This is a list of episodes of the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous. The series has 5 seasons and some specials. An overview and brief description of all the episodes can be found below.

After years three new episodes made for Christmas 2011, new year's day 2012 and around the 2012 Summer Olympics.


[hide]*1 season 1

Season 1[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title Broadcasting Description
1 Fashion 12 november 1992 Edwina Monsoon (= Eddie) is responsible for PR famous stars, brands, etc.. She has a hectic life (a private matter and daughter Saffron (Amy) who still lives at home and is studying) and now she is asked to organize a fashion show. Along with best friend Patsy , she tries to manage the show.
2 Fat 19 november 1992 Eddie is the urgent need to become fat and lose weight. But how do you do that if you don't have any character have?
3 France 26 november 1992 Eddie and Patsy himself on a well-deserved holiday treat in the South of France. Not only are they powerful language-and the Castle looked a bit different in the travel brochure ...
4 Isotank Units 3 december 1992 Eddie has bought a new isolation tank. Saffron works in the meantime in the kitchen to a project on DNA for the open day of her school. Eddie would also go to the Open House, but Amy doesn't want her mother make themselves ridiculous comes at her school.
5 Magazine 10 december 1992 When Patsy (who works for a fashion magazine) should urgently looking to an older model for a photo shoot, she tries to convince Eddie (and Saffron) to her mother to use for the shoot.
6 Birthday 17 december 1992 Eddie is 40 years. Saffy is organising a party, but there is Eddie not at all served.

Season 2[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title Broadcasting Description
1 Hospital 27 January 1994 Patsy comes in the scandal and gossip books visit after an affair with a member of Parliament. Hello Magazine wants an exclusive interview, but for the interview wants Patsy first under the knife...
2 Death 3 February 1994 Eddies father dies. But is it art?
3 Marocco 10 February 1994 Eddie, Patsy and Saffron go to Marrakech for a fashion event. Patsy Amy sells for a few camels and so are Eddie and Patsy got rid of Saffy's whining. But where do you find a toilet in the desert?
4 New best friend 24 February 1994 Bettina and Max, 2, used to come and stay at Eddie's friends. But will everything still be like sooner or there are a few things changed?
5 Poor 3 March 1994 When Eddies ex-men the money faucet shut down, Eddie has run out of money and must they save. So they go to the supermarket, a new experience.
6 Birth 10 March 1994 Patsy smokes in the kitchen, making Eddie must decorate them again again. Meanwhile her mother Amy wants to outdoor work, because this afternoon there will be a potential boyfriend along. When Eddie and Patsy are more than happy to discover this, she wants to meet him. But that goes wrong when Grandma Monsoon they all three locks up in the living room ...

Season 3[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title Broadcasting Description
1 Door Handle 30 March 1995 Eddie is still her kitchen on redesigning. But for Saffy is not fast enough: If nothing is done, they will do something. Because where do you find the hell the suitable door handle?
2 Happy New Year 6 april 1995 It is new year's Eve and the ladies are getting ready for a night out. Suddenly, the call: Jacky, Patsy's older sister is upon us.
3 Sex 13 april 1995 Eddie wants another firm buttock, but with whom? Patsy knows the solution: they rent a few male stocks Kae in.
4 Jealous 20 april 1995 Eddie is nervous because she is nominated for a prize. Naomi Campbell she rents in order to sit at the table with her and tries to set up concurrent Claudia Bing in a bad light.
5 Fear 27 april 1995 When Amy moves, touch Eddie in panic. How do you open a can of soup?
6 The End 4 May 1995 Eddie and Patsy get in a fight and each pulls out to handle this.

Special 1996[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title Broadcasting Description
The Last Shout 6 and 7 november 1996 Eddie and Patsy go skiing in Val-d ' Isère. They are heavily disappointed in the village, because it has lost all of his ways. Once back home, Eddie collapses on the marriage of Paolo and Saffy.

