Justin Randall Timberlake (Memphis31 January 1981) is an American singer-songwriter and actor. Timberlake became famous as a member of the boy band * NSYNC.In 2002 , he released his debut solo album , Justified , followed in 2006 by FutureSex/LoveSounds. As an actor, he is at the beginning of his career, with some small roles in films.


 [hide]*1 Biography


Timberlake was born and raised in Millington, a village next to MemphisTennessee. He has Irish and German roots. His parents, Randall Timberlake and Lynn Bomar, are currently separated and remarried. In 1993 Timberlake his first step into show business by joining The Mickey Mouse Club. There he met, among others, Christina AguileraBritney SpearsRyan Gosling and Joshua Scott Chasez, later known as JC Chasez. Timberlake and Chasez decided to set up a boy band. Timberlake's friendChris Kirkpatrick was also involved. Lance Bass and Joey Fatone made the group * NSYNC complete.

* NSYNC[Edit]Edit

[1]* NSYNC

The five members come together in 1995. The managementskoppel by financier Lou Pearlman hired Johnny Wright and Donna decides them in imitation of the Backstreet Boys to start their career in Germany, for two years later to go back to the United States . In 1998 the group brings the debut album * NSYNC from. that a worldwide success. * NSYNC brings two more albums and in terms of success comes near earlier boybands as Take That and Backstreet Boys. After the third album in 2001 Timberlake decision to focus on a solo career. Timberlake was also on show at the last concert of Michael Jackson, here dances and a song with Jackson brothers and Jackson sings itself. [1]



In 2002, Timberlake began working on the new album , Justified, which was released on 5 november 2002. Timberlake made its appearance a few months earlier on theMTV Video Music Awards with his first single " Like I Love You. The song, produced by The Neptunes and with a guest appearance by Clipse, became a big hit. To promote the album goes Timberlake along with Christina Aguilera on tour. Justified/Stripped Tour appear on this also The Black Eyed Peas. Also In 2003 the singles Cry Me a RiverRock Your Body and Señorita from. Fast food chain McDonald's In 2004 used the single I'm Lovin' It, that the first album not pulled out, in global advertising campaigns. Timberlake sold the song to McDonald's and after the success of the advertising campaigns he released the single also, including video clip.


[3][4]Timberlake during a performance in the FutureSex/LoveSounds Tour


In 2005, Timberlake took part in the album Monkey Business by The Black Eyed Peas. He also makes along with rapper Nelly Work It and the single with Snoop Dogg the single Signs. He also starts his own record company Tenman Records. To date he has two artists under his wing: Joshua B and Dutch Esmée Denters. The albumFutureSex/LoveSounds on september 12, 2006 came out. Already a few months earlier came the first single Sexyback from, characterized by a prominent electro sound. The second single, My Lovewith rapper T.I. was also a great success, just as the third single What Goes Around ... Comes Around. In april 2007, the United States launched the fourth single from the album, Summer Love. The record company of Timberlake sees for Europe more salvation in LoveStoned, that here was released.

Timberlake goes into July 2007 on tour in Europe and Japan, followed by the United States in August 2007. Meanwhile, he also works with Madonna on her album Hard Candy.The first single 4 Minutes is a duet between the two and did well in the lists. In 2008 he competed on Rihanna's Rehab and scored a top three listing in Netherlands.

Timberlake started in 2008 along with James Fauntleroy II, Rob Knox and the writers and production group The Y's on. they produced and co-wrote with T.I. Dead and Gonehis single, where Timberlake took part as a guest artist. This group also worked on Magic, the number that were picked up by many American radio stations while only a demo was.In 2009, this, now promoted to a full-fledged single with Love Sex Magic Ciara as title, released by singers with Timberlake as a guest artist.

The 20/20 Experience[Edit]Edit

On 10 January 2013 Timberlake launched a countdown on his website with the message "I'm Ready". After a seven-year pause music this was the announcement of the comeback single Suit & Tie, a collaboration with Jay Z. The second single Mirrors appeared a month later, on 11 February. Both were from the album The 20/20 Experience, that appeared in March. Tunnel Visionwas in June 2013 the third and final single from the album. The album was sold in the United States more than two million times, making it the most successful studio album of the first part from 2013.

