This is a list of episodes for the British television series Midsomer Murders. The series has so far 15 seasons and is broadcast by the English Channel ITV.


Title Broadcasting UK (ITV) Broadcasting NL (NCRV) Broadcasting BE (VRT)
The Killings at Badger's Drift March 23, 1997 March 3, 1999 8 January 2000

Season 1[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title episode Broadcasting UK (ITV) Broadcasting NL (NCRV) Broadcasting BE (VRT)
1 Written in Blood 22 March 1998 10 March 1999 15 January 2000
2 Death of a Hollow Man March 29, 1998 24 March 1999 January 29, 2000
3 Faithful unto Death 22 april 1998 31 March 1999 5 February 2000
4 Death in Disguise 6 May 1998 17 March 1999 22 January 2000

Season 2[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title episode Broadcasting UK (ITV) Broadcasting NL (NCRV) Broadcasting BE (VRT)
1 Death's Shadow 20 January 1999 21 april 1999 4 March 2000
2 Strangler's Wood February 3, 1999 7 april 1999 12 February 2000
3 Dead man's Eleven 12 september 1999 12 april 2000 March 11, 2000
4 Blood Will Out 19 september 1999 14 april 1999 19 February 2000

Season 3[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title episode Broadcasting UK (ITV) Broadcasting NL (NCRV) Broadcasting BE (VRT)
1 Death of a Stranger 31 december 1999 3 May 2000 18 March 2000
2 Blue Hale 22 January 2000 26 april 2000 25 March 2000
3 Judgement Day January 29, 2000 19 april 2000 1 april 2000
4 Beyond the Grave 5 February 2000 28 april 1999 26 February 2000

Season 4[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 Garden of Death 10 september 2000
2 Destroying Angel August 26, 2001
3 The Electric Vendetta 2 september 2001
4 Who Killed Cock Robin? 9 september 2001
5 Dark Autumn 16 september 2001
6 Tainted Fruit 23 september 2001

Season 5[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title episode Broadcasting UK Plot
1 Market for Murder 16 June 2002 After one of the members of the female read club is killed, it comes with everything except that read this club deals.
2 A Worm in the Bud 23 June 2002 As the body of Susan Bartlett in the forest is found the villagers to take that suicide because they have no children could get.
3 Ring Out Your Dead 15 september 2002 The whistleblowing team from the village of Midsomer Wellow is getting smaller, and that while there are a real clocks contest is coming. That contest has something to do with the death of the whistle-blowers? Or is there someone who hates whistleblowers from the first hour?
4 Murder on St. Malley's Day 22 september 2002 During a traditional running game of the School is the near-winner Daniel Talbot Devington down dead. It turns out that not all the villagers are happy with the school and what is happening within the school.

Season 6[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 A Talent for Life January 3, 2003
2 Death and Dreams 10 January 2003
3 Painted in Blood 17 January 2003
4 A Tale of Two Hamlets 24 January 2003
5 Birds of Prey January 31, 2003

Season 7[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 The Green Man november 2, 2003
2 Bad Tidings 4 January 2004
3 The Fisher King January 11, 2004
4 Sins of Commission 18 January 2004
5 The Maid in Splendour 25 January 2004
6 The Straw Woman February 29, 2004
7 Ghosts of x-mas fits 25 december 2004

Season 8[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 Things That Go Bump in the Night October 10, 2004
2 Dead in the Water 17 October 2004
3 Orchis Fatalis January 9, 2005
4 Bantling Boy January 16th, 2005
5 Second Sight 23 January 2005
6 Hidden Depths 13 March 2005
7 Sauce for the Goose april 3, 2005
8 Midsomer Rhapsody 2 October 2005

