Empty 25 October2003
4 Beyond Guilt 1 november2003

Brief summary of the series:

7/1. Answering Fire:

A heavy explosion in a chic hotel kills five people. There are also a number of wounded. The first thoughts go out to an attack on Minister Bob Bowman, who survived the explosion. Peter Croft, a friendly businessman suspected of supplying arms to the Government, will come to life. Ayesha Khan also found the corpse of a that has a bloody knife fixed and also has an inflammatory Arabic pamphlet at her. Sam Ryan investigates the exact circumstances but is thwarted by Mar Cooper, a former fellow student who is put by the Government on the case.

7/2. Fatal Error:

Sam supports in a lawsuit the defense, while Leo assists in the same case the Prosecutor. Meanwhile, a legal Secretary In a parked leswagen is found stabbed to death. If there is still some seem pops up, it turns out the killer inspired by the manual forensic pathology.

7/3. Running on Empty:

In the courtyard of a skyscraper is found the body of the 29-year-old Alice Downing. They separated six months earlier by her husband and was clearly happier since then, in contrast to her embittered ex. According to her assistant, however, they had no relationship, Tina Alice pregnant.

7/4. Beyond Guilt:

Neville Anderson is on trial for the murder of Craig Proctor. The Defense thinks pathologist Peter Sachs has the time of death error and Sams team is used for contra-expertise. Detective Inspector Lloyd doubts not to Anderson's fault, undercover agent Eddie Doyle was witness. Doyle, however, is Traceless.

Season 8[Edit]Edit

Nr. Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 A Time to Heal 5 september2004
2 Death by Water 12 september2004
3 Nowhere Fast 19 september2004
4 Body 21 25 september2004

Brief summary of the series:

8/1. A Time To Heal:

As Sam Ryan after a vacation on the way home, the team called to two found seem to investigate. The men turn out to be 20 years ago killed by paramilitaries. Moreover, the secrets of the men continue to live in the new Government in Belfast. Sam has problems to reconcile with her son who is alienated from her. Finally gives Sam her dismissal and disappears thereby gave for good from the series.

8/2. Death by Water:

Now Sam must decide whether he has left her job, takes over the Leo. Meanwhile, he collided with Harry about an outbreak of a disease among school children on the South coast. Together, they investigate a clear case of Munchausen by Proxi.

8/3. Nowhere Fast:

When members of a syndicate, which possess a racehorse, killed in a helicopter, investigating Leo and Harry is a complex issue that has to do with gokzwendel. Meanwhile there is a new, unconventional employee working in the mortuary. Leo has embraced a black market for organs.

8/4. Body 21:

The team is approached by a support group for survivors of a recent train crash. Why is the tragedy caused and what is actually the identity of the unidentified Body 21? As known, Harry, Nikki and Leo come closer to the cause of the train accident. This has tragic consequences for one of the heroes of the disaster.

Season 9[Edit]Edit

Nr. Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 Ghosts 25 July2005
2 Choices 1 August2005
3 The Meaning of Death 8 August2005
4 Mind and Body 15 August2005

Brief summary of the series:

9/1. Ghosts:

Leo gets to hear the worst: his wife and daughter are killed in a car crash. He travels to Sheffield and he States there questions that the local police are not very appreciate. Harry goes to Sheffield to assist him. After a disagreement with Leo he goes back again. Meanwhile in London discovered the bodies of two women, they are executed. During post mortems conclude Nikki and Harry that the women were disguised. It turns out to be undercover agents to go.

9/2. Choices:

The team is called up for a shooting for a night club, there are several dead and wounded. There is shot from a passing car, but also from the other side with another weapon. The car is recovered, with all kinds of drug paraphernalia and a corpse. Meanwhile, threatens another shooting in the drug war. The team must make haste the used weapons figure out.

9/3. The Meaning Of Death:

Although she is in the process of with death day in and day out, Nikki has it very difficult with the death of her grandmother. Together with Harry and Leo they are reflecting on the meaning of life and death. Harry investigates the death of Dawn Pivcevic who drowned in a shallow children's pool. Her husband was only short time been inside when he found her. Dawns expensive necklace is gone. This pops up later on between the toy of Dawns niece. The detective is now convinced that her husband is the culprit. But Harry comes to a surprising discovery. There are agreements with another murder.

