This is a list of episodes of the American TV series Glee. The series has five completed seasons. The sixth season is autumn 2014 will be in the us on television.


Season Number of episodes [1]

United States Broadcast


Netherlands Broadcast

1 22 19 mayJune 8,2009 – 2010 14 september18 January2010 – 2011
2 22 21 september24 may2010 – 2011 25 January2011 – 21 June2011
3 22 20 september22 may2011 – 2012 6 december2011 – 12 August2012
4 22 13 september2012 – 9 may2013
5 20 26 septemberMay 13,2013 – 2014
6 2014 – 2015

Season 1 (2009-2010)[Edit]Edit

Nr. Title Director Writer (s) Broadcasting [3] Broadcasting [4] Viewing Figures [5]
1 (1-01) Pilot Ryan Murphy Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk & Ian Brennan May 19, 2009 1.484.000
Will Schuester wants the past glory of ' Glee club ' show times on his old school back. He organizes auditions, but a number of people lack. Thereupon he decides via a list Quarterback Finn also to get in the club, where he still fails as well. Meanwhile tries to him another job Wills wife Terri doping, but Will maintains and opt for his school and his singing choir.
2 (1-02) Showmance Ryan Murphy Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk & Ian Brennan september 9, 2009 1.577.000
The choir is trying to win more souls by action at school. Will takes a second job to pay for his wifes luxury home, but is getting closer with Emma (Jayma Mays), the academic advisor of the school. Finns girlfriend Quinn is also a member of the choir, but she is driven by the mean Sue Sylvester, who wants nothing more than to see disappear the choir and its sent as a spy.
3 (1-03) Acafellas John Scott Ryan Murphy september 16, 2009 522.000
Will indicative, along with some colleagues, a private strap on, called Acafellas. He leaves this chorus a bit left lying, whereby they are required to hire an outsider. This is not a good idea, because the new dance and vocal coach is a bully. The choir members trying to convince Will to come back. Meanwhile, Mercedes has an eye on Kurt.
4 (1-04) Preggers Brad Falchuk Brad Falchuk september 23, 2009 587.000
Kurt tries to impress his father. Sandy and Sue start a private musical club at school in hopes the choir so disperse. In the meantime the relation of Quinn and Finn put to the test when they get important news to hear.
5 (1-05) The Rhodes Not Taken John S. Scott Ian Brennan september 30, 2009 432,000
Will try an old classmate of his, April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth), involved in the choir. She has her high school never finished and can be as a full group member. That all seems to walk, until he realizes that he is now an important choir member can definitely lose.
6 (1-06) Vitamin D Elodie Keene Ryan Murphy October 7, 2009 435,000
Will try a different approach: he puts the boys in front of the girls hoping to stimulate the Group feeling, but that otherwise runs out as he had hoped. Terri has meanwhile found a new job: they are going to work as a nurse at the school.
7 (1-07) Throwdown Ryan Murphy Brad Falchuk October 14, 2009 598,000
Sue tries to set up the students against each other, but by this way of working, get them arguing with Will. The feud escalates and top management must intervene. Meanwhile, support the other club members Quinn now the whole school knows that she is pregnant.
8 (1-08) Mash Up Elodie Keene Ian Brennan October 21, 2009 459.000
Will make, at the request of Emma and Ken, a mix of two songs for the opening dance of their wedding. The popularity of Quinn, Finn and Puck is on the decline. Puck has a short-lived romance with Rachel. In the meantime let Sue itself from a very different side when she falls in love with.
9 (1-09) Wheels Paris Barclay Ryan Murphy november 11, 2009 445.000
Will want the choir members support some more, and asks Artie to each of them for a few hours a day in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Kurt and Rachel demands both a solo vocals on.
