Julia O'Hara Stiles (New York28 March 1981) is an American stage, television and film actress. She was nominated for both a Golden Globe 2011 as a Primetime Emmy Award for her supporting role as temporary Lumen Ann Pierce in the crime series Dexter. Several other prizes were actually awarded her, including a National Board of Review Award along with the entire cast of the tragicomic film State and Main in 2000.

Stiles is the oldest of three children. She was brought up in SoHo and went into the theatre in 1992. In 1993 she was for the first time on television, as Erica Dansby in the television series Ghostwriter. Her film debut followed in 1996, with a nameless roll as friend of Claire Danes' character Nana in the romantic drama I Love You, I Love You Not .


* Excluding television films

Tv series[Edit]Edit

* Excluding one-off guest roles

  • Blue -Blue (2012-2013, 36 episodes)
  • Dexter -Lumen Ann Pierce (2010, ten episodes)
  • Ghostwriter -Erica Dansby (1993-1994, six episodes)

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