9/4. Mind and Body:

Nikki examines the suicide of Kevin Perry. It seems routine, but soon it seems like there is a killer haunts. The paranoid schizophrenic David Nicholson seems to be the culprit, but according to his doctor, he is successfully treated in January House Care Centre. Nikki finds out that Perry also stayed there. It also turns out that both swallowed the drugs not the Nicholson as Perry that they thought to swallow.

Season 10[Edit]Edit

Nr. Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 Cargo 6/17 July2006
2 Terminus 23/24 July2006
3 Body of Work 30/31 July2006
4 Super nova 6/7 August2006
5 Schism 13/14 August2006

Brief summary of the series:

10/1. Cargo:

As four corpses are found in the River Thames after a boat packed with illegal immigrants capsized, is realizing that one has to do with traffickers. Harry, Nikki and Leo try to fish if there were any survivors are, or on the contrary even more victims. The police find the body parts of some of the persons on board. It is complicated, if there is a possible criminal Albanian and a ruthless Chinese gang involved seem to be. Extra complicated is it as one of the victims a deadly virus carried with itself. For Nikki becomes even more dramatic when they arrive, that there is also a six-year-old Chinese girl was sitting on the boat. She is not found and thus would theoretically still can live.

10/2. Terminus:

The pathologists are engaged in their daily work. Harry investigates the death of a young man who is hit by a car. Leo investigates the death of a woman found in her home is; It seems that it is a tragic accident and her house set on fire has. Nikki examines the body of a young woman who during her bachelorette party has collapsed and died.

10/3. Body Of Work:

Harry and Nikki are a weekend to come closer together and a lecture. The blossoming romance is shattered as a childhood sweetheart of Harry, Penny Harris, the lab is brought in. It seems that they committed suicide by with her car to drive against a tree. Harry is very upset, so Nikki takes the research about it. The contents of her stomach, questioned the "drunk driver" scenario. Nikki should so very personal questions to Harry. Leo examines the suicide of the artist Jimmy Triangle. His body is in his Studio as a bizarre artwork on display. An anonymous video brings art critic Seth Jewell in image, but Leo is not convinced and gradually begins to realize that this murder is a work of art in itself.

10/4. Supernova:

Memories of the death of his daughter come resurfaced as Leo is summoned to the apparent suicide of the 14-year-old Alison Garland to investigate. With the help of child psychologist Caroline, Leo realizes that Alison was actually murdered. But they are surprised when it appears that the killing is related to the case that Harry examines, in which car salesman was stabbed to death with Chris Duncan – to show – the same knife. As Leo deeper digging, he begins to suspect that is involved, but the school rebel Fish there is also no other link? Nikki explores the death of Kay, an elderly lady who would have been killed by a burglar. While Kays son Robert justice asks, Nikki can prove that the truth more than surprising.

10/5. Schism:

Harry and Nikki are to a London asylum called dogs where the naked girl Lisa Finch is found, that was tortured until they died. If it is clear that a second girl is being held somewhere else, the pathologists dragged into a world full of violence, spies, extremism and cover-ups.

Season 11: 2007[Edit]Edit

Nr. Series Title of episode [1]

Broadcasting BBC


Broadcasting KRO

1 069-070 Apocalypse 27 & 28 August2007 13 september2008 As a RAF helicopter crashes on a refugee centre, is included in the residents a victim to regret. While Harry is obsessed to prove the innocence of the pilot, Nikki discovered very quickly that the stories don't add up with some asylum seekers.
2 071-072 Suffer The Children 3 & 4 september2007 20 september2008 Toegetakelde if the corpse of a black boy from the river Lea is fished, touch to discover the identity of Leo obsessed him. What is the story behind his cruel death? Later, a second body fished out of the river. Leo's investigation leads him to a West African Church nearby. One keeps working with exorcism.
3 073-074 Hippocratic Oath 10 & 11 september2007 27 september2008 If in an accident in which a hearse is concerned two deaths found in the coffin, Harry must see to figure out the identity of this murdered man. His research leads to the Hospital where Nikki investigates Alice Huston.She is a children's surgeon with an exceptionally high mortality score among her patients. The unknown dead turns out to be the friend of one of Hustons nurses.
4 075-076 Double Dare 17 & 18 september2007 4 October2008 Anna Holland four years earlier along with her boyfriend Michael Drage a young mother stabbed to death in front of her children. Nikki showed that Anna had made no contribution in the stabbing, so she gets a shorter prison sentence. Now she is released after four years, she is killed as soon as she has been at liberty.
5 077-078 Peripheral Vision 24 & 25 september2007 11 October2008 As parts of a skeleton are found it is easy to see that it goes to Clara, a 16-year-old girl who has disappeared without a trace two years earlier. Nikki is under pressure to confirm her identity, while Inspector Mays is convinced that he is the killer, George Woods, go under lock and key has stopped. As Nikki then discovered that the bones are part of another girl, one Floria, she cast doubt on the guilt of Woods. His innocence is demonstrated, but just after his release, he is found dead. Suicide seems to be the cause.

