This is a list of episodes for the British sitcom Lewis. The series has seven seasons. A listing of all episodes can be found below.


[hide]*1 season 1

8 season 8

Season 1[Edit]Edit

# Title episode Broadcasting UK
1 Reputation 29 January2006
2 Whom The Gods Would Destroy 18 February2007
3 Old School Ties 25 February2007
4 Expiation 4 March2007

Season 2[Edit]Edit

# Title episode Broadcasting UK
5 And the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea 24 February2008
6 Music to Die For 2 March2008
7 Life Born of Fire 9 March2008
8 The Great and the Good 16 March2008

Season 3[Edit]Edit

# Title episode Broadcasting UK
9 Allegory of Love 22 March2009
10 The Quality of Mercy 29 March2009
11 The Point of Vanishing 5 april2009
12 Counter Culture Blues 12 april2009

Season 4[Edit]Edit

# Title episode Broadcasting UK
13 The Dead of Winter 2 may2010
14 Dark Matter 9 may2010
15 Your Sudden Death Question 16 may2010
16 Falling Darkness 30 may2010

Season 5[Edit]Edit

# Title episode Broadcasting UK
17 Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things 3 april2011
18 Wild Justice 10 april2011
19 The Mind Has Mountains 17 april2011
20 The Gift or Promise 24 april2011

Season 6[Edit]Edit

# Title episode Broadcasting UK
21 The Soul of Genius 16 may2012
22 Generation Of Vipers 23 May2012
23 Fearful Symmetry 30 may2012
24 The Indelible Stain 6 June2012

Season 7[Edit]Edit

# Title episode Broadcasting UK
25 Down Among the Fearful (1/2) 7 January2013
26 Down Among the Fearful (2/2) 14 January2013
27 The Ramblin' Boy (1/2) 21 January2013
28 The Ramblin' Boy (2/2) 28 January2013
29 Intelligent Design (1/2) 4 February2013
30 Intelligent Design (2/2) 11 February2013

Series 8: 2014[edit] This series again consists of three stories, each divided into two parts in the UK.

  1. Episode Directed by Writer Original air date Viewers

(in millions; Includes ITV HD and ITV+1) 28 "Entry Wounds" Nicholas Renton Helen Jenkins 10 October 2014 (UK) 17 October 2014 (UK) 5.56(overnight) 4.54(overnight) Faced with a crime that bridges the worlds of neurosurgery, blood sports and animal rights, Hathaway works his first case as a Detective Inspector with the help of his new partner, DS (Detective Sergeant) Lizzie Maddox. Lewis, struggling to adapt to retired life, jumps at the chance to rejoin the force when Chief Superintendent Innocent seeks his help. Part of Series 7 in the U.S. Shown in one piece on 5 October 2014 (U.S.).[24] 29 "The Lions of Nemea" Nicholas Laughland Nicholas Hicks-Beach 24 October 2014 (UK) 31 October 2014 (UK) 4.31(overnight) After a difficult start, Lewis and Hathaway seem to have settled back into their former relationship. But together with the new DS, Lizzie Maddox, they find themselves put to the test as they investigate the brutal murder of an American classics student. The deeper they delve, the more suspects and murky motives come to light. Part of Series 7 in the U.S. Shown in one piece on 12 October 2014 (U.S.).[24] 30 "Beyond Good and Evil" David Drury Noel Farragher 7 November 2014 (UK) 14 November 2014 (UK) Thirteen years after Lewis' first successful arrest as a Detective Inspector, the forensics have been called into question and the case reopened for appeal. Lewis fears the worst, but nothing can prepare him for the resumption of the original murders with the original weapon. Did he arrest an innocent man? With Lewis’ reputation in jeopardy, Hathaway and Maddox race to catch the killer. Part of Series 7 in the U.S. Shown in one piece on 19 October 2014 (U.S.).[24]

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