Juno is an Oscar-winning American film from 2007 directed by Jason Reitman. The film stars Ellen Page and Michael Cera.

The film enjoyed great success in the United States. He was praised by a majority of the critics and was nominated for four Oscars, including for "Best Film", "best actress" (Page), "Best Director" and "best screenplay". The film went on to win only price for "best screenplay" (written by Diablo Cody).

The film was released in February 2008 in Netherlands and Belgium. In Netherlands he turned in 46 cinemas. [1]


[hide]*1 Story


After three pregnancy tests they can no longer deny; the 16-year-old Juno MacGuff is three weeks pregnant, as a result of sex with classmate Paulie Bleeker. She calls her best friend Leah and together they decide abortion. Juno goes alone to the abortion clinic but changes his mind at the last minute.

Along with Leah she seeks in the park to adoptive parents in newspaper ads. Soon her eye falls on Mark and Vanessa Loring. After she announced her pregnancy and plans for adoption to her father and stepmother has reported, she goes with her father to visit the couple Loring. Vanessa is said to be ' born to mother ', but is unable to have children. However, it is Mark who is responsible for the decisive factor, as Juno shares many interests with him. Keep them both to make music and to old horror movies to watch.

After Juno has had an echo and has been told the baby is healthy, drive them to the joyous news to communicate to the Lorings. Vanessa turns out not to be at home and build from that point on Juno and Mark a tight bond on. They found that Mark like wants to make music but that his passion suppressed by Vanessa, who wants nothing more than a child. Because they have previously experienced a pregnant lady who decided at the last minute to keep the child, this desire has been compounded. She acts than also extra careful in the presence of Juno. If Juno comes home again, however, her stepmother is horrified. She thinks her stepdaughter will begin an affair with Mark and want them to leave him alone.

The months go by and Juno's pregnant belly is the talking point of the school. Leah is still the only one along with Paulie her normally treats. Her moments with Paulie, however, are uncomfortable, since they by pregnancy no longer know how they should behave towards each other. In addition, Juno also develops feelings for the father of her baby. She pushes him away, then with another girl to the prom decide to go, despite his preference for Juno. Juno confronts him and Paulie says she has treated him never nice. He says they are heart broken and he actually should be mad at her.

Right before they like it, she decides to visit Mark one more time. He confesses to Vanessa's want to divorce and still says not ready long are to be dad. She is angry and says he should remain with her. Also tells them that she doesn't want her baby at a disintegrated family grows up. If they are about to go away angry, Vanessa comes in. She notices an emotional Juno comes on and find out the truth. In Juno's presence get Mark and Vanessa quarrel and shortly thereafter separate them. Juno looks distraught and emotional, but leave a letter for Vanessa that says: ' Vanessa, if you're still in, I'm still in. Juno '.

Not much later she decides, following an in-depth conversation with her father, to settle it with Paulie. They kiss each other on the athletics field at school and get a relationship. If the Athletics addict Paulie a great contest has, break the membranes of Juno and they like a son. Although she has not informed about, Paulie here he soon by what's going on and they are in bed Together on her searches., while Vanessa gets her son. At that time, it is clear that Juno against her has said the baby to her wanting to stand.

In the final scene, Juno will cycle to Paulie, where together they play a song on their guitars. Earlier in the film suggested Paulie to after pregnancy continue to want to go with their strap. After the song kissing each other.


Brad Silberling, Director of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004), came in november 2005 on the idea to make the movie and went into negotiation with Mandate Pictures. [2the studio decided to give permission to make the film, but Silberling withdrew soon returned due to conflicts in July 2006 and was replaced by Jason Reitman, who previously made his debut with Thank You for Smoking (2005).

Reitman saw Page in the movie Hard Candy (2005) and was immediately impressed with it. When they hesitated, the scenario Page las no time and decided to cooperate with the film. [3In October 2006 , it was announced that Cera would render both starring Page as in the film. Actress Jennifer Garner was a cast member in January 2007 . [4On 22 February that year were also Jason Bateman and Allison Janneyannounced. [5not much later started the shots in Vancouver. [6]

The shoot of the film was already after a few months on. the film first went in Premiere at a film festival in september 2007Juno went several film festivals, including the Toronto International film festival and theInternational Film Festival Rotterdam. The film was broadcast in the United States for the first time in cinemas on 5 december 2007 and was in Netherlands and Belgium released on 7 February 2008 .

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

  • Juno MacGuff (played by Ellen Page) is a 16-year-old teenager who during her search for himself accidentally get pregnant of Paulie Bleeker. She does not mince the mouth and always says what they think.
  • Paulie Bleeker (played by Michael Cera) is a classmate of Juno, addicted to athletics and orange Tic TACs. He is a nerd who has laid himself down and is in love with Juno.
  • Vanessa Loring (played by Jennifer Garner) is the wife of Mark and the possible adoptive mother of Juno's baby. She was born to become a mother and know you're not sure how they should be themselves in front of Juno, by the fear not adopt his baby.
  • Mark Loring (played by Jason Bateman) is the husband of Vanessa and lover of music and horror films. He once had the ambition to be a rock star, but has left behind his ambitions when he married Vanessa.He is the possible adoptive father of Juno's baby and knows a good bond with the pregnant teenager.
  • Bren MacGuff (played by Allison Janney) is the stepmother of Juno and the wife of Mac. She is nail stylist who loves dogs.
  • Mac MacGuff (played by J.K. Simmons) is the father of Juno. He is always there for his daughter and takes it not heavy as she tells to be pregnant.
  • Leah (played by Olivia Thirlby) is the best friend of Juno. She falls on older men and although she is sexually active, she wants to know that her mother is not there. She is one of the few who still stands ready for Juno if she is pregnant.

Further characters[Edit]Edit


The film only had a budget of $ 7,500,000 and spent so far more than $ 229 million in the United States he was well received. The well-known critic Roger Ebert called him the best movie of the year and told that Ellen Page the best actress of this period is. [7the film received praise from most of the critics, such as the Los Angeles Times [8and New York Times [9]

In Netherlands, the film was also praised by the critics. FilmValley the Dutch film journal gave the film a 8.4/10 with the explanation that it is a "endearing and recognizable film" and "original and sharp comedy with handsome scenario and iron-clad Ellen Page" is. [10the film was a crowd favourite at the Rotterdam film festival [1and was in the NRC Next compared to Little Miss Sunshine (2006) and Ghost World (2001). The magazine also wrote that "Juno the right conquers to just be". [1the film also got praise from the Dutch film sheet Preview. [11]



  • 80th Oscar ceremony
  • BAFTA's
    • Best Screenplay
  • Critics ' Choice Awards
  • National Board of Review
    • Best Female Break-Out Role- Ellen Page
    • Best Writer-Diablo Cody
  • Satellite Awards
    • Best actress (Musical or Comedy)-Ellen Page
    • Best picture (Musical or Comedy)
  • Rome Film Feast
    • Best Film
  • Writers Guild of America Awards
    • Best Screenplay-Diablo Cody


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