This is a list of characters from the British series Blackadder. Several of these characters are descendants of each other.


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The Black adder[Edit]Edit

Lord Percy Percy (middle ages)[Edit]Edit

Percy (Tim McInnerny) is the Duke of Northumberland, and one of the friends of Prince Edmund, aka The Black Adder. He accompanied Edmund and Baldrick on all their travels. At one point he is Bishop. Percy is around this time also believed that he is a finger bone possesses that of Jesus is, until Baldrick proves otherwise.

Percy is clearly the dumbest of the triad. In the last episode he poisons the entire wine inventory of the castle to BlackAdder to rescue a group of killers, but Scully as the whole Royal family from including BlackAdder.

King Richard IV[Edit]Edit

Richard the fourth of England (Brian Blessed) is in the first series the King of England after the death of Richard III of England. He is married to a foreign Princess called Gertrude of Flanders, and together they have two sons, Prince Harry and Prince Edmund, aka The Black Adder. Richard IV Harry clearly higher in stature, and not usually remembers that Edmund is also his son.

Richard was crowned King after Edmund accidentally had killed Richard III because he mistook him for a horse thief. King Richard IV would be Richard of Shrewsbury are according to the series. (One of the nephews of Richard III, in reality killed and otherwise too young to be grown-up in 1485.)

Richard is along with the rest of the Court accidentally poisoned in the last episode of the series. Probably takes the throne in Henry VII , on which he removes the Government of Richard IV from the Chronicles.

Queen Gertrude[Edit]Edit

Gertrude of Flanders (Gertrude of Flanders) is the wife of Richard IV, and the mother of the Princes Harry and Edmund. She is also Queen of Flanders (which in reality was a county). She doesn't really have a good marriage with Richard, and once had an affair with a shot. Was possible this Shot Edmunds real father.

Later in the series turns out to be a benign witch them yourself. With her magic she saves Edmund of the stake.

In the last episode she dies along with the rest of the Court by poisoning.

Prince Harry[Edit]Edit

Harry is the eldest son of Richard and Gertrude, and the (half) brother of Edmund.

Harry is clearly his father's pet. He is also unlike Edmund nice to the common people. His brother is very jealous of him, and stages in each episode a plan to get rid of him so that he can inherit the throne. In the episode "Born to be king" is Harry all temporary regent during his father's absence.

In the last episode of the series Harry dies by poisoning.

Blackadder II[Edit]Edit

Lord Percy Percy (Tudor-era)[Edit]Edit

Percy (Tim McInnerny) is an offspring of the Lord Percy from the first series. He is a henchman of Lord Blackadder, and involved in all his plans (or BlackAdder that like it or not). He is his assistant as head executioner, and mate aboard Black vipers failed boat trips to France. Percy also tries to practice Alchemy . Blackadder seems to prefer him to be killed. Although Percy clearly an "upper class twit" (which means noble idiot) suggests, he seems not so dumb and blankly as Baldrick.

In the last episode, he is killed by Prince Ludwig.


The Queen (Miranda Richardson) is a caricature of the historical Elizabeth I of England.

This version of Queen Elizabeth behaves very childishly, and has a short fuse. They threaten the people to her court regularly with the death penalty. She's been willing to condemn someone to death because that person has a better nose than hers. She seems to have feelings for despite her behavior Lord Blackadder, but these come in the series never reflected than what flirted. She loves further from dance parties and writing poems.

In the last episode of the series it is suggested that they would be murdered by Prince Ludwig, who then disguised as her 37 years would have governed.

Except in the second series, she is also seen in a flashback scene from the special "Blackadder's Christmas Carrol" and the special "BlackAdder: Back & Forth".

Lord Melchett[Edit]Edit

Melchett (Stephen Fry) is a Lord in the Court of Queen Elizabeth, and a rival of BlackAdder. He is almost always to the right of the throne of the Queen, and is her most trusted advisor. His rivalry with BlackAdder results in conflicts, such as a drinking contest and the fact that Melchett wanted to appoint Lord High Executioner Blackadder, a job that no one could hold longer than a week full of without to be murdered. In the last episode he also belongs to the victims of Prince Ludwig.

Lord Melchett is also seen in the special "Blackadder's Christmas Carrol", in which the Queen BlackAdder him and let his own death sentence drawing so that all can get BlackAdder Melchetts possessions. In"BlackAdder Back & Forth" he appears again on the side of the Queen and he supports her recital to BlackAdder beheading.


The former nurse of the Queen (Patsy Byrne), who now serves as one of its Councils to the Court. She is senile and put himself settled for SABO by openly telling stories about the youth of the Queen. Nursie is single. In the episode "Potato" she accepts a marriage proposal from Captain Redbeard Rum, but he is killed before the ceremony. She claims that her true first name is Bernard. Like all other main characters she is killed by Prince Ludwig.