10 (1-10) Ballad Brad Falchuk Brad Falchuk november 18, 2009 579.000
Will shares the Group on in duos, each of which should bring a ballad. But when one of the kids gets sick, must Will vouch for him and sing with Rachel. That is all wrong when she falls in love with him. Meanwhile, Finn invited to a dinner party at Quinns parents.
11 (1-11) Hairography Bill D'Elia Ian Brennan november 25, 2009 613.000
According to Will is Sue from on not augur well, and contrives a plan: he invites the 2 other choirs from (with a guest role for Eve) against whom they will have to record it in the local final. The club Gets an insight on their competition. Meanwhile, Rachel a makeover by Kurt to supposedly make impression on Finn, but Kurt has very different intentions.
12 (1-12) Mattress Elodie Keene Ryan Murphy december 2, 2009 689.000
Because the budget this year is too small, the choir school in the year book, not something the members not really all that way. But Rachel though: she wants her name and picture love in the book. In the meantime try Quinn also in the year book of the cheerleaders and comes to know that Terri Will not really pregnant.
13 (1-13) Sectionals Brad Falchuk Brad Falchuk december 9, 2009 500,000
The secret of Quinn and Puck comes from now anyway, and that the participation of the club to put the whole game on the game. Will take an important decision.
14 (1-14) Hell-O Brad Falchuk Ian Brennan april 13, 2010 734.000
Sue returns from her compulsory holiday and continues its war against Will and the Glee club on. Rachel and Finn are meanwhile a couple, but he is Quinn not yet forgotten. Will try to go out with Emma, but that turns out not to be easy, she is in love with the Italian dentist "Carl".
15 (1-15) The Power of Madonna Ryan Murphy Ryan Murphy april 20, 2010 498.000
The choir boys bullying the girls, and to bring them, are looking for a solution Will in the music of Madonna. Tina and Artie give their relationship another chance and Kurt and Mercedes join Sues cheerleaders.
16 (1-16) Home Paris Barclay Brad Falchuk april 27, 2010 767.000
Kurt arranges a date for his father with the mother of Finn, in the hope that he will ever again have a ' normal ' family. Sue demands that Mercedes is going on a diet, because they have an important interview coming soon and April Rhodes returns to Will from the emergency help.
17 (1-17) Bad Reputation Elodie Keene Ian Brennan May 4, 2010 1,800,000
Is circulating a list in school about the members of the Glee club and Will investigates. Sue is embarrassed when a video of her (which she is impersonating Olivia Newton-John ) suddenly pops up.
18 (1-18) Laryngitis Alfonso Gomez-Rejon Ryan Murphy May 11, 2010 1.810.000
Rachel hit in panic when she has a throat infection. Kurt tries to impress his father and Puck wants to increase its popularity.
19 (1-19) Dream On Joss Whedon Brad Falchuk 18 May 2010 1.897.00
Will is visited by his former rival Bryan Ryan (Neil Patrick Harris) and caused quite a stir at school. Rachel goes looking for her biological mother, but who is perhaps closer than she suspects and Artie tries his disability to live.
20 (1-20) Theatricality Ryan Murphy Ryan Murphy May 25, 2010 1.967.000
Tina has a small identity crisis, and Will want to help her by the group in two parts: the girls (and Kurt) bring Lady Gaga's ' Bad Romance ', the guys bring a number of Kiss. Meanwhile want Kurts father and mother moved in together, Finns to displeasure of the boys. Rachel finally met her mother.
21 (1-21) Funk Elodie Keene Ian Brennan June 1, 2010 1.233.000
Will wants to take revenge on Sue, but who has the plan quickly. Mercedes does Quinn know her ' funky ' side and the club Gets a message that makes them very nervous.
22 (1-22) Journey Brad Falchuk Brad Falchuk June 8, 2010  ? 1.475.000
Quinn gives birth to her baby and the choir takes it up against Vocal Adrenaline and Oral Intensity during the regional selections. In the jury, among other things, Josh GrobanOlivia Newton-John and ... Sue Sylvester.

