James Marshall (Jimi) Hendrix (born Johnny Allen Hendrix, Seattle , November 27 1942 - London , September 18 1970 ) was an influential American guitarist andsinger-songwriter . He was known for his virtuoso flamboyant guitar . He revolutionized the guitar caused by the use of new agreements , feedback and innovativerecording techniques . His style can be described as a creative, psychedelic processing of rock and roll , soul , and also blues influences.

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  • 1 Biography
    • 1.1 Early Years
    • 1.2 The Jimi Hendrix Experience
      • 1.2.1 End of The Experience
    • 1.3 Woodstock and the Band of Gypsys
    • 1.4 The Cry of Love Band
      • 1.4.1 Electric Lady Studios
    • 1.5 Death
  • 2 Influence
  • 3 Musical equipment
    • 3.1 Guitars
    • 3.2 Amplifiers
    • 3.3 Effects
  • 4 Discography
    • 4.1 Albums
    • 4.2 Singles
    • 4.3 Radio 2 Top 2000
    • 4.4 DVDs
  • 5 Appearances in Netherlands
  • 6 Trivia
  • 7 Footnotes
  • 8 External link

Biography Edit

Jimi Hendrix was born Johnny Allen Hendrix on November 27, 1942 at 10:15 in the morning, in Seattle ( Washington ), and was of mixed ethnicity (African-American,Cherokee and Irish). After his father, Al Hendrix, returned from his service in the army, he called his son "James Marshall Hendrix 'because Johnny was the name of a man with whom his then wife was cheating. Jimi's mother, Lucille who was 17 when she gave birth to Jimi, was a dancer and addicted to alcohol. Jimi often lived with relatives. Little "Jimmy" or "Buster", as he was known in his younger years, was always very shy and reticent. He grew up in the suburbs of Seattle. His mother died on February 2, 1958 from the effects of cirrhosis . 

Early Years Edit

From childhood he was away from music. Al Hendrix, Jimi's father, caught him regularly on the broom to use as guitar. This he saw Jimi after he had ordered to sweep the room, and after dozens of twigs on the ground found. Afterwards Al decided a ukulele rent for his son. After several months it became increasingly difficult for Jimi's father to pay the bills, as well as Jimi's ukulele. Since Al Jimi's pleasure was more important than his own, he gave the saxophone play (he played at that time itself sax) on. He was an acoustic guitar purchase for Jimi, who was now 11 years. In his thirteenth year of life, Jimi bought his first electric guitar , a Supro Ozark 1560 S. Jimi used this guitar when he played in his first band, The Rocking Kings.

In 1961 Jimi Hendrix left his high school to join the army. Later, once famous, he often told the press that he was expelled from school because the headmaster had him hand in hand walk with a white girl. This proved, after inquiring with his old classmates and his father, absolutely not true.

Jimi went into service with the Airborne Division, which was stationed in the southern US. Here he met in nearby cafes many musicians, including Billy Cox , a bassist with whom he later performed at the Woodstock festival and recorded some singles. Hendrix saw many good guitarists to work, which made a big impression on him. After fourteen months in the army have been in service he was dismissed because of a broken ankle after a failed parachute jump . Charles R. Cross, author of the book A Room Full Of Mirrors (a biography about the life of Jimi Hendrix), however, claims that Hendrix posing as homosexual , and so hoped to be discharged from the airborne division.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience [ edit ] Edit

After the resignation drew Jimi as accompanying guitarist by the United States, where he met with many soul - and blues groups appeared, including many famous names likeBB King , Little Richard , Jackie Wilson , Bo Diddley and The Isley Brothers . As a professional musician Hendrix practiced an average of 6 to 8 hours per day, a habit he would maintain until his death. In Greenwich Village in New York, where Hendrix performed as a guitarist-singer with his band Jimmy James and the Blue Flames , he was discovered by Chas Chandler (when the bass guitarist of the English group The Animals ), which saw him play in the locally renowned Cafe Wha. After a few times to have spoken to him, and to have jammed dozens of times, he asked to accompany him toEngland to get his music career off the ground there.

In England he formed a group called The Jimi Hendrix Experience. It was a group with a few fleeting together musicians sought, but which later proved to be a strong trio. Hendrix sang itself and obviously played guitar, and he was thereby rhythmically supported by Noel Redding , bass and guitar, and Mitch Mitchell on drums. Noel Redding was originally no bass and Mitch Mitchell came from a different corner of the music industry, namely jazz .

Once formed the band performed in small cafes in England. By Hendrix flamboyant appearance, his guitar technique and extravagant performances they were soon popular, but real fame was not forthcoming. The cover Hey Joe , incorporated in 1966, Jimi Hendrix was at number 6 in the UK charts. In his autobiography gives Keith Richards (guitarist of The Rolling Stones ) that his girlfriend at the time, Linda Keith, Jimi Hendrix enthusiasm from a Fender Stratocaster gave Keith Richards and a demo of the song Hey Joe by Tim Rose. According to Keith song so he obviously had his. Later, Jimi Hendrix and Linda Keith also had a brief relationship.

After their first album Are You Experienced was released in 1967, success came. The Jimi Hendrix Experience was almost in one fell swoop famous in England. Their singles were much airplay, and the band was regularly invited for TV recordings of popular music programs. As time passed, the rest of Europe began to get more and more air on The Experience. Soon Hendrix and his band toured many European countries, including France , Germany and Norway .