Season 12: 2008[Edit]Edit

Nr. Series Title of episode [3]

Broadcasting BBC


Broadcasting KRO

1 079-080 Safe 1 & 2 October2008 15 september2010 Leo is with too much drink held after a lunch and get a community service of 40 hours in a not so pleasant part of South London. Nikki is also called as a teenage girl on an amusement park from one of the devices has been dropped. She discovers that the girl already had a stab wound for they had stepped into the unit.
2 081-082 Death's By 8 & 9 October2008 25 June2010 Harry accompanies the young medical student Holly Farr, who is curious and inquisitive. He is charmed by her and engages her in the investigation if a young woman is found murdered in the berm along a highway.It is not possible to identify her because her face is totally removed by the killer. Nikki tries to reconstruct the face. Holly immediately that the victim sees the successful presenter and journalist Fran Price should be. Price has its own crime show on tv. The police suspect the Russian criminal Leonid Palanisamy of the murder. He is due in part to her program in the past arrested and convicted.
3 083-084 Terror 15 & 16 October2008 22 september2010 The team is brought in to the armed robbery on a terrorism suspect's cell to investigate. Two terrorists and a police officer have been killed. Nikki discovers that it probably has been a botched police raid. She visits the only witness of the RAID, the teenage sister of one of the suspects, who is convinced that her brother is innocent.
4 085-086 Judgement 22 & 23 October2008 29 september2010 If the decomposed body of a Jewish man's on undeveloped land is found, all on anti-Semitic motives. But Harry, who is investigating, here goes more and more doubt. Leo examines the death of an Australian drug rugzaktoeriste at a house party, where the cause of death seems to be.
5 087-088 The Lost Child 29 & 30 October2008 6 October2010 In the sewer near his school is the half-naked, lifeless body of a twelve year old boy found. There is clearly sexual abuse. If still shows that the boy, where the victim was last seen with it, is gone, one is worried he is kidnapped. There would be a paedophile network active?
6 089-090 Finding Rachel november 5 & 6 november2008 October 13, 2010 The team flies to Zambia to the death of Rachel, a young female doctor, to investigate. Since they had accused the local Government of corruption, has her father not consciously set out to the local police. The police say they killed by wild animals, but Leo and Nikki soon discover that there are multiple stab wounds.But they also realize that it is never the body of Rachel may have been that they have examined.

Season 13: 2010[Edit]Edit

Nr. Series Title of episode [5]

Broadcasting BBC


Broadcasting KRO

1 091-092 Intent 7 & 8 January2010 January 6, 2012 Leo is suspected of fraud: a teacher from an insurance company accuses him of it he has messed with it they are post-mortem report of her late colleague. Meanwhile, Harry falls for the charms of an attractive ex-colleague.
2 093-094 Voids 14 & 15 January2010 11 January 2012 Harry and Nikki to stay if they seek professional in a high-profile case diametrically opposed to each other.But precisely because they are both so good at their craft, they are able to interpret the evidence in the way that suits them best.
3 095-096 Run 21 & 22 January2010 13 January 2012 Leo thinks the police wants to quit a case in the cover up. It's going to be a rampage undercover agent associated with the death of a young woman. The girlfriend of the agent asks Leo for help. But before he can do anything, she is gone.
4 097-098 Shadows 28 & 29 January2010 20 January 2012 A confused young man with a firearm to a massacre on the University campus where also Lyell Centre is located. Nikki and Harry are located in the building and can no way. they do what they can to help the wounded.
5 099-100 Home 4 & 5 February2010 25 January 2012 As Nikki returns to Cape Town, her hometown, she is hired by a detective agency to help solve a five-fold murder from the 80s. Leo and Harry, also in Cape Town, are involved in the investigation into the death of a girl.