Season 2 (2010-2011)[Edit]Edit

Read warning: text below contains details about the content and/or the end of the story.

Nr. Title Director Writer (s) Broadcasting [6] Broadcasting [7] Viewing Figures [8]
23 (2-01) Audition Brad Falchuk Ian Brennan september 21, 2010 25 January 2011 1,800,000
The defeat in the regional final is still the whole choir cross, but with good cheer they start to the new school year. They discover that the national final this year held in New York and they go looking for new talent at school. Meanwhile, begins a new teacher to work at the school, and that gives the group some breathing space because Sue (with Will in her wake) focuses its arrows now completely on her.
24 (2-02) Britney/Brittany Ryan Murphy Ryan Murphy september 28, 2010 1 February 2011 1.899.000
Kurt proposes that the choir of McKinley High brings a number of Britney Spears during ' Homecoming '. But Will refuses: according to him, Britney no good example for the youth. And he gets support from unexpected sources: also Brittany sees this not be. Meanwhile, Finn wants to return to the football team of the school, not like something Rachel total.
25 (2-03) Grilled Cheesus Alfonso Gomez-Rejon Brad Falchuk October 5, 2010 February 8, 2011 1.870.000
Finn sees the face of Jesus in a toast roll and uses it while praying. Meanwhile, the father of Kurt a heart attack and he ends up in a coma. That put everyone to reflect and pray.
26 (2-04) Duets Eric Stoltz Ian Brennan October 12, 2010 15 February 2011 1,800,000
The choir is by Will split into duos and link there is a contest to: the best duo wins a dinner party. Everyone is doing its best, except Rachel and Finn: they want Sam and Quinn win. Kurt feels lonely and Rachel trying to brighten up what. In the meantime get Brittany and Santana row.
27 (2-05) The Rocky Horror Glee Show Adam Shankman Ryan Murphy & Tim Wollaston October 26, 2010 February 22, 2011 800,000
When Will discovers that Emma is a big fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, he wants to leave the production stepping up onto the choir school. But he gets a lot of opposition, so also by Sue.
28 (2-06) Never Been Kissed Bradley Buecker Brad Falchuk november 9, 2010 March 1, 2011 890,000
Will shares the Group on Kurt is, because of his homosexuality, still bothered by Dave Karofskey. If he goes spying for the New Directions at the Warblers, he learns to know Blaine. Who convinces Kurt to stand against his assailant and can no longer make it do. Sam and Finn try to find a way to control their instincts. Coach Beiste would resign and Puck and Artie built a "friendship" on.
29 (2-07) The Substitute Ryan Murphy Ian Brennan november 16, 2010 March 8, 2011 450,000
When Will gets sick, he is replaced by Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow). That like Rachel, not sure if it turns out that they are also in charge of ' The New Directions ' takes on. Meanwhile the Director is replaced by disease and other disorders due and Sue. Who sees her chance to Will to lay off and some changes to driving at school.
30 (2-08) Furt Carol Banker Ryan Murphy november 23, 2010 15 March 2011 456,000
The relationship of Rachel and Finn takes a new turn. Meanwhile Kurt himself for the wedding of his father with the mother of Finn. Sue is jealous because her ex is getting married and decides to get married ... also with himself. But she gets her mother's visit now Doris (Carol Burnett), a notorious Nazi-Hunter.
31 (2-09) Special Education Paris Barclay Brad Falchuk november 30, 2010 March 22, 2011 356,000
New Directions, the Warblers & the Hipsters are taking part in the Sectional Championships. Emma and Carl go for a weekend to Vegas and come back as married couple-much to the dismay of Will. To Brittany to give some more self confidence, gives her a ' magical ' Artie comb. Meanwhile, Kurt makes knowledge with members of the Warblers choir and get Rachel & Finn slamming quarrel.
32 (2-10) A Very Glee Christmas Alfonso Gomez-Rejon Ian Brennan december 7, 2010 29 March 2011 549.000
Sue is cheating when the teachers draw a name out of a hat to buy a Christmas present for. The choir wants to raise money for charity, but soon get the lid on the nose and Artie discovers that Brittany still believes in Santa Claus.
33 (2-11) The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Brad Falchuk Ian Brennan 6th February 2011 april 5, 2011 609,000
Because they may not use its cannon of the Executive Board during the performance of the Cheerios Coach Beiste, decision to thwart and Sue Will and her cheerleader match move to the day of the local Super Bowl. But that plan is wrong when Quinn, Santana and Brittany (driven by Finn) choose the Glee club. To the Glee club and the star of the football team closer together, decisions Will & Coach Beiste also every 2 groups bring together a number during half time of the match, something not at there.
34 (2-12) Silly Love Songs Tate Donovan Ryan Murphy February 8, 2011 april 12th, 2011 800,000
