This is a list of the principal characters from the Indiana Jones series, and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. The characters are classified per story in which they are introduced.


[hide]*1 introduced in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Introduced in Raiders of the Lost Ark [Edit]Edit

Indiana Jones[Edit]Edit

Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr., aka Indiana Jones, the main character of the franchise. He is a Professor of archaeology, which leads a kind of double life as an adventurer, treasure hunter and mercenary, which he constantly in search of valuable artifacts, and sees itself confronted with dangerous opponents and supernatural powers. In the four feature films, he is portrayed by Harrison Fordand in a younger version by River Phoenix. In the television series, Corey Carrier , Sean Patrick Flanery him as a child as a young person, and George Hall as elderly. For further information, see the main article Indiana Jones.

Marion Ravenwood[Edit]Edit

Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) appears both in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. She is the daughter of Abner Ravenwood, the former mentor of Indiana Jones. At a young age, to 1926, she had a relationship with Indiana, despite some ten years older. Any contact between them was broken and are going to live in Marion and Abner Nepal .

In Nepal, where Marion Jones comes to 1936 in the meantime its own pub turns out to possess. Abner appears in the meantime died, and Marion is not very happy to see Jones back after all these years. However, if Marion is attacked by Toht and his minions, and its pub in flames, she decides to go along with Jones. In Egypt , she is kidnapped and interrogated by the Nazis. Belloq is charmed by Marion and tries to protect her against the Nazis, but this close her still with Jones on in the well of souls. Jones and Marion escape, but take the Nazis caught her again at sea. Ultimately survive only they and Jones opening the Ark of the Covenant, which they bring to the United States.

Hereinafter referred to as resume Jones and Marion their relationship, but a week before the wedding, without knowing that Marion Jones squeezes out all in expectation. After the birth of her son Mutt married Marion with Collin Williams, an RAFpilot who was killed in the Second World War. Jones ' old friend Harold Oxley helped since then with the education.

In 1957 Marion goes to seek him, Oxley and disappears in turn by Soviets to be kidnapped. Marion still succeeds in order to give Indiana Jones Mutt call command. So escape them, and Marion revealed that Indy and Mutt are father and son. Eventually confess they love each other again and marry them.

Marcus Brody[Edit]Edit

Marcus Bordy (Denholm Elliott) is the curator of an archaeological museum, and a good friend of Indiana Jones and his father. In Raiders of the Lost Ark succeeds Marcus manage to make an agreement with agents of the Government: Indiana should go find the Ark of the Covenant so that this not the Nazis, and the Ark will come in Marcus ' museum. However, this latter is done: the Ark is locked away in a secret warehouse.

In the third film, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade he goes back along with Indiana and Marcus goes looking for his father. Not used to such adventure is Marcus in this film more a comic character, with Indy even points out that Marcus ever lost in its own museum.

After the death of actor Denholm Elliott shows Marcus in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull also died. In the field of Marshall College is a statue of him, and from the inscription tells us that Marcus there during World War II worked as a Dean. After his death is taken over by one function as Dean Charles Stanforth (Jim Broadbent).


Mohammed el-Kahir F Bradley (John Rhys-Davies) is an Egyptian excavator and a close friend of Indiana Jones. In Raiders of the Lost Ark he helps Indiana find the Ark of the Covenant, and he arranges a transport to England. In this film he turns out to have a wife and nine children. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade he waits Marcus Brody in Iskenderun, but can not prevent this by his own clumsiness falls into the hands of the Nazis. Later he helps to free father and son to Marcus Jones. There were plans for a cameo by Bradley in the last movie, but Rhys-Davies declined, so we see him only on a picture on Indy's desk.

René Belloq[Edit]Edit

René Belloq (Paul Freeman) is a French archaeologist, the archenemy of Indiana Jones and the main antagonist from Raiders of the Lost Ark. From multiple books and comics about Indiana Jones shows that the two got to know each other at an early age. Originally they would each other in the third season of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles meet in 1920, but this season fell through.

Belloq and Jones met for the first time in Honduras in 1920, and began to work together here. To any kind of friendship finally came to an end when an essay by Jones Belloq pirated and won a price. Since then, the two sworn enemies, and has to develop a habit to Belloq Jones to steal artifacts, such as in the prologue of the film can be seen. Belloq the Nazis eventually helps with their excavations at Tanis, although he describes them as a necessary evil: in fact, he hopes to find the Ark of the Covenant because he believes that he can come in contact with God thereby. In addition seems to feel attracted to Marion Ravenwood Belloq, although they have nothing of him wanting to know. Eventually opens Belloq the Ark according to an ancient Hebrew ritual, in priestly attire. Viewing the opened Ark is fatal and his head explodes.

Arnold Toht[Edit]Edit

Major Arnold Toht (Ronald Lacey) is a German agent. He appears for the first time in Nepal, where he with his right hand and what local men tries to torture Marion Ravenwood for her Medallion. Indiana Jones intervenes, and a fight, in which Tohts henchmen perish, and there fires from starting. As Toht burns the red-hot Medallion try to grab his hand. On the basis of the scars the Nazis make a copy of the disc, without knowing that there were also signs on the back. In Egypt want to interrogate, but again the Toht Marion is useless. If at the end of the movie the Ark of the Covenant is opened it dies because his face Toht melts.