Jay Z's 12th studio album appeared In July 2013 Magna Carta Holy Grail. As lead single was released Holy Grail , a collaboration with Timberlake.

The song appeared on 10 July 2013 Take Back the Night as the lead single from The 20/20 Experience Part 2. On 24 september 2013 was the new album released on iTunes. Two other tracks previously made Justin Timberlake already known. A collaboration with Jay-Z earned the song Murder on Cabaret with rapper and also the track "Drake" on the album The 20/20 Experience Part 2. At the end of 2013 is Timberlake also again on tour. The artist will also come to Europe including in the Gelredome and the Sports Palace Antwerp.

Private Life[Edit]Edit

Timberlake has had a long time relationship with pop singer Britney Spears. They knew each other since The Mickey Mouse Club. In 2002 came to an end to the relationship. After a brief relationship with Alyssa Milano and Fergie Timberlake had a relationship with  Cameron Diaz. There were rumors about an engagement between the two but after a relationship of three and a half years it is, since January 2007, right out withCameron Diaz. As of april 2007 Justin had a relationship with actress Jessica Biel, but to have been after four years together, they went in March 2011 apart. The couple later came back together and married on 12 October 2012. [2]

Incidents and other projects[Edit]Edit

2004 Super Bowl incident[Edit]Edit

During the final of the 38th Super Bowl (American football Championships) and singer Janet Jackson performed together on Timberlake. action was broadcast live by CBS. At the end of Rock Your Body (with the last sentence "I" m gonna have you naked by the end of the song "that" at the end of the song I get you naked "means) pulls Timberlake to the clothing of Jackson. The right breast was revealed, just covered by a nipple protector. Timberlake and Jackson spoke directly from an accident. Timberlake would Later admit that there was any intent, but that it was not the intention that it would come this far. CBS got by this incident a record 200,000 complaints from people who found this inappropriate. [3as a result of this incident, many sporting events with performances broadcast with a delay of five seconds. This incident has become almost legendary in the United States and has led to many parodies. Timberlake and Jackson were kept out for the 2004 Grammy Awards unless they publicly would offer their apologies. Jackson refused, Timberlake gave written apologies while receiving his two Grammy Awards (best pop album and best pop performance).

Spit incident[Edit]Edit

In June 2007, Timberlake from the roof of a hotel in Sweden a number of young fans spit on. Right before that when entering his hotel, when he refused to stop for photos, has anyone fuckface to him called. Later, the singer from the roof of his hotel the waiting fans have pelted with pingpong balls. Don't worry, he of the roof.

Career as actor[Edit]Edit

In addition to his singing career, he is also working on acting. Timberlake has already some small and large roles in films (including the crime film Alpha Dog) and television series played. He also played in 2010 in the film The Social Network. This film is about the founders of Facebook and he plays Sean Parker. In 2011, he played in the movie Friends with benefits with as co-star Mila Kunis. In 2013, he played an important role in the tragicomedy full of music Inside Llewyn Davis (Coen Brothers).

William Rast[Edit]Edit

Timberlake has since 2005 also a clothing line, William Rast, along with one of his best friends Trace Ayala. They call it himself: ' Street Sexy at Social Hollywood '. They found inspiration for their line in their favourite film The Outsiders from 1983.


Timberlake is co-owner of Chi, a restaurant/club in Los Angeles. He also invested already in the Destino's restaurant in New York, what of his friend Eytan Sugarman is. Recently he has yet another new restaurant in New York, along with Trace Ayala and Eytan Sugarman same: Southern Hospitality. The kitchen is barbecue, and the dishes are from Memphis, Tennessee, Timberlake's hometown.

Tennman Records[Edit]Edit

In 2007 indicative Timberlake his own music label Tennman Recordson:. The Dutch singer Esmée Denters is the first artist to sign with the label. [4]


[6]Justin Timberlake discography see main article.



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