For Valentine gives Will the command to search for and bring a love song for the group. Puck begins to fall for the charms of Lauren, the outsider of the group, but she points him off-what attracts him just more to Lauren. Finn wants to raise money for the group. Meanwhile he also gets back feelings for Quinn. Rachel is finally about Finn back and Kurt is disappointed when Blaine seems to have feelings for someone else.
35 (2-13) Comeback Bradley Buecker Ryan Murphy 15 February 2011 19 april 2011 678.000
Because Sue feel unwell (now she has lost her match), Will take her on in the choir. She tries to set up against each other than Rachel and Mercedes, but that plan failed. To get her back on track, Will take her to the children's cancer Department of a hospital. Quinn do not know for whom they should choose: Finn or Sam. Sam begins a one-man band called The Justin Bieber Experience. When the other guys see that his performance has an effect on the girls, they want to be also part of the band except Finn. Meanwhile Rachel her popularity cranking through Brittany.
36 (2-14) Blame It on the Alcohol Eric Stoltz Ian Brennan February 22, 2011 26 april 2011 1,200,000
In order to make youth more considerate on the dangers of alcohol, ask school principal Figgins to Will bring a number to the choir at a school meeting so as to point out the dangers the youth. Rachel organises a party at her home, that pretty out of control. Coach Beiste takes Will along for a night on the town. Meanwhile in doubt Blaine to his sexuality, after he kisses with Rachel.
37 (2-15) Sexy Ryan Murphy Brad Falchuk March 8, 2011 3 May 2011 1.300.000
The teacher "sex education" gets sick and is replaced by Holly Holliday (Gwyneth Paltrow). Together with Will she tries the members of the choir to teach what life lessons, when they themselves also some ' forbidden fruits ' tests. Emma is the President of the Celibacy club ', but in the meantime must solve some problems with her husband Carl and refer at Holly.
38 (2-16) Original Song Bradley Buecker Ryan Murphy 15 March 2011 10 May 2011 1.256.000
With Sue Sylvester as coach of ' Oral Intensity ', the dynamic set list of Blaine and the Warblers and the strict jury consisting of ' Tammy Jean Albertson ' and ' Sister Mary Constance ', decisions to the choir members to write and perform their own songs so as to increase their chances of winning. Meanwhile, Quinn driven to Finn and so forth on McKinley to prevail.
39 (2-17) Night of Neglect Carol Banker Ian Brennan 19 april 2011 17 May 2011 1,600,000
The New Directions are organizing a benefit concert to support club to another school. Sue works the New Directions against using the ex-wife of Will, coach of Vocal Ryson Adreline and Sandy. Mercedes leaves more diva behavior and wonders why Rachel always the star. Kurt lacks the New Directions.
40 (2-18) Born This Way Alfonso Gomez-Rejon Brad Falchuk 26 april 2011 24 May 2011 1.967.000
During a rehearsal of the New Directions Finn breaks the nose of Rachel. As a result, she is unsure of her nose, and not just Rachel is uncertain. The members of the choir are discovering things that they don't like to himself. Santana comes behind Dave Karofsky secret. Kurt has starred a tough choice, remain with the Warblers or back to his friends of the New Directions.
41 (2-19) Rumors Tim Hunter Ryan Murphy 3 May 2011 31 May 2011 1,800,000
The members of the New Directions are very curious about their Member Sam. What do they know of him? And what does he do first with Kurt and afterwards with Quinn in a motel? Rachel and Finn go to investigate. In the meantime Sue the members of the New Directions it also still a difficult with her school newspaper and the many gossip out there in it. And Will his dream hunts with April (Kristin Chenoweth) after to go to Broadway?
42 (2-20) Prom Queen Eric Stoltz Ian Brennan 10 May 2011 7 June 2011 1.680.000
The prom is coming up, can only be The New Directions the band not come and asked to go sing. Meanwhile, Artie tries to make it up with Brittany. And what does Jessie St. James still on McKinley High? And who will be prom King and Queen? Finn and Quinn or Santana and Karofsky or win there anyway someone else. And Kurt comes for a weird surprises.
43 (2-21) Funeral Bradley Buecker Ryan Murphy 17 May 2011 14 June 2011 allotted EUR 1 890
The New Directions are working on getting their songs to choose for the national singing contest. Hereby they get help from Jessie St. James. Meanwhile, an unexpected death that the world upside down state for Sue.
44 (2-22) New York Brad Falchuk Brad Falchuk 24 May 2011 21 June 2011 2,100,000
The New Directions are in New York to participate in the national competition. Once there, they Will give the command to write songs. Meanwhile he himself way to paperwork to fill but he goes that really do? And his Finn and Rachel back together or they stay "just" friends. In spite of this, they should still win of course at the nationals.