Season 9[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title episode Broadcasting UK Broadcasting NL (KRO)
1 The House in the Woods 9 October 2005 3 January 2007
2 Dead Letters 26 February 2006 January 24, 2007
3 Vixen's Run March 5, 2006 January 31, 2007
4 Down Among the Dead Men 12 March 2006 7 February 2007
5 Death in Chorus september 3, 2006 February 28, 2007
6 Country Matters 10 september 2006 February 21, 2007
7 Last year's Model september 17, 2006 March 7, 2007
8 Four Funerals and a Wedding september 24, 2006 14 February 2007

Season 10[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title episode Broadcasting UK Broadcast NL (KRO) Plot
1 Dance with the Dead 12 november 2006 november 7, 2007 The body of a young man is found in an airplane hangar from the second world war. He was murdered and his girlfriend Laura Sharp is gone. She has a dubious reputation, but she turns out to be very popular in the local community.
2 The Animal Within January 19, 2007 november 14, 2007 Faith Alexander comes to visit her uncle Rex to Midsomer, but he is nowhere to be found. The strange thing is that he had told everyone that they had died. Eventually they find Rex, was murdered. The eccentric man has several Wills left behind. Everyone of the family now hopes to be able to get a piece of the estate
3 The Kings Crystal 26 January 2007 november 21, 2007 As Alan King, owner of the Kings Crystal Glass Company, dies and he marries the factory closes his brother Alan's widow. That last is not well with her son. If then the business accountant is found murdered in the Barnaby River comes into contact with the world of Freemasonry and corruption.
4 The Axeman Cometh February 2, 2007 november 28, 2007 Barnaby dusts off his albums and thinks back to the time that he himself was a member of a rock band as his favorite band ' Hired Gun ' on the rock festival comes into play. The tension that caused the break in that band ever cross again So there is the mystery of the 30 years gone band member. If then one of the band members is geëlectrocuteerd at the first performance is Barnaby on research.
5 Death and Dust May 8, 2007 december 5, 2007 Dr. Allan Delaney died in a car accident. The driver drove. It seems that his partner Dr. James Kirkwood was the intended victim. Does it have anything to do with the planned marriage of James with the separated Delyth Mostyn?
6 Picture of Innocence 3 June 2007 december 12, 2007 There is rivalry between the traditional photographers and fans of the digital camera. As in that fight is a member of the local camera club strangled points all in one direction: Barnaby! He must appeal to Jones and his deduction ability to the motives of the real culprit at the top table.
7 They seek Him Here October 7, 2007 January 9, 2008 There is a film made in Midsomer Manor. It leads to a lot of intrigue with the locals. Barnaby takes 2 criminals as security officials. There is murder in the air.
8 Death in a chocolate Box October 14, 2007 January 16, 2008 Barnaby is ex-colleague Jack Colby against. He and his wife Gina working with ex-criminals. The next morning Jacks body found murdered. Barnaby delves into the past.

Season 11: 2008[Edit]Edit

Afl. Series Title episode [1]

