Joaquin Phoenix (San Juan (Puerto Rico)28 October 1974) is an American actor. He was both in 2001 (for his supporting role in Gladiator), 2006 (for his lead role inWalk the Line) and 2013 (for playing the title character in The Master) nominated for an Oscar. More than fifteen other prizes were awarded him actually, including aGolden Globe (for Walk the Line), a Grammy Award (for the soundtrack to Walk the Line, along with Reese Witherspoon and producer t-Bone Burnett) and the prize for best actor at the Venice Film festival 2012 (for The Master, along with Philip Seymour Hoffman).


[hide]*1 early life

Life Course[Edit]Edit

Phoenix ' parents were members of the Children of God and encouraged their children to develop their creative sides. His siblings are called RiverRainLiberty andSummer. Phoenix is a vegan and refuses to wear costumes that are made from animals . His nickname is ' Leaf '.

In 1980, his family moved to Los Angeles. After supporting roles in films such as Space Camp (1986) and Parenthood (1989) Phoenix moved with his father to Mexico. On 31 October 1993, he was with his brother River, when he died of a drug overdose.

In October 2008 it was announced that Phoenix would stop acting. He would start laying focus more on a musical career. [1In september 2010, it was revealed that this career switch in scene was put for the mockumentary I'm Still Here by Casey Affleck.


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