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Charmed Ones[Edit]Edit

The Charmed Ones are the three main characters from the series. They are three witches who together one of the strongest magical powers in the world.

Prue Halliwell
The oldest of the three Halliwell sisters, with the gift of telekinesis. She was in season 3 killed by a henchman of the source.
Piper Halliwell
The middle of the original Charmed Ones, with the power to freeze objects and people or blow up.
Phoebe Halliwell
The youngest of the original Charmed Ones. She can see into the future, and later also in the past. She had a long time relationship with the demon Cole Turner.
Paige Matthews
The half-sister of Prue, Piper and Phoebe, born of an extramarital relationship from their mother, Patty. She adds in season four when Piper and Phoebe so as to form the new Charmed Ones. She is partly light guide.


The Charmed Ones come from a long line of witches and wizards.

For Parents[Edit]Edit

Penelope Halliwell
The grandmother of Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige. She is in the series already deceased, but her spirit returns to assist settled back to the Charmed Ones.
Allen Halliwell
The first husband of Penelope, and the grandfather of Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige. He is also the father of Patricia Halliwell. He was a mortal who fully accepted that his wife was a witch. He and his wife werehippies. He was killed by Robyn, a warlock and good friend of Penelope. His death made that Penelope was a fearsome demons Hunter. According to Penelope seems Wyatt strongly on him.
Patricia Halliwell
The mother of Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige. She is killed by a water demon when her children were still young.
Victor Bennett
The father of Prue, Piper and Phoebe. He divorced Patricia because he could not cope well with her life as a witch.
Samuel Wilder
the light guide by Patricia Halliwell, and the father of Paige.
Melinda Warren
A distant ancestor of the Charmed Ones, and possibly the first witch from their family.
Piper Baxter
The great-grandmother of the Charmed Ones. She is a past life of Piper Halliwell. She was married to a man named Gordon Johnson.
Gary Bowen
A niece of Pippy Baxter, and a past life of Prue Halliwell.
Phoebe Russell
A niece of Pippy Baxter, and a past life of Phoebe Halliwell. She was secretly in love with a warlock named Anton. This tempted her to the evil making her family was forced to kill her.


Leo Wyatt
The light guide of the Charmed Ones, and Pipers spouse. He is in the series also promoted to elder and temporarily changed into an Avatar. After this he loses his powers and becomes a mortal.
Cupid, and the husband of Phoebe. The two meet in the episode "Engaged and Confused". That he would marry and Phoebe was accidentally revealed by a future version of Wyatt. Phoebe was first afraid that this love would be prohibited by the elders, but eventually found that not to be the case. They were married in the last episode of the series.
Henry Mitchell
Probation officer and husband of Paige. They get married in the last season. In the last episode is shown that they get three children in the nadije future.


Wyatt Matthews Halliwell
The first son of Piper and Leo. He has the powers of both a witch as a light guide. He has many different powers, including the power over excalibur.
Christopher "Chris" Perry Halliwell
The second son of Piper and Leo. He came as an adult from the future to the present to the Charmed Ones warn that Wyatt ever would be malignant, and managed to prevent this from happening.
Prudence Melinda Halliwell
The daughter of Leo and Piper. She was first seen in the episode "Morality Bites", in which a possible future of the Charmed Ones was shown. In this future, she was the first child of Leo and Piper. Afterwards they only briefly seen in a Flash-forward scene from the last episode.
Daughters of Phoebe
In the flash forward scenes of the last episode is shown that Phoebe and Coop will have three daughters. Their names are not revealed. The oldest of these three daughters was already seen in a vision that Phoebe got from the Seer about the utopia which wanted to make the Avatars .
Henry Mitchell Jr.
The son of Paige and Henry. He is only seen in the flash forward scenes of the last episode, in which Paige refers to him as "little Henry".
Unnamed twins
Paige and Henry will also have two daughters, whose names are not revealed in the series.


Matthew Halliwell
Possibly the son of Wyatt or Chris. He was seen in the last episode.
Prudence Halliwell
A granddaughter of Piper and Leo. She is seen in the final scene of the final episode when the old Piper her for reads from the book of shadows.

Friends and acquaintances[Edit]Edit

Cole Turner
Phoebes former friend. He is in fact the demon Belthazor. Later in the series he also obtains the power of the source, and he is an Avatar.
Inspector Andrew "Andy" Trudeau
Prues first love. He was the first who discovered the secret of the Charmed Ones, and during season 1 their permanent help.
Agent Kyle Brody
a mysterious federal agent who knows about the supernatural. He first appeared in season 7. His parents were murdered by demons when Kyle was a child. He thought for a long time that the Avatars were behind, but a journey into the past he learned the truth. Despite this, he remains suspicious about their methods. He eventually kills an Avatar using an old drink, but is itself by this Avatar mortally wounded. After his death he becomes a light guide.
Billie Jenkins
A young witch who is trained in season 8 by Paige.
Darryl Morris
a police inspector who settled during the first seven seasons assists the Charmed Ones.
Sheila Morris
Darryl's wife who is aware of the secret of the Charmed Ones.
Agent Murphy
a federal agent who worked temporarily for the Charmed Ones in season eight. He loved their new identities hidden in Exchange for magical assistance in certain matters. Their working relationship stopped after the Government tried to create super soldiers using demons.
Jason Dean
The boss of the Bay Mirror temporarily, the newspaper where Phoebe for writes. He and Phoebe had a relationship for a year. He is very keen on his career. Their relationship ran piece because Phoebe always worked so as to keep secret her witch life for him.
Drake Dèmon
a demon who never had killed an innocent person, and which, thanks to Cole could make him a sorcerer got to know that human. He worked at the magic school until he was killed.
Elder Odin
a powerful Elder.
Elise Rothman
Phoebes boss and editor at the Bay Mirror. She seems very hard, but it does to its staff. When the Charmed Ones had put in their death scene, she admitted that her best friend Phoebe was.
Jack Sheridan
a college of Prue at Bucklands auction house. He has a twin brother named Jeff.
Leslie St. Claire
a ghostwriter for Phoebe's column.And later also a sort-of boyfriend for Phoebe.
Elder Sandra
a female Elder who usually always on good footing with the Charmed Ones, even when they cause chaos when fighting demons. She gives the sisters also often advice.
Then Gordon
the neighbor of the Halliwell sisters. He is a former baseball player for the Seattle Mariners, and has worked in construction for a while. He has a relationship with Piper, however, temporarily breaking down there that he knows they hide something for him. He also feels uncomfortable in Leo's presence. He eventually moved to Portland to accept a new job.
Jenny Gordon
the niece of then, and a while the girl next door of the Halliwell sisters.
Richard Montana
a member from an old family of witches, who are no longer allowed to use magic by a curse. He was temporarily the friend of Paige.

Evil creatures[Edit]Edit


See list of villains in Charmed for the main article on this topic.


The Angel of death
a personification of death, who guided the souls of the deceased to the afterlife. He is both an ally as an opponent of the Charmed Ones.
Avatar Beta
one of the Avatars. She is killed by agent Kyle.
Avatar Gamma
one of the Avatars
Avatar Alpha
one of the Avatars

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