Season 14: 2011[Edit]Edit

Nr. Series Title of episode [7]

Broadcasting BBC


Broadcasting KRO

1 101-102 A Guilty Mind 3 & 4 January2011 24 april 2013 The anatomist-pathologists Leo and Harry investigate the death of three persons in one night in a hospital is suspicious or chance. Nikki examines the death of an eight-year-old girl and becomes very emotionally involved in this case.
2 103-104 Lost 10 & 11 January2011 1 may 2013 Leo returns to Sheffield, where he lived with his wife and daughter, and this raises all sorts of memories again. the body that there is excavated is the reason that Leo to Sheffield is called. The dead turns out not to be 25 centuries old, as thought, but 25 years. There is another murder. It seems that someone the murders of young girls by mimics 25 years ago, or is there an innocent murderer convicted and he just takes the blame?
3 105-106 First Casualty 17 & 18 January2011 May 8, 2013 The corpse of a young woman is taken from the river and Nikki is summoned to the autopsy to be performed. It seems that the victim was already dead before they ended up in the water. Nikki discovered during the investigation that the woman got a child. They want to quickly find out the identity of the victim because she fears that the baby was left behind somewhere.
4 107-108 Bloodlines 24 & 25 January2011 15 may 2013 Harry is asked by his Hungarian girlfriend Anna to come to Budapest. For several months he has a relationship with Anna that human rights activist is and wants to investigate the death of a young prostitute.Harry comes this in great difficulty and is even suspected of murder.
5 109-110 The Prodigal 31 January & 1 February2011 22 may 2013 In the Dutch Embassy in London will find a place where some family members of shooting Ambassador Pieter van Buren (played by Derek de Lint) are shot and his grandson Jack is kidnapped. At first Nikki and Harry arrive at the Embassy, but soon they become from the case when the Dutch prefer to work with a private pathologist. As soon after a young woman commits suicide and shows that it has been in the family nanny Van Buren, try Leo, Harry and Nikki yet the truth behind the shooting at the Embassy to unravel.

Series 15 (2012)[edit] Series 15 was confirmed in April 2011. It is the last to star Tom Ward, as Dr Harry Cunningham