Broadcasting ITV


Broadcasting KRO

1 060 Blood Wedding July 6, 2008 October 8, 2008 Cully, the daughter of Barnaby, is busy with the preparations for her wedding. In the meantime the reception place of Bledlow Hall believes Beth Porteous and Sir Ned Fitzroy who just entered the actually connected. Then Marina, the bridesmaid, killed with a dagger. Everything suggests that it happened with a bow and arrow. To control all these sports Fitzroys...
2 061 Shot at Weekly 1 January 2008 October 15, 2008 A blood feud between two families that already dates back to the first world war reaches its peak during the unveiling of a war memorial in Midsomer Parva. Major Dave Hicks claims that Johnny Hammond the death of his grandfather, who was executed for cowardice, to the Somme has on its conscience. When the retired Colonel Henry Hammond is killed, discover Barnaby and Jones that the stubborn families linked together by dangerous secrets.
3 062 Left for Dead July 20, 2008 October 29, 2008 Building a new road means that protesters to draw one of the Midsomer villages. It seems even the motive for a murder. Barnaby and Jones diving in the complex nature of this small community. Slowly it becomes clear that the key to the solution lies in a secret pact that ever closed between some villagers.
4 063 Midsomer Life July 13, 2008 november 5, 2008 Charlie Finleyson is found dead in the forest near Midsomer Sonning. He had lived in the village until he had gone away with the wife of the owner of the local newspaper Midsomer Life. This Guy Sandys has upset many people hunted by to publish negative articles about them. The next morning he is found, stabbed in the heart. What's wrong?
5 064 Magician's Nephew 27 July 2008 november 12, 2008 Jean Wild acre, grandmother and the Assistant of a magician, falls down dead during a show. The deadly poison of a frog turns out to be the cause. Who would want to kill Jean ever? Barnaby and Jones investigate the mysterious world of Midsomer's Magic Circle, a group of friends who ever held worship services together. Ernest Balliol and his family are still obsessed with black magic but fellow-villager Aloysius Wilmington, the tempers heat by claiming that their rituals are fake.
6 065 Days of Misrule december 24, 2008 november 19th, 2008 This episode is set against the background of a company of an ex-soldier tugs Matt Parkes and his unpredictable son James. Parkes is involved in the organisation of a team building which the army at various companies are offering.
7 066 Talking to the Dead 5 August 2008 november 26, 2008 Barnaby and Jones are sucked into a special case where superstition and antiques play a role as two married couples disappear without a trace of their estate. The forest would are possessed by a group of monks who are massacred there many years earlier. With the help of the Prophet LeVanu as a body is found, it appears that Cyrus of a much later date. Note: In this episode plays the Dutch actor Jeroen Krabbé with it. He plays the role of the Prophet LeVanu Cyrus.

Season 12: 2009[Edit]Edit

Afl. Series Title episode [3]

Broadcasting ITV


Broadcasting KRO

1 067 The Dogleg Murders July 22, 2009 May 31, 2009 On the Midsomer Whiteoaks Golf club is a golf club member with a beaten to death. Whiteoaks turns out to be a hornet's nest of hate, gokzucht, violence, jealousy and extortion to be.
2 068 The Black Book August 5th, 2009 november 18, 2009 A lady is an old painting in her home. It turns out from the famous 18th-century painter Henry Hogson, and it is for 400 000 tonnes sold at auction. The next morning the Lady found murdered in her home. Are there more victims in Midsomer.
3 069 The Secrets and Spies July 29, 2009 november 25, 2009 Barnaby reveals a past unknown to have as a secret agent is killed during a game of cricket in Midsomer Parva.He realizes that it has to do with the social network of spies during the cold war. But Barnaby is taken by MI6 of the case.
4 070 The Glitch september 23, 2009 december 2, 2009 George Jeffers is a scientist who in collaboration with the wealthy businessman Clinton Finn a lucrative vliegverkeerscontrolesyteem designed. But Jeffers has also discovered a dangerous bug in the system that can cost many lives. He would like to publish these findings, but Clinton is against it. Also internally at the University they are against it come out of this data. Then killed a woman who on Jeffers ' bicycle reed. The scientist Was perhaps the intended victim?
5 071 Small Mercies October 28, 2009 december 9, 2009 Robert Moss, the caretaker of the model village Little Worthing, the body of the occupant Richard Tanner. He is with pens and ropes fixed, as with Gulliver ever happened, and then he is killed in a bloody way. This Tanner was very against the plans to create a tourist attraction of the village. Everyone regarded him as an annoying man and a sta-in-the-way for the progress of the village.
6 072 The Creeper January 27, 2010 January 6, 2010 Chettham Park House that was once owned by Sir William Chettham is now bought by the entrepreneur Jack Filby. The two have known each other from their student days. The family Chettham mag in the small ' The Dower House ' continue to live on site and their son Freddy is now even the right hand of Filby. At the birthday party of Freddy gets his godfather David Roper feud with Filby about the book that Roper wants to go write about the study group where Chettham and Filby belonged. The next morning Roper found dead in his bed. Is ' The Creeper ', a local burglar who preys on the houses of the rich, now all of a sudden become killer or the offender look elsewhere?
7 073 The Great and the Good april 14, 2010 January 13, 2010 The neighbors of Connie Bishops, the village schoolteacher, are the now used to having them in the middle of the night crying because once again an intruder in her house would stand. According to many, it's just her fantasy that her playing tricks. But Barnaby and Jones discover that there really someone in her house has watched. The fact that half the village know where the key is the back door makes the search for the intruder doesn't get any easier. Therefore, if a few seem to be found in her garden thinks Connie that they themselves had committed all the murders, walking in her sleep. But Barnaby is not convinced.