Because Jones during his trip to Nepal shadowed by a man with glasses, many people think that this Toht it though, but this is another character, played by Dennis Murren. Director Steven Spielberg had in mind initially Toht as a cyborg, but George Lucas found this too implausible. Ronald Lacey had in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade a cameo as Heinrich Himmler.

Herman Dietrich[Edit]Edit

Herman Dietrich is a Colonel of the Wehrmacht, and commands the German troops that guard the excavation at Tanis . Dietrich is dedicated to his mission, and is not on good terms with the more romantic landscaped Belloq. Dietrich appeared as raw character. He is assisted by another Member of the army called Gobler. As Belloq the Ark of the Covenant with a Jewish ritual wants to open, Dietrich speaks here with mixed feelings about. Because he the opened Ark are watching his head shrivels.

Introduced in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom[Edit]Edit

Willie Scott[Edit]Edit

Wilhelmina Scott (Kate Capshaw) is a vain American singer, working in Shanghai. In terms of personality, she's the polar opposite of the strong, independent Marion Ravenwood. Reluctantly, she rushed by Indiana Jones in his adventures, in which they will be exposed to all kinds of dangers and hardships, and even almost sacrificed by the Thuggeesect. Despite this, she eventually falls for the charms of Jones. In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull , he has an autographed picture of her on his desk.

Short Round[Edit]Edit

Wan Li, aka Short Round (Jonathan Ke Quang) is a Chinese boy, that be is since the bombardment by the Japanese in 1932. When Jones caught him stealing his wallet, he took Short Round under his wing and they became friends. Short Round turns out itself indeed good rescue: he can (with blocks under his feet) all independent motoring. In addition, he manages to escape from the mines of the Thuggee, and Indiana Jones to get out of his trance. It is not clear what happened after this film with Short Round.

Mola Ram[Edit]Edit

Mola Ram (Amrish Puri) is the high priest of the Thuggee. He plans to get the five Sankara Stones back in the hands, and thus to conquer the world. The last two stones are hidden in the caves beneath the Palace of Pankot, and Mola Ram let the kidnap children from the nearby village where the third stone came from. The children are forced into slave labor. Mola Ram is a worshipper of Kali, to whom he sacrifices people. He also brainwashes humans with a magical drink. Indiana Jones ultimately used the magic of the stones against Mola Ram, so this deposit into a river from a great height, and is eaten by crocodiles.

Chattar Lal[Edit]Edit

Chattar Lal (Roshan Seth) is the Prime Minister of Pankot, and a secret member of the Thuggee, which under the Palace have their headquarters. Lal is present in the temple as the Thugs try to sacrifice hits, and Willie in fight with Indiana Jones. In the fight he runs a heavy injury on, but what happens afterwards with him is not clear.

Zalim Singh[Edit]Edit

Maharaja Zalim Singh (Raj Singh) is the minor ruler of Pankot. Despite his young age he speaks his regret about the earlier use of his palace by the Thuggee. Soon after, he is brainwashed by Mola Ram, and tortures he Indiana Jones with a Voodoo doll. Short Round does awaken him out of his trance, after which the young Raja his bodyguards and the local British forces warns.

Introduced in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade [Edit]Edit

Henry Jones, Sr.[Edit]Edit

Dr. Henry Walton Jones, SR. is the father of Indiana Jones. In the film he was played by Sean Connery, and in the television series by Lloyd Owen.

Scottish by birth, Jones is a Senior Professor of medieval literature. Father and son Jones are alienated from each other greatly over the years, partly because of the father's obsession for finding the Holy Grail. The death of Indy's mother has only strengthened that alienation. Also had Indy's father preferred his son in Princeton was go to College. The old Jones speaks to consistently with his son Junior, much to the chagrin Henry Jones Junior, nicknamed Indiana prefers.

In 1938 father Jones comes on the trail of the Grail, but is kidnapped by Nazis. Indiana will save him. They decide together to continue the search for the Grail. Eventually they find him and can use the Grail to be shot father Indy rescue. As the Grail Temple collapses is Indiana in turn saved by his father. Despite that the Grail is lost they have found each other again.

For Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull , Connery offers from a cameo off. From dialogue in the film shows that father Jones by then already deceased.

Walter Donovan[Edit]Edit

Walter Donovan (Julian Glover) is an American businessman, who hired Jones to seek the Grail father. As father Jones disappears he hires Indiana to continue the quest. Later, it is revealed that Donovan is a member of the NSDAP and the brain is behind the Nazi quest for the Grail. His ruthlessness shows as he father shoots to Indiana Jones in the Grail temple to force the Grail to go get. Elsa Schneider, shocked by his actions, let him drink from a false Grail, on which he rapidly ages and rot away, until there is only dust and bones of him.