Episode[2] Title Written by Directed by Guest artist (s) Original airdate Viewers (millions) [1] 121 – 122 "Death Has No Dominion" Ed Whitmore Andy Hay Shelley Conn, Vincent Regan, Adam Best, Nick Hobbs, Shobu Kapoor 1 April 2012 2 April 2012 7.93 6.86 The team attend a triple murder at a farmhouse, where the investigating detective, DI wastes no time making her Connie James, presence felt. The pathologists soon make a breakthrough when DNA found at the scene matches that of a mysterious female serial killer – although Nikki has cause to question the direction they are heading in. The case is proving difficult for Leo, however, whose mind is in turmoil following the suicide of an old friend. Harry persuades Connie to disobey orders and test DNA evidence from the original investigation, and Janet is called in to help build the personality of the female serial killer. Leo is still troubled by the suicide of his friend Lizzie Frazer, prompting Nikki to dig deeper into the murder of the woman's sister ten years before. The episode is partly based on the Phantom of Heilbronn case. 123 – 124 (A) "Domestic" Richard Davidson Anthony Byrne Anthony Flanagan, Alex McSweeney, Neil Maskell, Kate Magowan Megan Prescott 8 April 2012 9 April 2012 7.35 6.67 Harry is disturbed to be called to a crime scene at the home of a family he knows, and finds the bodies of the mother and her stepson, while her teenage daughter lies in a coma – although her toddler has been left unharmed. The police suspect the woman's husband to be the killer – but the pathologist is not so sure of his guilt. The double-murder investigation reveals more about the tangled lives of the inhabitants or Magnolia Drive. Harry makes a significant discovery about the dead woman's stepson Charlie, found lying in a coma at the crime scene, while Leo sets out to recreate the shape of the mystery weapon, with the help of forensic scientist Gill Bailey. 125 – 126 "Paradise Lost" Stephen Davis Edward Bennett Rakie Ayola, Pooky Quesnel, James Cosmo, Dominic Jephcott, John Carson 15 April 2012 16 April 2012 7.59 5.53 Nikki is furious with Leo when he re-examines a child abuse case by her former mentor, leading to conflict between the pathologists. But she soon has more to worry about when a workman at the centre reveals how his mother is being manipulated by a convicted serial killer into searching for his hidden teenage victims. As the team tracks down the detective who originally worked on the Arnold Mears case and examine the church he visited as a boy, the killer is furious that the police have been made aware of the undiscovered bodies. Eventually, he agrees to talk, but only to Nikki. Can she outwit the scheming convict and compel him to reveal the whereabouts of the corpses – and Annie? 127 – 128 "Redhill" Ed Whitmore Andy Hay Juliet Aubrey, Maurice Lee, Leo Gregory, Gillian Kearney, Stephen Greif, Jonathan Id Almost Wrather 22 April 2012 23 April 2012 7.16 5.89 There is little sympathy when child-killer James Wade dies in his cell, but Leo's encounter with dying ex-prison inspector Rachel Kruger compels him to investigate the notorious Redhill jail – only to come up against a wall of silence. Meanwhile, Harry meets Wade's sister Miriam and agrees to help find her brother's killer. Harry and Nikki dig deep into DI Bridges ' past and soon make a significant discovery. Leo is determined to get at the truth about the murder or ex-prison inspector Rachel Kruger and decides to follow violent officer Kessler – but before long he finds himself in dangerous territory. 129 – 130 "Fear" Dudi Appleton, Jim Keeble Mike Barker Mark Letheren, Tamzin Outhwaite, Tom Ellis, Adrian Dunbar 29 April 2012 30 April 2012 6.23 5.42 Leo visits old college friend Sean Delaney at his psychiatric care centre in Essex, where one of the patients was found dead in her bed. Although the coroner ruled a verdict or sudden death syndrome, Delaney is not convinced and asks Leo to investigate. Suspicion soon falls on the dead girl's father, who has lost the family fortune and his wife – but the pathologist runs into problems when the local detective sergeant gives him a less-than-warm welcome, making it clear she is suspicious of his motives. The team delves deeper into the circumstances surrounding Eve's death. Leo confronts the girl's mother and comes close to what actually happened the night before her daughter died, while Harry and Nikki track down the nun who performed the exorcism-and are shocked by what they find. Psychiatrist Sean turns his attention to Eve's brother John, who believes he is also possessed by the demons that haunted his sister-is history about to repeat itself? Or, more crucially, does anyone care? 131 – 132 "And Then I Fell In Love[3][4][5]a " Timothy Prager Keith Boak Madeline Duggan, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Sam Troughton, Thusitha Jayasundera, Elyes Gabel 19 August 2012 20 August 2012 6.44 5.97 Nikki sees a barefoot girl being knocked over by a car, marking the beginning of a case that takes the team into the harrowing world of sex grooming and prostitution for underage girls. The police know the teenager has been abused but the question is, by whom? Suspicion soon falls on her stepfather. Meanwhile, an early-morning bath saves Harry's life, and two puzzling corpses are brought in to the centre – a heavily tattooed man and a decomposed body found at the airport. Nikki uses facial reconstruction to identify the decomposed body found at the airport, and she and Harry make a crucial connection between the dead girls and sex-grooming victim Shannon, who is later returned to her family. But when her stepfather learns about her ordeal, he vows revenge on the men who abused her. Meanwhile, Harry moves in with Nikki when his flat blows up in a gas explosion. ^ a Episodes originally in swapped places.

Series 16 (2013)[edit] It was confirmed during the shooting of Series 15 that Silent Witness would return for a 16th series in January 2013. It is the final series to star William Gaminara, as Professor Leo Dalton. [6] This series sees the introduction of new main characters Jack Hodgson and technician David Caves and Clarissa, portrayed by Liz Carr respectively.

