Kelly Macdonald (Glasgow23 February 1976) is a Scottish actress. In 2006 she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in the television film The Girl in The Café and in 2008 for a BAFTA Award for those in No Country for Old Men. More than five other acting prizes were actually awarded her, including an Emmy Award (forThe Girl in The Café), a Screen Actors Guild Award (with the actors of No Country for Old Men), a Special Achievement Award during the Satellite Awards 2002 (with the actors of Gosford Park) and the jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival 2008 (with the actors of Choke ).

Macdonald made his debut in 1996 on the silver screen as Diane in the film version of a book Trainspotting. Since then, she appeared in more than thirty films, including more than 35 television films. Although to a much lesser extent, they also occasionally played in television series. So was Macdonald in 2003 as Della Smith in the six-part British miniseries State of Play. Two years later, she played a guest roll once as Kiera MacLaine in Alias. In 2010, she played Margaret Schroeder in the American television series Boardwalk Empire .

Macdonald married in 2003 with Dougie Payne, bassist of the rock band Travis. They had a son in 2008.


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