Elsa Schneider[Edit]Edit

Dr. Elsa Schneider (Alison Doody) is an Austrian art historian, which in Venice interacts with father Jones and later with Indiana, and seduces them both. However, it appears to be a trap: Elsa also works for the Nazis. Despite this, she seems to have feelings for Indiana still covert. Eventually let them Donovan from a false Grail drink so that he dies, but saves them the warning of the Grail Knight in the wind and tries to leave the temple with the Grail. This starts the temple to collapse. Indiana Jones tries to save her, but because they want to grab the first Grail slips them away and plunges into the abyss.


Ernst Bird (Michael Byrne) is a Colonel of the SS, which Donovan assists. Together with Elsa Schneider lures he Indiana Jones in the fall in Austria, but later escapes this with his father. An attempt to imprison them later in Berlin again failed. Later, bird with a troop of soldiers present in the Republic of Hatay and hitting he and Indiana Jones in combat on a moving tank. Eventually become the ungovernable tank runs over the edge of a cliff, so that Bird dying on impact.


Kazim (Mohamed Malikyan) is the head of the brotherhood of the cruciform sword, an ancient organization that guarded the secrets of the Grail. In Venice he falls to Indiana Jones, but he leave him alone when he discovers that the Jones not to the Grail but to his father to do is. Later in Hatay and the brotherhood attack the convoy of the Nazis Kazim, but are killed in the gunfight.

Introduced in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles [Edit]Edit

Anna Jones[Edit]Edit

Anna Jones (Ruth de Sosa) is the mother of Indiana Jones. As difficult as the relationship of Indy with his father, is so good that with his mother. However, she dies at a young age in 1912.

Remy Baudouin[Edit]Edit

Remy Baudouin (Paul Cantu) is a Belgian Cook. He and Indiana Jones meet for the first time in 1916, as Remy works for Pancho Villa, because his wife was killed by the Mexican Government. Later he joined the Belgian army, and Indy when he sees how the Germans in the first world war have occupied his homeland.

Introduced in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [Edit]Edit

Mutt Williams[Edit]Edit

Mutt Williams (Shia LaBeouf) is a boy of about twenty years old, who in 1957 suddenly makes contact with Indiana Jones because this can help him to find his mother gone. Jones is not amused by this rebellious greaser, that his school has not finished, but decides to help anyway if it turns out that it has to do with are gone colleague Harold Oxley. Only when they are captured by Soviet troops in South America discovered Jones that Mutts mother is Marion Ravenwood. Marion revealed that Mutts true name Henry Jones III, and that Indiana is his father. Mutt does indeed show a same kind of adventurous talent.

Harold Oxley[Edit]Edit

Harold Oxley (John Hurt) is an English colleague of Indiana Jones. Together they studied under Abner Ravenwood, and Oxley, nicknamed Ox, is a close friend of Marion Ravenwood and a second father for Mutt. Ox is obsessed with searching for crystal skulls. The find of a very special Crystal Skull has made him the location do discovering El Dorado, but does also very puzzled him mentally. In spite of this, the only one the road to the old Ox city has, and he is so crucial to both parties.

Irina Spalko[Edit]Edit

Colonel Dr. Irina Spalko (Cate Blanchett) is a Soviet agent of Ukrainian descent. Spalko has psychic skills, and was therefore commissioned by Josef Stalin trained. She is planning to Stalin's dream of psychological warfare to accomplish with the find of the Crystal Skull of Akator. If the skull is restored to Akator, and it wants to offer a transdimensional being gift, ask her to tell what all the essence to Spalko know it. Her knowledge hunger becomes its demise, because she gets more knowledge than a human brain can handle, on which her eyes ignite and her body disintegrates.


George McHale, nicknamed Mac (Ray Winstone), is an old British friend of Indiana Jones. During the Second World War they were double agents together in Berlin. Mac appears in the beginning of the movie a traitor, who, because of his gambling debts, is defected to the Soviet Union. Later, in South America, Jones tries to attack him, but he tells him that the CIA for Mac works, and that Jones thanks to him as soon by theFBI was released after the earlier incident. Jones believes his old friend, who shortly before that indeed a sneaky allusion made on their time as double agents. Mac, however, no double agent, he has left a trail of transmitters on the way there for the Russians. If the transdimensional beings of Akator make itself ready to leave quickly to fill his pockets trying Mac with golden objects. As a result, he too heavy and can not save him Jones as he sucked in the portal of the aliens. Mac says that good will come and let the whip of Jones los. What is happening with him after the teleportation is not known.

Antonin Dovchenko[Edit]Edit

Antonin Dovchenko (Igor Jijikine) is a Russian Colonel and Spalko's right. Big and strong it comes early in the film to a fight between him and Jones, but Jones escaped. In the Brazilian jungle comes again to a fight between them. This take place between ants nests of Siafu, large ants. Because Oxley has come along before the ants he knows that the Crystal Skull has the strength to be a kind of shield that could allow the ants are forced to pull around it. Dovchenko is defeated by Indy, whereby he falls in the ants. Grab him and drag him that a nest in. Dovchenko's feet are the last thing of him can be seen in the film, as he disappears into the hope.

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