Season 13: 2010[Edit]Edit

Afl. Series Title episode [5]

Broadcasting ITV


Broadcasting KRO

1 074 The Sword of Guillaume February 10, 2010 6 april 2011 Barnaby takes part in a bus trip to Brighton with the Chamber of Commerce of Causton. He has suspicions that Hicks, the Mayor of Causton, something in his shield and corrupt business is going to do in Brighton. Are relaxation trip is but of short duration. He should immediately Office when someone from the company is beheaded during a ride on the ghost train. Then the vicar of Midsomer Parva threatened with death and the members of his community are executed with the sword of a Norman conqueror. The sword is stolen from the tomb of Richard of Guillaume, one of the ancestors of Lady Matilda. Matilda is opposed to the plans of Hicks and has received threatening letters. Her son Richard is the latest in the lineage and suffers from brain damage.Barnaby thinks that Richard could sit behind the murders.
2 075 The made-to-measure Murders May 12, 2010 30 March 2011 The inhabitants of Milton Cross, a feudal estate with churches, farms, cottages and much ground-for their livelihood depends entirely on Edward Milton, the owner of the estate. Two years ago, Gerald Woodley, tailor in Milton Cross, killed by a heart attack. On his death his family members come together to commemorate him. They are consumed with grief. Or are the earlier guilt? While Sonia, own DVD to the pastor, widow, confesses she is murdered. After he receives a letter of Sonia, the pastor is also murdered. Barnaby and Jones go on research and the secrets of the family Woodley be uncovered.
3 076 "Blood on the Saddle september 8, 2010 13 april 2011 During a Wild West show in Ford Florey is Faye Lennox killed by a pistol shot. Faye had a relationship with the not very beloved Jack Fincher, fast afterwards Fincher also murdered. The only connecting factor that Barnaby can find is a dispute between two families who have for years been fights over a fallow piece of land. However, there are still plenty of suspects who would like to see Fincher death.
4 077 The Silent Land september 22, 2010 december 29, 2010 During a night drive Joyce Barnaby must avoid hitting a Walker and comes in a ditch right. She thinks she has hit the person anyway possible, but there is no body to be found. The next morning in the cemetery of a hospital that is no longer in use, a body found. This gives material for the stories of the local guide who gives guided tours in this ghost town. But when the Guide also on creepy way of life comes, it's Barnaby to investigate.
5 078 Master Class October 6, 2010 11 May 2011 The internationally famous concert pianist Sir Michael Fielding Devington Hall leads at his home in the summer school of onrushing piano talents. The students are very competitive set and soon it turns out that of the three finalists the young Zöe Stock makes most likely to win the contest. When Zöe a walk on the estate, she sees a young woman drown himself and leave her baby on the shore. When the police arrive to find there is no trace of the woman or her child. But Barnaby remembers an identical case, 18 years ago, where a mysterious woman was killed. The witness at the time was Father Gregory, and not much later in an attack on the life of Zöe just outside his Church ...
6 079 The Noble Art October 13, 2010 25 May 2011 The 150th anniversary of the first championship heavyweight in Midsomer leads to a murder mystery in the House of a greatly respected man by Barnaby. During the investigation develops a close friendship between the two. But he would not be the killer?
7 080 Not in My Back Yard January 12, 2011 1 June 2011 In the attractive village of Great Pelfe are the mid-term elections for the Councillors of Midsomer County Council pressure to the gang. A wave of burglaries, murders, corruption and the accompanying allegations invades the village. The darkest secrets of the respectable villagers slowly come to light.
8 081 Fit for Murder February 2, 2011 8 June 2011 Reluctantly goes Barnaby with Joyce along to a Swavely spaweekend in Manor. But at the moment he tries to de-stress, a dead woman found in the flotation-unit space. Barnaby cease his treatment to investigate the death of the woman, but his future as he ponders his personal concerns turn out to be not that far away.