Season 3 (2011-2012)[Edit]Edit

Season 3 of Glee is Tuesday 20 september started in America. The series with The New Directions glee club at William McKinley high school in Lima, Ohio. The season will follow the club by local and regional show choir competition while the members have problems with future plans, relationships, sexuality and social problems. The main characters to be found in the previous seasons have seen are of course; Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays), Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale), Blaine (Darren Criss) Pierce Anderson, Brittany (Heather Morris), Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith), Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer), Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley), Mike Chang (Harry Shum, Jr.), Noah "Puck" Puckerman (Mark Salling), Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron), Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera) and Tina Cohen-Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz). In Netherlands was the first part of season 3 to see from Tuesday 6 december on RTL5. The series came after a stop of just over 3 months from Sunday 17 June 2012 back on RTL5 with the episode On My Way.

Read warning: text below contains details about the content and/or the end of the story.

Nr. Title Director Writer (s) Broadcasting [9] Broadcasting [10] Viewing Figures [11]
45 (3-01) The Purple Piano Project Eric Stoltz Brad Falchuk 20 september 2011 6 december 2011 393.000
The Glee club has only ten members and must recruit new members, so Will Schuester start a project to get new singers. Cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester will participate in the elections for Congress and has as a campaign point cutting in the arts in schools. She sends the new cheerleader co-captains Santana and Becky out to the pianos used by to sabotage the Glee club's during the project. Blaine now goes to McKinley High to at Kurt and arrives at The New Directions. The master plans of Rachel and Kurt to go to New York, undergo a setback.
46 (3-02) I Am Unicorn Brad Falchuk Ryan Murphy 27 september 2011 13 december 2011 301,000
Will put a boot camp on for some members to improve their dance skills. Also auditioning for the school musicals start, the West Side Story. Shelby Corcoran is rented to a rival Glee club to lead on McKinley High to get in touch with, the biological parents of her adopted daughter, Quinn and Puck. Kurt begins a campaign to final-year to be president.
47 (3-03) Asian F Alfonso Gomez-Rejon Ian Brennan 4 October 2011 20 december 2011 303.000
After Mike Chang an A get for a chemistry test wants to his father that he quit Glee club. But instead, he auditioned for the school musical. Mercedes does also auditioned, but don't want to share the role of Maria with Rachel when they are cast in the role and goes at Shelby's Glee club. Brittany's campaign for last year president goes to a higher level while Rachel also participate. Emma Pillsbury's parents come to visit. The musicals cast list is known.
48 (3-04) Pot O' Gold Adam Shankman Aaron Adler 1 november 2011 december 27, 2011 316.000
There is a new student at school; Rory. He is an exchange student from Ireland and staying with Brittany.
49 (3-05) The First Time Bradley Buecker Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa 8 november 2011 3 January 2012 271.000
It's finally come ' West Side Story ' for the first time will be performed on the McKingley High. Artie says to Blaine and Rachel that they can play their roles not credible because they themselves never ' intimate ' have been. Rachel and Blaine go now very doubt. Meanwhile, the Warblers back again and we also see a new Member at the Warberls; Sebastian. Blaine, Kurt and Sebastian go to a gay bar. Kurt is an old friend.
50 (3-06) Mash Off Eric Stoltz Michael Hitchcock november 15, 2011 10 January 2012 249.000
Sue Sylvester starts hopeful a smear campaign to ruin her biggest rival's candidacy. Puck falls in love with Shelby. Will and Shelby encourage to a friendly game between their clubs. Finn calls by the school that Santana should come out of the closet and this is referred to by a rival to Sue against Sue used in his campaign.
51 (3-07) I Kissed a Girl Tate Donovan Matthew Hodgson 29 november 2011 17 January 2012 334,000
Now Santana has come out of the closet as a lesbian unwittingly, she has a difficult time in school. Her friends from the New Directions support her where they can, and bring an ode to all the songs about girls go.Also sue's campaign runs into the hundreds, making them feel compelled to take a man.
52 (3-08) Hold on To Sixteen Bradley Buecker Ross Maxwell 6 december 2011 24 January 2012 333 000
The Sectionals are coming, and the members of New Directions must find a suitable number, with which they can defeat the competitive singing club The Trouble Tones. Rachel is suspended, and should not sing along on this important game. Meanwhile, Tina an attempt to convince the parents of Mike of his talent as a dancer and singer.
53 (3-09) Extraordinary Merry Christmas Matthew Morrison Marti Noxon 13 december 2011 31 January 2012 326.000
It's Christmas at school. There comes a tv crew on visit, and Artie grabs his chance to break through as a Director when he makes a television program in which all the members of New Directions are discussed. Sue Sylvester asks Will and the singing club to perform at the Christmas party of the homeless.
54 (3-10) Yes/No Eric Stoltz Brad Falchuk 17 January 2012 7 February 2012 379.000
New Directions start the new year, 2012, which is also the last semester for the McKinley High seniors. When told that she's married to Emma Beiste, is Emma jealous. They also want to get married. Will asks Meanwhile, without that Emma knows, to her parents for her hand. When they refuse, the torque for the choice: getting married or not? Will asks the Glee club to help him on a spectacular way to do a proposal. Sam goes to the McKinleys synchronous-swimming-team to win back to Mercedes and Becky decides she Artie wants, and Finn Announces his plans for life after high school.
55 (3-11) Michael Alfonso Gomez-Rejon Ryan Murphy 31 January 2012 14 February 2012 275,000
Will announces a "Michael Week" after the former Troubletones indicate that they are disappointed that they could not step up Jackson family medley during Sectionals, and the rivalry between the New Directions and the Dalton Academy Warblers is worse on the road to Regionals because both groups step up Michael Jackson's music. Quinn is the first senior who gets news about her future plans, and Kurt and Rachel get news about their NYADA notifications, while things are more intense for Mercedes and Sam.
56 (3-12) The Spanish Teacher Paris Barclay Ian Brennan 7 February 2012 21 February 2012 279.000