Episode Title Written by Directed by Guest artist (s) Original airdate Viewers (millions) [7] 133 – 134 "Change[8] " Timothy Prager Anthony Byrne Sharon Small, Tim Pigott-Smith, Joseph Burford, Robert Lonsdale 10 January 2013 11 January 2013 7.59 7.09 John Briggs (Tim Pigott-Smith), a wealthy, ageing confectionery company owner, is found dead in his London hotel suite. Nikki listens to the arguments put forward by forensic scientist Jack Hodgson (David Caves) to prove to sceptical DS suspicious circumstances surrounding the death that there are Gold. It is learned that Briggs was losing a desperate fight to prevent the sale of his ailing company to investors. To Michael, his business advisor, seems keen to conceal Briggs ' murky private life from the press, as it threatens to devalue the "family fire". Briggs ' brother, Philip, is shocked to learn that Briggs has left control of the company to his estranged daughter, Geraldine, who ponders on the reason for her involvement. Suspicion falls on a "call girl" seen leaving the hotel, but Briggs ' lawyer Annette Kelly reveals that the girl, Deana, is in fact Geraldine's daughter, adopted when her mother was sixteen. Meanwhile, it becomes obvious that someone is leaking information to the press, and DC Jack accuses Gus Cook, resulting in a fight between the two. When are rivalled body is found by the Thames, Jack deduces that she was murdered and finds her mobile phone, which shows that she was in league with Trenter pronunciation; DNA proves that she was not in fact Geraldine's daughter. Annette Kelly reveals information about Briggs and Trenter pronunciation to Geraldine. When she too is found murdered, Geraldine is suspected, whilst the company's value falls to the point where the main intercessor, Schwartzman, can pick it up for next to nothing. When Philip learns the extent or Trenter's double-dealing, he kills him; To is subsequently revealed to be the murderer of both Deana and Annette Kelly. Leo decides to secure the Lyell Centre's future by employing Jack to head up a new forensics department. Jack insists on bringing along his trusted technician, Clarissa (Liz Carr). 135 – 136 "Trust[9] " Richard Davidson Richard Clark Amanda Drew, Ashley Chin, Bill Ward, Sammy Kissin, Freya Parker, Dani Bux[10] 17 January 2013 18 January 2013 7.44 7.29 Nikki and Jack investigate the death of two women, who have been tied up and tortured in a basement. The trail of evidence leads eventually to a research institute where Lucas Ballinger is employed. Meanwhile, Leo becomes involved in the case of a young woman imprisoned for the murder of her baby, as a result of a direct approach from the baby's father, who wants to avoid having his older son tasks into care whilst not wishing to incriminate himself. When a third woman is killed in a similar manner to the first two, the team discover a link with both Hearns, an ex-soldier, and Ballinger, who goes on the run. The investigation is complicated by Jack's feelings for the investigating police officer, DI Reid, a former lover whom he suspects of having previously betrayed him by tampering with forensic evidence. Nikki, at first sympathetic towards Reid, changes her view when she is trapped in a building set on fire by Hearns to conceal the third murder and Reid fails to help her. Ballinger tracks down and kills Hearns, then goes after his boss at the research institute, Dr. Fell, who is behind Hearns ' activities and the release of anthrax spores to create demand for a vaccine manufactured by his company. Nikki and Jack see through Reid when she begins an affair with a senior officer, and track Ballinger to a park, where he reveals that he was blackmailed by Hearns into participating in the release of the spores because Hearns had kidnapped his wife, one of the murdered women. An impatient Reid brings in a police sniper to kill Ballinger, and is finally shamed by the failure to find any weapon among his personal effects. 137 – 138 "True Love Waits[11] " Tracey Malone, Ed Whitmore Thaddeus O'Sullivan Douglas Russell, Rob Jarvis, Christine Bottomley, Christina Cole, Nicola Millbank, Debbie Nash 24 January 2013 25 January 2013 7.39 7.33 When a pub landlady is stabbed to death and her little finger is cut off by the killer, Nikki seeks to prove the innocence of the dead woman's husband, police's, Roly Henderson against the mounting evidence to suggest his involvement. Concerned for the couple's young daughter, Nikki convinces Jack and Leo that this is in fact the latest victim of a psychopathic serial killer, and, when Jack discovers that the intransigent DI Kate Warren has falsified evidence under the influence of her father, a senior police officer, he joins in the search. After an investigation of the evidence relating to an earlier, similar murder, suspicion falls on Alan Lane, an ex-policeman who has already served a prison sentence for the murder of his own wife. Nikki tracks down Anne Percival, the retired detective involved in the case. Unknown to the team, Percival is aware that lane's wife Imogen is not dead, and is assisting Imogen in protecting herself and her daughter from discovery by Lane. When Percival contacts Imogen, Lane first tortures Percival to death in an attempt to discover their whereabouts, then hostage taking have been reported his own daughter, Karen, to lure Imogen back to him; when confronted by the police, he shoots DI Warren dead. Nikki saves Jack's life when Lane arrives at the scene of the kidnap as they are freeing Karen. Henderson is reunited with his daughter. 