Jonathan Stephen Ross OBE (Leytonstone17 november 1960) is an English televisionand radiopresenter and film critic. In 2005 he was voted ' most powerful man on the radio ' by the Radio Times.


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Home Situation[Edit]Edit

Ross is the son of actress and radio presenter Martha Ross. He grew up in Leytonstone and visited, as well as his older brother Paul, the Norlington School for Boys. Paul Ross is a journalist and televisioneditor. His other brothers are called Miley (producer and actor) and Simon (television producer). Ross has a educated at the Southampton College of Art and studied Modern European History at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies at the University of London.

In 1988 , he married Jane Goldman the ten years younger and they have two daughters and a son: Betty Kitten (named after Bettie Page), Harvey Kirby (named after Jack Kirby) and Honey Kinny. The family lives in HampsteadLondon in a district with a large number of famous and wealthy residents.

By Jonathan Ross is known to have many pets, including seven dogs, a cat, an iguana, two salamanders, two chinchilla's, a number of ferrets and, as he himself once in his radio show let it slip, sheep. One of the dogs, the black Pug Mr. Pickles, appeared in one of the episodes of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in the context of official take-your-dog-mee-to-work-day.

Ross is a big fan of David BowieBritpopStar TrekDoctor Who and comic books. He's even some time, with Paul Giambaccini, co-owner of a comic book shop in London. He also has a keen interest in Japan, which is expressed in the show Japanorama, which until 2007 was broadcast on the BBC.

He is a close friend of Ricky Gervais and has him, after his cat Colin had died, donated a new cat, during one of the broadcasts of Friday Night. Ross also has a small role in Gervais ' Extrasseries, where he played himself and a good friendship developed after a fictional appearance in Friday Night with Jonathan Ross .


Ross presents its own radio show on BBC Radio 2, has a movie program and a private weekly talk show on BBC OneFriday Night with Jonathan Ross. The talk show is characterized by a loose style of interviewing, with many individual and unconventional questions, short interludes in which Ross often involve his own family, and short songs of his house band Four Poofs and a Piano (' four fags and a piano '). He also presents often special shows and specials (such as the BBC-TV registration of Live 8).

In april 2006 leaked details of his salary, and that of other BBC-celebrities, out of the press. According to rumors he would be around the £ 530,000 (about 795.000 euros) a year for his radio show. In June of the same year leaked out that he was the highest paid television personality of Great Britain because his contract was extended until 2010 for 18 million pounds (about 27 million). [1He has just written an autobiography ,Why do I say these thing called.

On 29 October 2008 , he was along with Russell Brand by the BBC suspended, after a phone call to Andrew Sachs meant funny (' Manuel from Fawlty Towers). The duo left a message on the voice mail of 78-year-old Sachs, in which comedian Brand joked that he had sex with his granddaughter. The broadcast caused much complaints. Even Prime Minister Gordon Brown expressed his disapproves of the behaviour of Ross and Brand.

Things Worth Knowing[Edit]Edit

  • Ross alsospeaks with a, making him the letter ' r ' pronounces as ' w '.
  • He is known for his flamboyant way of dressing and regularly wins awards for both ' best ' and ' worst ' dressed celebrity. When he once was a guest in Room 101 he himself admits that he gave his own way of dressing not matter could stand. Also his well-known long hairstyle creates mixed reactions to the public.
  • Ross presented in 2005 a Jubilee program EastEnders 20 years; Grant and Phil Mitchell he called the brothers that hair forgot and the Slater-sisters the Walford Spice Girls.

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