Katarzyna Bachleda-Curuś née Wójcicka (born 1 January 1980) is a Polish speed skater, who was born in Sanok and resides in Zakopane.

Wójcicka is specialised in all round championships as she performs well on all distances, but almost never finishes among the best on a single distance. In Poland she is however one of the best skaters they ever had and she already won fifteen national titles. In 2005 she made a lot of progression and became twelfth at the European allround championships and fourteenth at the World allround championships. She competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics, finishing tenth at the 3000 metres, eighth at the 1000 metres, eleventh at the 1500 metres and sixteenth at the 5000 metres. A year later she returned to Turin to participate in the 2007 Winter Universiade, winning the gold medal at the 1500 metres. She won the bronze medal in the team pursuit at the 2010 Winter Olympics. She participated at the 2014 Winter Olympics in three events. She was disqualified at the 3000 m, finished 6th at the 1500 m and won silver at the Team Pursuit.

In 2010, she was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta by President Lech Kaczyński.

Personal records[edit]Edit

Personal records[1]
Women's speed skating
Distance Time Date Location Notes
500 m 39.08 18 March 2006 Olympic Oval, Calgary Current Polish record[2]
1000 m 1:15.39 13 December 2009 Utah Olympic Oval, Salt Lake City Current Polish record[2]
1500 m 1:53.95 16 November 2013 Utah Olympic Oval, Salt Lake City Current Polish record[2]
3000 m 4:02.12 15 November 2013 Utah Olympic Oval, Salt Lake City Current Polish record[2]
5000 m 7:14.40 29 November 2013 Alau Ice Palace, Astana

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