Season 4[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title Broadcasting Description
1 Parallox August 31, 2001 Eddie is asked for a well-known talk show. But how do we work those pesky wrinkles away quickly?
2 Fish Farm 7 september 2001 Eddie discovered the garden behind her house and the corresponding, sexy gardener.
3 Paris 14 september 2001 Eddie and Patsy to Parisfor a photo shoot. It is a mother/daughter reportage, so Saffron may also-but before the report draw mother and daughter through the city.
4 Donkey 21 september 2001 Eddie is yet again too thick and goes back on diet – now led by her friend Patsy and customer/friend Katy Grin.
5 Small Opening september 28, 2001 Saffy has written an autobiographical play and when Eddie and Patsy back there is the fence of the dam.
6 Menopause 5 October 2001 Eddie and Patsy get caught up in shock when they discover that Patsy probably the menopause is entered.

Special 2002[Edit]Edit

Title Broadcasting Description
Gay 27 december 2002 Patsy must for her magazine to New York's fashion week. Eddie calls to her son to find Serge. But to find him Eddie and Patsy first must get married ...

Season 5[Edit]Edit

Afl. Title Broadcasting Description
1 Cleanin' October 17, 2003 Today Amy comes home after a long journey through Africa, and House is there dirt and messy at. Eddie then gets lesson in clearing away Emma Bunton, her latest customer (also an old classmate of Amy). Saffy itself also has surprising news ...
2 Book Downtown Clubbin' 24 October 2003 Eddie and Patsy have a book club was established, and today their ' famous ' club enjoyed meeting in Eddies House for their weekly appointment.
3 Panickin' 31 October 2003 Eddie has a so-called Panic Room have it installed. When Patsy brings movie star Minnie Driver for dress code, hitting Eddie and Patsy accidentally locked in the room.
4 Huntin', Shootin' & Fishin' 7 november 2003 Eddie and Patsy go a weekend hunt-should only be hunted and those not now the ladies do not.
5 Birthin' 14 november 2003 Saffy can give birth any time. But then arises a large blackout for and they can not leave the House.
6 Schmoozin' 28 november 2003 Eddies latest boyfriend Pete invites her and girlfriend Patsy in the famous Abbey Road Studios.
7 Exploitin' 5 december 2003 Patsy is looking for a baby for a photo shoot. Saffy is overtired and desperately need rest. When Eddie offers on baby Jane to fit, then it's a soon linked to the other.

Specials 2003-2005[Edit]Edit

Title Broadcasting Description
Cold Turkey december 24, 2003 Eddie agree for the first time in to celebrate Christmas in family circle and she does her best to the largest tree and the largest to have gifts for everyone. This is not to the liking of Patsy, who hate Christmas.
White Box 25 december 2004 Eddie wants to restart the kitchen Setup. Saffy warns her not to do it, but Eddie drives her sentence by: she hires Bettina and Max in to rearrange her kitchen, but they make the kitchen even worse than she already was. Her mother Amy threatens to throw it outside if they don't quickly finds a solution.
Comic Relief Special 11 March 2005 A special for Comic Relief, with a guest appearance by Emma Bunton.

Specials 2011-2012[Edit]Edit

Title Broadcasting Description
Identity 25 december 2011 Amy returns home after two years to be involuntarily ' with a vengeance '. She takes a logée with it, ' Baron ' (Lucy Montgomery), which Patsy confronts with an unpleasant past. Eddie is so addicted to the Danish thriller series, The Killingthat she dreams that Detective Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl) enters the room.
Job 1 January 2012 Saffy accuses Eddie that they never really worked. To her to prove otherwise, she tries Saffys favourite French film star Jeanne Durand (Lindsay Duncan) to occur at the Royal Albert Hall.But then it turns out that Jeanne can't really sing and should Bubble for its raids. Guest appearances by, among others, Lulu, Emma Bunton and La Roux.
Olympics July 23, 2012 Edina and Patsy have their house rented to Michael Douglas during the 2012 Summer Olympics. But that soon turns different...

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