La Grande Vadrouille is a French film from 1966, directed by Gérard Oury. The film drew in France alone, more than 17 million visitors to the cinema, for a long time, an unmatched record. Currently, it is the fifth most visited film in France,[1afterTitanic , among others (21.774.181 visitors) and Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis (20.488.977 visitors). In other countries this film was a huge success. He was very popular in China. [source? ]The acting performances of the duo Louis de Funès and Bourvil in this film are praised by many connoisseurs.

La Grande Vadrouille was the first major example of the comic war film, in which opponents of the German occupiers on all kinds of crazy ways trying to escape, particularly by itself to attract German uniforms. A hilarious highlight of the film is the scene in which conductor Lefort (Louis de Funès) mistakenly ends up in the same bed as the German officer who is looking after him. Twenty years after the second world war seemed the time is ripe for a more airy kind of war films.


In the summer of 1942 , a B-17bomber of the British Royal Air Force above Paris brought down by German anti-aircraft fire. The crew, Commander Sir Reginald (with a big mustache), Peter Cunningham and Alan Macintosh know per parachute to escape. Sir Reginald comes in a Zoo visit, Peter Cunningham is by house painter Augustin Bouvet hidden in an apartment, and Alan Macintosh and is hiding in the dressing room of Stanislas Lefort, the conductor of the Opéra Garnier. Involuntarily hitting Bouvet and Lefort involved in the hunt for the British pilots. Most stakeholders meet each other during a performance at the Opera, at the time that the French resistance there commits a bomb attack on a SS-Gruppenführer. They travel in different ways then to Burgundy, where they post all kinds of Adventures still to be arrested by the Germans, but with the help of energetic nuns can escape. They know at the last minute with gliders to escape to the unoccupied part of France.

The movie is in Netherlands become known under the title "together-in partnership".

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character Comments
Bourvil Augustin Bouvet Lead Role
Louis de Funès Stanislas Lefort Lead Role
Terry-Thomas Sir Reginald (Big Moustache) -
Claudio Brook Peter Cunningham -
Mike Marshall Alan MacIntosh -
Marie Dubois Juliette -
Pierre Bertin Juliettes Grandpa -
Mary Marquet The head nurse -
Benno Salame Major Achbach -
Sieghardt Rupp Lieutenant Stürmer -
Paul Préboist The fisherman -
Reinhard Kolldehoff German soldier -
Helmuth Schneider German officer -

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