139 – 140 "Legacy[12] " Stephen Gallagher David Richards Mark Womack, Ed Stoppard, Richard Johnson, Cal Macan inch, Tim Preece 31 January 2013 1 February 2013 7.49 7.24 When Tom Hancock's son Peter dies of cancer, Tom seeks an explanation and turns to Leo to help him find the cause. At about the same time, the decomposing body of Colin Connor is discovered in an old nursing home, about to be converted into ecologically-friendly apartments while the adjoining farmland is to be used for affordable housing. Behind the scheme is Lord Embleton, a government Minister who is attracted to Nikki after meeting her at a function. Embleton's father, Sir William, tries to discourage him from the scheme, and is in secret contact with a sinister government "advisor", David Loader. Leo is intrigued by the post-mortem discovery that both Colin and Peter had the extremely weird Fanconi's Syndrome, and begins to think that Tom Hancock's suspicions may be well-founded. Jack finds evidence to suggest that Colin was in the disused building with a companion, who left him to die after his arm became trapped in a conduit while trying to steal copper wire. Suspicion falls on Colin's employer, Brian Blackburn, and his son Derren, who appears to have undergone a personality change since his association with Colin. Leo and Jack visit the deserted farm to look for evidence of contamination but are tasks into custody by soldiers who claim that the country is in use as an army firing range. On their return, Jack scrapes their shoes and finds evidence of groundwater contamination. Leo is contacted by the farm's former owner, George Ryder, who says he has information about the cause of the contamination, but when they attempt to meet at the old nursing home, Leo finds Ryder's dead body and sees Derren running away. In the ensuing police pursuit, Derren falls off a roof and is killed; the post-mortem reveals that he was suffering from similar symptoms to Colin and Peter. Jack suspects that Derren was not responsible for Ryder's death, and finds evidence that implicates David Loader. Meanwhile, after Leo's house is burgled, he is suspended for allegedly losing confidential files. Nikki tries to get help from Lord Embleton, with whom she is having an affair, but Embleton's father tries to stop him becoming involved with her. Leo seeks help from Tom Hancock, and they go to the farm again and discover the source of the radioactive contamination: a train which crashed in an underground tunnel in 1962, carrying a nuclear warhead. When Tom finds a video revealing that his son and several other local boys had been in the tunnel without realizing the danger, he takes a parcel or radioactive dust and threatens Sir William, who shows no remorse for covering up the disaster. Lord Embleton's private David Embleton and Loader enter office, not knowing that Tom has booby-trapped it, and both are covered in a fatal dose of radioactive dust. 141 – 142 "Greater Love[13] " Dudi Appleton, Jim Keeble Douglas MacKinnon Chris Reilly, Joe Doyle, Grant Burgin, Matt Selby, Jonas Khan, Brana Bajic February 7, 2013 8 February 2013 6.92 6.60 After human remains are found at an Afghan water project, the brother of missing soldier Than Lambert begs Leo to go to Afghanistan to prepare the body for repatriation and discover whatever they can about how he died. Nikki and Jack go with him, and almost immediately encounter apparent hostility from private security guards working at the site. Their leader, Sean Nugent, is reluctant to allow contact with three Taliban prisoners, and appears to be losing control of his men when one of the prisoners is found hanged in their cell; Nikki suspects that one of the other guards is responsible, and discovers that one of the prisoners, "Karim", is an Englishman in disguise. Leo develops a relationship with Princess Fawzia of Egypt, the Afghan charity worker responsible for the water project, and is assaulted one night outside the compound. Evidence begins to point towards Lambert having been killed by friendly fire. Clarissa interviews Scott Lambert again, and discovers that Nugent was an NCO with the original military team of which Then was a member; her email is concealed from Leo by Nugent. While Jack is investigating decomposition rates in the local climatic conditions, he comes across further parts of Lambert's body. In the meantime, Leo and Nikki are accidentally locked in the cell with Karim and the other Taliban prisoner, and confess to having been involved in Karim appears to Lambert's killing. After Nugent takes the prisoners to be handed over to the local authorities, Jack realises that the body parts are not Lambert's at all, and that "Karim" is in fact Lambert himself. By the time he alerts the guards, the prisoners have murdered Nugent and escaped. At the opening of the new water project, Leo Lambert in disguise, Karim/spots and discovers that he is intending to carry out a suicide attack. As Leo walks him away from the site, the explosives are detonated and both are killed. Series 17 (2014)[edit] After the last episode or Series 16, it was announced Silent Witness will return for a 17th series in early 2014. This was then confirmed on the BBC Media website. [14] Emilia Fox, David Caves and Liz Carr have confirmed they are returning for the series, which started filming in April 2013. In the new series Richard Linter will play new forensic pathologist Dr Thomas Chamberlain. [15] Some scenes were filmed at Charlton Athletic's last game of the 2012/13 season at The Valley and again on 15 May. Filming also took place in Dundee and on the Tay Road Bridge.

