This is a list of episodes of the British sitcom Blackadder. The dates are of the original broadcasts on BBC One.


[hide]*1 heat 1: The Black Adder (1983)

Series 1: The Black Adder (1983)[Edit]Edit

Title Broadcasting Notes Plot
The Foretelling 15 June 1983 First episode When his climax reached the pre-scripted ones based on Edmund accidentally kills King Richard III. As his father to Richard IV is crowned, is Edmund a Prince and calls himself The Black Adder. But the ghost of Richard III continues to haunt him.
Born to be King 22 June 1983 This episode is a remake of the pilot. Edmund get revenge when Dougal McAngus, the King's Supreme Commander, Edmunds Scottish estates gets.
The Archbishop 29 June 1983 First guest appearance by Bill Wallis (like drunken Knight). The Royal family and the Church fly each other. It is decided that Edmund to be Archbishop .
The Queen of Spain Beard 6 July 1983 First appearance of Miriam Margolyes (as the Spanish Infanta) and Jim Broadbent (as Don Speekingleesh, the interpreter). Edmund must marry an ugly Spanish Princess. He makes every effort to prevent this.
Jayshree Pursuivant 13 July 1983 Edmund is accused of witchcraft by a mysterious Witch Hunter. He is threatened with the death penalty.
The Black Seal July 20, 1983 First appearance of Rik Mayall (as Mad Gerald). When Edmund must cede all his titles from his father, he decides to conquer the throne by force. He is aided by the six most evil men of England.

Series 2: BlackAdder II (1986)[Edit]Edit

Title Broadcasting Notes Plot
Bells 9 January 1986 Rik Mayall's second appearance, this time as Lord Faisal. First appearance of Gabrielle Glaister as Bob. Blackadder meets a young man named ' Bob ' who later turns out to be a woman. He wants to marry her, but she goes off with Lord Faisal.
Head 16 January 1986 Originally intended as the first episode of BlackAdder II. Blackadder Gets the title of Lord High Executioner and decides to save time the execution scheme. This brings him into conflict with the Queen as Lord Farrow grace gets after all to be beheaded.
Potato 23 January 1986 Contains a guest appearance by Simon Jones as Sir Walter Raleigh and Tom Baker as Captain Rum. After the glorious return of Sir Walter Raleigh BlackAdder tries to impress the Queen by itself to make a trip.
Money 5 February 1986 . Blackadder is a life-threatening Bishop forced to pay a loan not yet paid. He tries in every possible way to get money.
Bear 13 February 1986 First appearance of Hugh Laurie (as Simon Partridge), second appearance of Miriam Margoyles (as Lady whiteadder). Blackadder tries to satisfy his eccentric religious aunt and uncle because of a potentially great heritage. Meanwhile he tries to win a beer drinking contest.
Chains 20 February 1986 Second appearance of Hugh Laurie (as Prince Ludwig). Blackadder is kidnapped by a pretty German Spanish inquisitorial, who produced a large amount of ransom demands.

Series 3: Blackadder the Third (1987)[Edit]Edit

Title Broadcasting Notes Plot
Dish and Dishonesty 17 september 1987 . Blackadder tries to keep an election to the Prince to give some support against Pitt the younger. Through election fraud he knows Baldrick to get in Parliament as a puppet.
Ink and Incapability 24 september 1987 With Robbie Coltrane as Samuel Johnson. The Prince decides to patron of Dr. Samuel Johnson's new dictionary to be, to envy of BlackAdder.
Nob and Nobility 1 October 1987 With Tim McInnerny as Lord Topper. Black adder is irritated by the new obsessions that have to do with French things. Therefore he despises all Frenchmen who are saved by theScarlet Pimpernel, but decides to earn some money there anyway. He bet that he can also save a French nobleman. Of course, he is playing out of tune.
Sense and Senility 8 October 1987 . When an assassination attempt is being perpetrated on the Prince, BlackAdder tries to protect him by two actors to hire the Prince can help to improve his image.
Amy and Amiability 15 October 1987 With Miranda Richardson as Amy Hardwood and Warren Clarke as her father. When the Prince by his money descends, try Edmund to let him marry the daughter of a rich industrialist. If this error is likely to walk to be BlackAdder decision highwayman, with Baldrick as horse.
Duel and Duality 22 October 1987 With Stephen Fry as the Duke of Wellington. The Duke of Wellington to the Prince promises will kill in a duel. Blackadder takes the place of the Prince in, hoping that his cousin McAdder will win the game for him.

Series 4: BlackAdder Goes Forth (1989)[Edit]Edit

Title Broadcasting Notes Plot
Captain Cook 28 september 1989 First and only episode in the series without guest stars. The General are looking for a war painting that can serve as a cover for the magazine King and Country. Blackadder pretends to be a painting by Lieutenant George by him, in the hope to Paris to be allowed.
Corporal Punishment October 5, 1989 . The orders for "Operation Insanity" in advance. To prevent the General read this message and the plans brings, eat the carrier pigeon on Black adder. He now threatens to come for the firing squad. Also because the dove of General Melchett was.
Major Star 12 October 1989 Return of Gabrielle Glaister as Bob The Russian Revolution takes place with unexpected consequences: because there is an offensive by Germany threatens to organize a varietéshow BlackAdder to keep morale high. Baldrick does a Charlie Chaplin-imitation and George does a travesty number. But Melchett falls in love with "Georgina".
Private Plane 19 October 1989 Third appearance of Rik Mayall, again as Lord Faisal, and Gabrielle Glaister as Bob. Also includes Adrian Edmondson as Baron Manfred von Richthofen With German machine guns for them and let them behind British platoons, Black adder, George and Baldrick is inspired to go to the Royal Flying Corps . But BlackAdder and Baldrick deposit down to the German side.
General Hospital 26 October 1989 Guest appearance by Miranda Richardson[1] as Mary Fletcher-Brown, and Bill Wallis as Mr. Smith. George gets hurt and have to go to a military hospital. Edmund follows him when he discovers that there is a spy in the hospital.
Goodbyeee... 2 november 1989 Last episode. Is seen as the best of the series. End scene is considered by many to be the greatest moment in British tv history. Millions are already deceased, but the troops are no meter advanced. The last large battle is coming and BlackAdder makes every effort to be away for that time.

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