Will and Sue compete for a permanent position at McKinley High, but received complaints about both teachers are there. Will goes to night school for a refresher course Spanish, but his teacher there, David Martinez (Ricky Martin), a potential rival for his position on McKinley When Will announce a Spanish week for New Directions and invites David to act. Rachel told Kurt and Mercedes that Finn has done her a proposal, and Mercedes has problems with her own love life. Sue says she wants to be a mother and that they need a sperm donor.
57 (3-13) Heart Brad Falchuk Aaron Adler 14 February 2012 28 February 2012 290,000
Love is in the air and Will let the members of New Direction de best love songs that they can find during Glees second Valentine's day episode. Sugar (Vanessa Lengies) is organizing a Valentijsfeest for couples for the McKinley students, where Santana and Brittany as a couple go; Artie and Rory (Damian McGinty) compete for Sugars date to be. Rachel's fathers, Hiram and Leroy Berry (Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell), give a dinner on the occasion of the engagement of Rachel and Finn. A new student coming to McKinley and so is Joe Hart (Samuel Larsen) was introduced.
58 (3-14) On My Way Bradley Buecker Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa 21 February 2012 17 June 2012 183,000
New Directions Regionals-winners take on the Dalton Academy Warblers, which they defeated last year, with the winner that goes to Nationals. Rachel and Finn are about to get married but Quinn is missing. There is also something very happened to a former student of the McKinley High, and everyone is shocked, especially Kurt.
59 (3-15) Big Brother Eric Stoltz Michael Hitchcock 10 april 2012 24 June 2012 230,000
Blaines brother (Matt Bomer) comes along on the McKinley High, and gives the New Directions actor les. The Glee club goes on a trip to Six Flags, only Quinn and Artie go do something else. Puck tries to persuade his partner Finn to be in Pucks swimming pool schoonmaakbedrijfje.
60 (3-16) Saterday Night Glee-far Bradley Buecker Matthew Hodgson 17 april 2012 1 July 2012 139,000
Will is concerned that some of the New Direction has chosen a direction for the future members and tries to motivate them with the 1970s movie Saturday Night Fever. Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) returns as the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline. A new character Wade Adams (Alex Newell) asks advice to Kurt and Mercedes.
61 (3-17) Dance with Somebody Paris Barclay Ross Maxwell 24 april 2012 8 July 2012 163,000
This episode is a tribute to Whitney Houston. By means of Houstons music say the choir members each other goodbye because a number of members at the end of season 3 will graduate. Emma and Will are the but disagreed on their wedding.
62 (3-18) Choke Michael Uppendahl Marti Noxon 1 may 2012 15 July 2012 182,000
Kurt and Rachel audition for the New York Academy of The Dramatic Arts (NYADA). Rachel remember her text and her audition become discontinued. Coach Beiste reveals her secret that she is beaten by her husband and moves in with her sister. Pucks father returns and Puck lends him money. The guys from the New Direction help Puck with its geography key.
63 (3-19) Prom-asaurus Eric Stoltz Ryan Murphy 8 may 2012 22 July 2012 137,000
Because Brittany as superstructure president not yet has done a great deal as she organizes a ball with dinosaur theme. The nominee for prom king and queen will be announced; Finn, Brittany, Quinn and Santanna. Becky Jackson is disappointed that she is not selected. Rachel is angry after they see posters in the school by Finn and Quinn. Quinn makes Meanwhile progress with her therapy, where Joe her helps.They can turn small pieces walk. Finn here comes back and is upset that she hides this and thinks they that only does to win sympathy for the promqueen competition. Rachel, Puck, Kurt and Blaine, Becky organize a private ball in a hotel room, but this become a flop. Rachel is finally made it to the real ball and along with Finn they promking and-queen. Quinn is back on during her performance at the ball.
64 (3-20) Props Ian Brennan Ian Brennan 15 may 2012 29 July 2012 139,000
Tina falls into a furious temper in a fountain and gets a concussion. As a result, she experiences that all New Direction members of character are changed. Tina sees himself now as Rachel. Sue is pleased to announce that the New Directions need also a transvestite, as also the competitor has that Vocal Adrenaline and designates as Kurt to elect. Puck takes it upon themselves and dresses up as a woman. However, this idea Will points and help the club to focus on more important things. Santana, Brittany and Mercedes are still worried because Coach Beiste has not left her violent husband. She tells the women that they should not interfere with adult cases. Puck has quarreled with the bully of the school what turns into a fight. Coach Beiste intervenes and has a conversation with Puck, in which he is emotionally. Beiste tells her man leaves home.
65 (3-21) Nationals Eric Stoltz Aaron Adler 15 may 2012 5 August 2012 170,000
The New Directions compete for the 2012 Nationals Championship in Chicago (Illinois) against Vocal Adrenaline. For the gig is Mercedes sick, Quinn and Tina will therefore strengthen the Troubletones. At the final rehearsals break different feuds from which again quickly resolved because they all want to win. Rachel meets her ex Jesse St. James at the races which want to damage her confidence by starting over her failed audition. The jury is introduced: Lindsay LohanPerez Hilton and Rex Lee. Be the first to start the New Directions and exhibit three songs. During the performance Carmen arrives to give one last chance to Tibideaux Rachel to be admitted to NYADA. After the performances of competitors it is revealed that the New Directions have ended in first place. On the McKinley they received as heroes.
66 (3-22) Goodbye Brad Falchuk Brad Falchuk 22 may 2012 12 August 2012 109,000
Will gives the students a last command: say goodbye to each other through a song. The final year of the McKinley High graduate and we will discover their future plans. Mercedes has been offered a contract as a backup singer, Mike goes to a Dance Academy in Chicago and Brittany told they will not succeed this year. Quinn helps Puck with his key and they kiss. After the exam opening ceremony Kurt, Finn and Rachel admitted the letter or they are for their next training. Of the three is only Rachel allowed, so they decided to wait a year to help with the training and Finn and Kurt. Finn and Rachel leave with the car to go to their wedding to go however Finn to the train station to Rachel on the train to New York to set up. He also reveals that the army next year in Finn wants to go. On the platform are all members of the New Directions to each other see you saying.

