Lee Buck Trevino (DallasTexasdecember 1, 1939) is an American professional golfer of Mexican descent.


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Lee Trevino never knew his father, and was raised by his mother and his grandfather. He sometimes went to school, but already at the age of five had to help make money by, for example, to work on the cotton plantations. When he was eight years, he was caddie on the Dallas Athletic Club, a club just a hundred yards from his front door removed.Behind the clubhouse were three short holes where caddies after their work were allowed to exercise. His own golf game was so good that he also earned money. He earned as a shoe shine boy and had no time to go to the secondary school. On his 17th birthday, he joined the Navy. During his fourth and final year, he played a lot of golf.

Tour Player[Edit]Edit

After his marinetijd he was pro at the El Paso Country Club in Texas and in 1967 he started to play on the PGA Tour. He was Rookie of the Year, earned over $ 26,000 that year and finished in 45th place on the American Order of Merit. In 1968, he won the US Open. In 1971, he won the U.S. Open in 20 days, the Canadian Open and the British Open.


Champions Tour[Edit]Edit

At the age of fifty, he switched on the Seniors Tour, which in America is called respect the Champions Tour .

Won (29)[Edit]Edit

  • 1990: Royal Caribbean Classic, Aetna Challenge, Vintage Chrysler Invitational, Doug Sanders Kingwood Celebrity Classic, NYNEX Commemorative, U.s. Senior Open, Transamerica Senior Golf Championship
  • 1991: Aetna Challenge, Vantage at The Dominion, Sunwest Bank Charley Pride Senior Golf Classic
  • 1992: Vantage at The Dominion, The Tradition, PGA Seniors ' Championship, Las Vegas Senior Classic, Bell Atlantic Classic
  • 1993: Cadillac NFL Golf Classic, Nationwide Championship, Vantage Championship
  • 1994: Royal Caribbean Classic, PGA Seniors ' Championship, Paine Webber Invitational, Bell Atlantic Classic, BellSouth Senior Classic at Opryland, Northville Long Island Classic
  • 1995: Northville Long Island Classic, The Transamerica
  • 1996: Emerald Coast Classic
  • 1998: Southwestern Bell Dominion
  • 2000: Cadillac NFL Golf Classic

Ryder Cup[Edit]Edit

Trevino has participated to the Ryder Cup in 1969, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1979 and 1981. Of the 40 Parties that he played, he has won 17 and 6 gehalfed (draw), so 20 points won. In 1985 he was the captain of the team.

Other victories[Edit]Edit

In addition to the official Tour victories stand about 30 other tournaments to his name. In addition he was athlete of the year 1971. Mark Spitz that became in 1972, after the Olympic Games in Munich.

Trevino is on the golf course a real showman, sometimes almost a clown, maybe he has that need to move between by concentrating on his game. He is his poor youth never forget and supports various charity projects.

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