Bob (Kate)[Edit]Edit

Kate (Gabrielle Glayster) is a naive young woman who takes part in the first episode of the series. She is convinced that her mother is dead, although her father her clearly tells that she has gone off with his brother.She takes under the name Bob service like Black vipers house servant. Later she has been making her true identity known and decide to marry BlackAdder and they. She goes there, however, in the last minute with Lord Faisal off.

Prince Ludwig the indestructible[Edit]Edit

Prince Ludwig (Hugh Laurie) is a German Prince and master of disguise. He has starred in the last episode of the series. He is apparently an old acquaintance of BlackAdder and Melchett. He takes the two captured, and condemns them to death unless they help him at the Queen near to come. Later tries to kill BlackAdder Ludwig, but he fails. At the end of the episode shows Ludwig to have disguised as Queen Elizabeth, and governs the country further in her place.

Although Hugh Laurie later a regular cast member in the series would get is Ludwig no ancestor of his later roles.

Lord Faisal (Tudor-era)[Edit]Edit

Faisal (Rik Mayall) is an arrogant nobleman with a soft spot for all the women he encounters. He starred in the second episode of the series. He is introduced as the best friend and confidant of Lord BlackAdder. He flirts with the Queen, Nursie and even disguised as a woman with the Baldrick. Eventually he goes there with Black vipers bride off and the two supposedly big enemies.

Mrs. Miggins (Tudor-era)[Edit]Edit

The operator of a cake shop. She is an invisible character, and serves as a running gag in the series.

Blackadder the Third[Edit]Edit

Prince regent George[Edit]Edit

Prince George (Hugh Laurie) is a caricature of George IV of the United Kingdom and a very silly Prince. He is in the third series a kind of replacement of Lord Percy.

His personality seems to be a combination of those of Lord Percy and Queenie. He is childlike, bloated and selfish. Even the simplest things seem to trouble cost him. So, it took him a week to attract a suit. He trusts especially strong on his butler, Blackadder, to have it work for him to do so.

Prince George is also seen in a flashback in "Blackadder's Christmas Carrol".

Mrs. Miggins (Regency-era)[Edit]Edit

Mrs. Miggins (Helen Atkinson-Wood) is the manageress of a coffee house, and a Mrs. Miggins from the offspring of the second series. Unlike its ancestor, this Mrs. Miggins in image. Black adder is a regular customer in her case, despite that he dont like her coffee to flavors. Her coffee shop is always visited by people who are at the heart of a particular episode, such as French or actors, poets. She sells like her ancestor also pies.

Mrs. Miggins seems to have an eye on Blackadder, but he answered her not love.

At the end of the series she leaves the coffee house to start a relationship with Black vipers Scottish cousin MacAdder.

Blackadder Goes Forth[Edit]Edit

General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett[Edit]Edit

Melchett (Stephen Fry) is a British General, and a descendant of Lord Melchett from the second series. This seems almost nothing on his ancestor Melchett: he is stupid, Ruder and bleating arranged makes sounds.He tries the morale of the soldiers settled what to bring up for the upcoming battle with the help of a Charlie Chaplinmovie. Also he can't cope well with BlackAdder.

General Melchett does not seem to realize how hopeless the first world war is for the soldiers in the trenches. He trusts completely in victory. There he remains far behind the front in his headquarters, he is the only character that the series survives.

Bob Parkhurst[Edit]Edit

Bob (Gabrielle Glaister) is an offspring of Bob from the second series. She is the driver of General Melchett. She arises in the episode "Major Star" for if a man there also all its brothers in the army, and they could thus also in service. Melchett appears not to have this. The episode it appears Bob again, but in a ladies ' uniform. Faisal calls her Bobbie and has a relationship with her.

Lord Faisal (World War I)[Edit]Edit

(Rik Mayall.) A descendant of the Lord Faisal from the second series. He is a British pilot, and has commanded a squadron. He may initially not handle Blackadder, but the two eventually become good friends. He has an affair with Bob again.

Lieutenant George Colthurst St. Barleigh MC[Edit]Edit

A descendant of the Prince Regent George. He is a British army officer who serves at the front during the first world war. He studied at the University of Cambridge, just as Melchett.

George possesses virtually no skills that are required in the army. Also, he has no understanding of the inputs or coordinating an army. He has his high rank due to its pure social status. He is the subordinate of Captain Blackadder, and forms for him a constant source of annoyance. He is often not aware of what is happening around him. General Melchett is a friend of Georges family and knows him personally. Also George is utterly oblivious to the hopelessness of the trench war and refuses even to look like an offer to get away. So come he with BlackAdder and Baldrick the trenches should and probably killed.

Captain Kevin Darling[Edit]Edit

(Tim McInnerny.) A British army captain, whose last name (which translates into English as "pet" means) for him a constant source of annoyance is. He is especially busy with administrative work. He is a rival of Blackadder, and the two are settled cross each other in the series. Like Blackadder, he is one of the few who understands how hopeless and absurd the situation in which they find themselves. Only in the last episode put the two at their dispute when they must leave the trenches together, something they certainly will not survive.

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