NB: from season 14 actor Neil Dudgeon takes the role of DCI Barnaby about by John Nettles. He plays John Barnaby, Tom Barnaby's cousin and was previously seen in Episode 74 (The Sword of Guillaume)).

Season 14: 2011 and 2012[Edit]Edit

Afl. Series Title episode [7]

Broadcasting ITV


Broadcasting KRO

1 082 Death in the Slow Lane 23 March 2011 28 May 2011 DCI John Barnaby in Midsomer arrives accompanied by his dog Sykes. Almost immediately after his arrival, he is accosted by Harriet Wingate, Director of the elitist Darnley Park Girls School, who asks him to keep an eye on the annual Classic Car Show out there is to arrive. Jones, a car fanatic, agrees immediately but Barnaby is not used that the locals ask for favors him immediately and keeps itself aloof. However, he becomes intrigued by the school when he later discovered that the remains of Duncan Palmer, a former race car driver thought he was drowned in the Lake District 40 years ago, were found on the estate.
2 083 Dark Secrets 30 March 2011 14 March 2012 Sarah Barnaby coming to Midsomer and begins with her job as a teacher. Gerry Dawkins of the social service visits William and Mary Bingham, the older hermits there is he harsh sent away by their daughter Selina and her husband Eddie Stanton. Then he visits an artist colony run by Horse Whisperer Maggie Viviani. Two days later the body of Gerry Dawkins fished from the river. Barnaby and Jones dig into the family secrets and decipher astronomical maps to the assassin.
3 084 Echoes of the Dead 20 april 2011 21 March 2012 A young woman is found murdered in bath, dressed as a bride. She wears a ring and a bouquet of flowers is at her laid down, it had, however, no wedding plans. This defi ciency brings Barnaby and Jones to a shelter and a pub run by an ex-colleague of Jones.
4 085 The Oblong Murders 25 May 2011 28 March 2012 Pathologist George Bullard asks Barnaby Oliver to investigate the loss of Lucy, she is the daughter of friends.Lucy is gone after joining the Oblong Foundation, a new age group located in the House of Ruth Lambert, whose parents died in an explosion on their boat. Detective Jones goes undercover in the group. Barnaby learns that Lucy had feud with Oblongs Director for her departure Freddie Raft, but Ruth denies this.
5 086 The Sleeper Under The Hill 21 september 2011 april 4, 2012 If the body of a farmer is found in the middle of a circle of stones in Midsomer Mow, are the local Druids soon the prime suspects. However, more convinced that Inspector Barnaby is not something spiriuteels but pure human greed is the motive of this murder.
6 087 The Night of the Stag 12 October 2011 11 april 2012 During a village Festival in which Barnaby and Jones are present, a body in a barrel of apple cider found. It turns out to be a missing tax inspector. According to the pathologist isn't he drowned in the barrel, but shaken so hard that he died. Barnaby and Jones go on research.
7 088 A Sacred Trust 26 October 2011 18 april 2012 Vandals destroy the beautiful stained glass windows of the monastery in Midsomer. The four nuns who live here want no interference by the police. However, if there is not much later a nun found strangled accessed Barnaby and Jones the world of this monastery.
8 089 A Rare Bird 11 January 2012 9 may 2012 A feud between the bird watchers of Midsomer has a tragic turn as President of this bird watchers Association is found murdered in the Woods. His wife Nina, a former Russian prima ballerina, is in shock. She has just told her husband that she finally is pregnant with their first child.