Season 4 (2012-2013)[Edit]Edit

The fourth season follows the story of the half on the McKinley High Glee club in Ohio, as in previous seasons, and will play half in New York City where Kurt, Rachel and Santana are moved after they were graduated in season 3.

This season, several new characters introduced, such as Jake Puckerman, Marley Rose, Kitty Wanted, Hunter and Ryder Clarington Lynn.

Nr. Title Director Writer (s) Broadcasting [12] Broadcasting [13]
67 (4-01) The New Rachel Brad Falchuk Ryan Murphy 13 september 2012
Rachel begins on NYADA, where they Brody Weston (Dean Geyer) meets. She starts her lessons at a dance teacher, Cassandra July (Kate Hudson). On the McKinley High Glee club teacher and starts leader Will Schuester rebuilding the New Directions. Kurt helps him with finding new members, he recruits among other Puck's half brother Jake (Jacob Artist).
68 (4-02) Britney 2.0 Alfonso Gomez-Rejon Brad Falchuk 20 september 2012
Brittany is depressed and turns to her namesake Britney Spears for inspiration. Rachel continues to struggle with adapting to life on and in New York, NYADA but gets help from her new friend and classmate Brody.
69 (4-03) Makeover Eric Stoltz Ian Brennan 27 september 2012
Kurt Gets an internship in New York at, where he works for Isabelle Klempt (Sarah Jessica Parker). On the McKinley High Blaine competes against Brittany for the school Presidency.
70 (4-04) The Break-Up Alfonso Gomez-Rejon Ryan Murphy 4 October 2012
The relationships of four couples are tested; Will and Emma, Rachel and Finn, Kurt and Blaine, and Santana and Brittany. At least one couple survives it.
71 (4-05) The Role You Were Born to Play Brad Falchuk Michael Hitchcock 8 november 2012
The preparations of the McKinley High production of Grease are begun, and Artie recruits graduates Mercedes and Mike to help him with the auditions for the musical. Also he asks Finn who but not may decide what he want to do in the future. Competitors for the lead role of Danny are Jake and footballer Ryder Lynn (Blake Jenner), while Marley and cheerleader Kitty (Becca Tobin) with each other for the role of Sandy. Will this episode will make an important decision.
72 (4-06) Glease Michael Uppendahl Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa 15 november 2012
The McKinley High production of Grease and Santana returns to help. Rachel has problems with Cassandra, her dance instructor. Kurt and Rachel visit Lima where Finn the acting leader of New Directions for a few months, while Will stay in Washington.
73 (4-07) "Dynamic Duets" Ian Brennan Ian Brennan 22 november 2012
The New Directions nationals trophy is stolen by Hunter Clarington, the new leader of the Dalton Academy Warblers, Blaine goes to the back to get him. Hunter and Sebastian trying to persuade him to come back to the Dalton. For the time being, glee-club leader Finn has struggled to convince the New Directions of his leadership and is inspired by the McKinley High's super heroes club. There is a romantic tension between Marley, Jake and Ryder. Kitty tries to convince Marley that she is losing weight. Ryder turns out to be Dyslexic.
74 (4-08) Thanksgiving Bradley Buecker Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner 29 november 2012
Graduates Quinn, Santana, Mercedes, Mike and Puck return to Lima to celebrate at Thanksgiving. Finn asks them all one of the New New members under his or her Direction to take, however, to prepare them for sectionals. Jake Ryder to be elected to one of leading helps dancers next to Sam. In New York City confronts Rachel Brody with the fact that he has been to bed with dance teacher Cassandra and invites him to come with her and Kurt celebrate at Thanksgiving. Kurt belt with Blaine. New Directions occur for sectionals, and Marley collapses just before the end of the first song.
75 (4-09) Swan Song Brad Falchuk Stacy Traub 6 december 2012
Finn is considering his future with the Glee Club. Back in New York is Rachel invited to act for the Winter showcase and Kurt Gets a second chance to audition for NYADA.
76 (4-10) Glee, Actually Adam Shankman Matthew Hodgson 13 december 2012
A tribute to the film Love Actually with different story lines that all have to do with the holidays. Sam and Brittany live as if it's the end of the world approaches, such as the Maya think. The Puckermans, including the half-brothers Puck and Jake and their mothers, come together for Hanukkah. Artie has a revelation through a dream. Kurt has an unforgettable Christmas.
77 (4-11) Sadie Hawkins Bradley Buecker Ross Maxwell 24 January 2013
There is a ' Sadie Hawkins dance ' on the WMHS, and that means you have to ask the guys girls. Also a lot of old are coming back, such as Puck, Lauren and Sugar. Also the Warblers have a look and this has consequences for Blaine.
78 (4-12) Naked Ian Brennan Ryan Murphy January 31, 2013
Quinn and Santana visit Rachel in New York, the glee club presents a sexy calendar together to raise money and Finn has an important conversation with Sue.
79 (4-13) Diva Paris Barclay Brad Falchuk 7 February 2013
While Finn Announces, is a "Diva-week" for Kurt the diva-behavior of Rachel too much.
80 (4-14) I Do Brad Falchuk Ian Brennan 14 February 2013
Emma is getting more nervous as her wedding approaches. Will gives Finn and the New Directions the command to take care of the entertainment at the reception. Ryder finds it difficult to hide his true feelings for Marley, especially if he helps her boyfriend Jake Marley an unforgettable valentijnsweek experience. Sparks fly in the round as in old romantic relationships new life breathed into word, and new-unexpected-start.Rachel supports Finn while he was having a secret struggles, leading to an unforeseen turn.
81 (4-15) Girls (and Boys) On Film Ian Brennan Michael Hitchcock 7 March 2013
Will's weekly assignment for the New Directions is to choose a song from their favorite movie, in which the guys against the girls in a Glee Club mash-up match against each other. Snowed in their apartment in New York, Santana continues to rummage in the property of her new housemates. Her snooping leads to two shocking discoveries, which results in speculation about a roommate. A secret about Brody is revealed. Finn tries to detect Meanwhile Emma. Rachel, Finn and Marley reveal any risky confessions with varying degrees of success.