Episode Title Written by Directed by Guest artist (s) Original airdate Viewers (millions) [16] 143 – 144 "Commodity[17] " Timothy Prager Daniel O'Hara Elliot Levey, Kaye Wragg, Hugo Becker, Tim Dantay, Ace Bhatti, Alex Norton, Adrian Rawlins 2 January 2014 3 January 2014 7.92 7.84 Top-flight footballer Isaac Dreyfus ' days at the top are numbered when a sex tape links him to the brutal murder of a young woman, threatening to destroy his reputation and marriage. Nikki struggles to come to terms with Leo's death following the arrival of the new Lyell Centre boss, pathologist Thomas Chamberlain. However, her feelings surface when DI John Leighton and DS Anne Burchett demand results in two unsolved cases-a mother and son murdered in their wealthy London home and the disfigured body of a young woman. Footballer desperately fights to prove his innocence, Isaac Dreyfus whilst disillusioned Adam Freedman turns to a mysterious source for help to avenge the murder of his wife and child. Under scrutiny from the press, the police are determined to nail their prime suspect and pile pressure on The Lyell Centre to deliver results. However, when Nikki questions the motive behind the murders, a re-examination of the Freedman crime scene leads Jack to make a startling discovery. 145 – 146 "Coup de Grace[18] " Graham Mitchell David Richards Steve Toussaint, Laurence Belcher, Michael Socha, Mark Tandy, Aaron McCusker, Janine Wood 9 January 2014 10 January 2014 7.20 7.33 Nikki delivers ground-breaking testimony in the high-profile appeal court case or a convicted killer David Bennetto, who has spent the last six years behind bars for the murder of two gay teenagers. But bitter DI Rachel Small remains unconvinced that she caused a miscarriage of justice and cannot hide her contempt, especially when another young man is found dead bearing the same, hallmarks of the previous murders. Meanwhile, Nikki's professionalism is brought into question due to her increasingly close relationship with lawyer Greg Walker. Nikki's professional reputation is on the line when her romantic involvement with lawyer Greg Walker leads her face-to-face with a raging Bennetto. Thomas is under mounting pressure from DI Rachel Small and the Home Office as he battles to save the Lyell Centre's reputation in the midst of a media storm. Grieving for the death of his murdered son, newspaper hack Peter Masham strikes an unlikely deal with Bennetto's brother-in-law. Meanwhile, Jack and Clarissa uncover the true identity of murder victim Byron Lee. 147 – 148 "In a Lonely Place[19] " Ed Whitmore and Tracey Malone Craig Viveiros Caroline Paterson, Tom Davey, Martin Compston, Robert Cavanah, Christopher Coghill, Gary Lewis 16 January 2014 17 January 2014 7.59 7.59 Nikki and Jack head to Scotland to help investigate the Jason Ross earnest rural detective DS chilling murder of a lap dancer found in a remote forest. In their search to find a suspect, the team clash with rogue city detectives DS Mike MacNeil and DI Simon Laing. But as more human remains are unearthed in the forest, it becomes apparent that a horrifyingly dangerous serial killer is at large. News of the murders unsettles new mother Sarah, who is harbouring a dark secret from her partner Steve. 149 – 150 "Undertone[20] " Ed Whitmore and Declan Croghan Nicholas Renton Akin Gazi, Irena Machi, Sean Gallagher, Fady Eaton, Morven Christie, Ruth Gemmell 23 January 2014 24 January 2014 7.23 7.19 The murder of a very recently pregnant young woman found in a suitcase leaves Nikki, Jack and Thomas in a race against time, not only to catch her killer, but to find the baby. 151 – 152 "Fraternity" Graham Mitchell Dusan Lazarevic Ashley Walters, Daisy Ridley, Owen McDonnell, Haydn Gwynne 30 January 2014 31 January 2014 7.09 6.83 Things get personal for Jack when his brother becomes a suspect in the murder of a young woman. Dr. Chamberlain, not trusting Jack to remain objective, brings in a new forensic scientist (Haydn Gwynne) to work on the case instead. Series 18 (2015) Emilia Fox on Twitter confirmed that production on the 18th series was underway, and that it should air in 2015.

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