Season 15: 2012 and 2013[Edit]Edit

Afl. Series Title episode [9]

Broadcasting ITV


Broadcasting KRO

1 090 The Dark Rider 1 February 2012 14 november 2012 The families DeQuettevilles and Fleetwoods living on a country estate and its neighbours, but also all enemies since the English civil war. The old gentleman DeQuettevilles dies after a historic Knight without head to him pointed according to the family legend. Barnaby and Jones investigate whether this has to do with the old family feud or that a modern killer is at large.
2 091 Murder of Innocence 21 March 2012 november 21, 2012 In 1994, the 14-year-old Grady Felton Daniel convicted of the murder of the son of land-owner Ted Denning.Grady is now back to his cottage in the village of Binwell to sell, he says, but he calls that he wants to take revenge on anyone who is responsible for his conviction. Harrison is murdered soon thereafter, he was medeverantoordelijk for the condemnation of Felton. Barnaby and Jones must ensure that there are no more victims follow.
3 092 Written in the Stars 25 september 2012 -
4 093 Death and the Divas 2 January 2013 20 november 2013
5 094 The Sicilian Defence 9 January 2013 -
6 095 The conjurer in Murder January 30, 2013 - Last episode with DS Jones

Series 16 (2013-14)[edit]Edit

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)

(Includes ITV HD and ITV + 1) [59 ][not specific enough to verify]

96 1 "The Christmas Haunting" Nick Laughland Chris Murray 24 December 2013 June/July 2013 4.92
DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson investigate the fatal stabbing chest of a man with an antique sword during a ghost-hunting party at a ' haunted ' manor house. The blacksmith's daughter Rose Wilton Is seeking revenge from beyond the grave, or can Barnaby and Nelson find a more earthly motive behind the murder and trap the killer?

First appearance or DS Charlie Nelson

97 2 "Let Us Prey" Alex Pillai Paul Logue 8 January 2014 April/May 2013 6.06
A series of murders in Midsomer St Claire seem to be inspired by macabre images on a medieval fresco recently discovered in the church crypt. As the village prepares for storms and flooding it appears that someone is using ancient torture methods to punish modern-day ' sinners '. But who is responsible and why?
98 3 "Wild Harvest" Renny Rye Rachel Cuperman & Sally Griffiths 29 January 2014 May/June 2013 6.24
When Martin Strickland, a local farmer is found dead in his own woods; covered by truffle oil and mauled to death by a wild boar, the investigation leads Barnaby to Wyvern House restaurant a posh picturesque country house restaurant run by a very passionate celebrity chef! But soon another murder occurs and this time the poison spreads further than intended target.
99 4 "The Flying Club" Luke Watson Michael Aitkens 5 February 2014 July/August 2013 6.05
When the owner or Finchmere Airfield is dropped from a plane to meet a gruesome death, Barnaby and Nelson find the exciting world of stunt pilots and military heroes hides many dark secrets. Are campaigners behind Bernard King's murder anti-aircraft or does it link back to a tragic World War Two mission?
100 5 "The Killings or Copenhagen" Alex Pillai Paul Logue 12 February 2014 October 2013 6.54
DCI Barnaby and Nelson join forces with two female Danish police detectives after Eric Calder is poisoned by Strychnine coating when opening one of his famous golden clusters.

First appearance or baby Betty Barnaby

Series 17 (TBA)[edit]Edit

# # Title Director Writer Original airdate Filming Date Viewers (millions)

(Includes ITV HD and ITV + 1) [59 ][not specific enough to verify]

101 1 "The Dagger Club" Alex Pillai Michael Aitkens April 2014
102 2 "The Ballad of Midsomer" Renny Rye Paul Logue May 2014
103 3 "Murder by Magic" Charles Palmer Rachel Cuperman & Sally Griffiths

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