Season 5 (2013-2014)[Edit]Edit

The fifth season was announced on 19 april 2013, coinciding with the sixth season. The fifth season premiered last summer and autumn 2013 will be 2014. Mid-season there will be one break, after which the continuous at the end of the spring will be broadcast.

Nr. Title Director Writer (s) Broadcasting [14] Broadcasting [15]
89 (5-01) Love, Love, Love Bradley Buecker Brad Falchuk 26 september 2013
90 (5-02) Tina in the sky with Diamonds Ian Brennan Ian Brennan 3 October 2013
91 (5-03) The Quarterback Brad Falchuk Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan 10 October 2013
92 (5-04) A Katy or a Gaga Ian Brennan Russel Friend and Garret Lerner 7 november 2013
93 (5-05) The End of Network Samantha Stanzler Michael Hitchcock 14 november 2013
94 (5-06) Movin' Out Brad Falchuk Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa 21 november 2013
95 (5-07) Puppet Master Paul McCrane Matthew Hodgson 28 november 2013
96 (5-08) Previously Unaired Christmas Yan Sanzler Ross Maxwell 5 december 2013
97 (5-09) Frenemies Bradley Buecker Ned Martel 25 February 2014
98 (5-10) Trio Ian Brennan Catherine Sophia Rossi 4 March 2014
99 (5-11) City of Angels Elodie Keene Jessica Meyer March 11, 2014
100 (5-12) "100" Paris Barclay Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan 18 March 2014
101 (5-13) New Directions Brad Falchuk Brad Falchuk 25 March 2014
102 (5-14) New New York Sanaa Hamri Ryan Murphy 1 april 2014
103 (5-15) Bash Bradley Buecker Ian Brennan 8 april 2014
104 (5-16) Tested Paul McCrane Russel Friend and Garrett Lerner 15 april 2014
105 (5-17) Opening Night Eric Stoltz Michael Hitchcock 22 april 2014
106 (5-18) The Back-Up Plan april 29, 2014
107 (5-19) Old Dog New Tricks Bradley Buecker Chris Colfer 6 may 2014
108 (5-20) The Untitled Rachel Berry Project Brad Falchuk Matthew Hodgson May 13, 2014

Season 6 (2014-2015)[Edit]Edit

The sixth season will be televised in 2014 and 2015.

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