Although Hendrix in England boast successes and his fame spread, he was little known in the US The first show in the US at the Monterey International Pop Festival on June 18 , 1967 brought about a change; The Jimi Hendrix Experience hit like a bomb and Jimi got the status from rumor to legend. On this performance he put his guitar on fire, something that he knew but did thrice. Fired guitar piece then he hit the ground.Other gimmicks that he already used in England were playing with his teeth, and with the guitar behind his back.

Because an awkward recording contract had to be made ​​two albums in 1967. The first album Are You Experienced was in May 1967, first released. The second album Axis: Bold as Love came out late in 1967 . This includes extensive use of new guitars and studio techniques that Hendrix to this day still associated today. This album is the classic Little Wing and songs like Spanish Castle Magic, If 6 was 9, and Bold as Love.

The third album of the band, Electric Ladyland (1968) is considered by critics as the best (studio) work in his career [source?] . It was also the best selling album Hendrix ever made, and it includes timeless classics such as the cover of Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower and Voodoo Child (Slight Return) . The famous cover photo of Electric Ladyland, which 19 naked women are seen, was used against the likes of Hendrix.Hendrix himself had for this record preference for a cover photo (taken by Linda Eastman ) which he Redding and Mitchell amid some clambering children on a work of art in Central Park SAT. This can be seen on the Reprise (US) -release.

[End of The Experience edit ] Edit

The Jimi Hendrix Experience was common in television broadcasting, clubs, and sold out concert halls. The three men were each very good complement, but Noel Redding was often dissatisfied with how everything went with the band. He found the commercial hype surrounding the band and played nothing but many prefer its traditional instrument, the guitar, then bass with The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Noel Redding directed to do so next The Experience his own band, Fat Mattress. According to Mitch Mitchell, Jimi named the band sometimes Thin Pillow.

The fact that Noel had his own band meant that he and Jimi ever saw each other less in the studio. This meant among other things that Jimi himself a part of the bass make every yellowed by recording his albumElectric Ladyland (also on the other albums he played more bass). Noel often refused to do this, because Hendrix's perfectionism. For example, in the single Gypsy Eyes showed Hendrix Rescue anticipate the bass line 43 times again, to the chagrin of Redding. After a performance at the Denver Pop festival in Denver , where Hendrix and the rest of his band had to lock themselves in a truck because of hysterical fans, Noel Redding announced his departure. In 2003, Redding died as a result of liver cirrhosis.

Woodstock and the Band of Gypsys [ edit ] Edit

In August 1969, at the famous Woodstock Festival 'in New York , Hendrix surprised everyone by without notice (the presenter or announced them, but erroneously as The Jimi Hendrix Experience) suddenly appear with a completely different band on stage. He called the band Gypsy Sun and Rainbows, which existed during the Woodstock festival from among others, his old army buddy and bassist Billy Cox and drummer Mitch Mitchell Experience. The band was expanded with a second guitarist and two percussionists. His performance at Woodstock by many people one of his best live performances ever mentioned. In this show, he released a famous controversial version of the American national anthem played. Many people thought that this was a protest song against the US government, Hendrix himself said in an interview with the television program The Dick Cavett Show that this is actually not the case. "I thought it was beautiful," he said, grinning.

This band was not a long life. Hendrix was again a trio Band of Gypsys. Legendary are the performances at the famous Fillmore East around the turn of the year 1969/1970, with Billy Cox and drummer Buddy Miles.Recordings of some previously unreleased tracks from the performances include released on the album Hendrix Band of Gypsys . This lp is still regarded as one of the best live albums of all time.

[The Cry of Love Band edit ] Edit

After about two months to rest and have taken on his new album First Rays Of The New Rising Sun have worked, Hendrix decided his old band, The Jimi Hendrix Experience to bring back together. Hendrix, Mitchell and Redding had just announced to tour again, but at the last moment hooked off Redding and Jimi pulled back again Billy Cox on bass.

The band has never had an official name, but many fans who have experienced after their gigs, incidentally somewhat short tour called the band invariably The Cry of Love Band, the name of the tour itself. Many shows of this tour were professionally recorded in high quality sound and are still being considered memorable concerts by Hendrix.

Electric Lady Studios [ edit ] Edit

Throughout his long career, Hendrix told many people that he'd like a place for himself where he could quietly songs recording, composing and mixing. In the early years of his career he had simply not there for the budget, but he made ​​his dream in August 1970 finally true. He searched with his sound engineer Eddie Kramer a building somewhere in New York that could serve as a pledge to establish a studio. After a short search Kramer found a suitable location on 8th Street, and let Jimi guided by professional architects and build his dream studio. Many conflicts slowed construction: heavy rains destroyed a portion of the carcass, and pumps had to be installed when it became known that the property was situated above an underground river. Eventually, a sixfold loan from Warner Brothers had to save the studio.

Hendrix spent in the end only four weeks in the studio, three weeks therefrom, while building the studio was still in the final stages. On August 26, the construction was completed and held a grand opening party. The next day he flew to London for his performance at the Isle Of Wight Festival on August 30, 1970. Hendrix was after midnight on stage.

Electric Lady Studios , as Hendrix had named his studio after Hendrix's death has become an immensely popular studio where many famous artists have recorded their music, including John Lennon , Led Zeppelin ,The Rolling Stones , David Bowie , The Who , Stevie Wonder , Frank Zappa , Dave Matthews Band and Green Day .

Death [ edit ] Edit

Memorial stone in Germany

Hendrix died in the Samarkand Hotel in London on September 18, 1970 at the age of 27 , after being due to an overdose of sleeping pills and drinking wine in a coma was hit.This could have played a role that UK sleeping pills he had taken were stronger than the American sleeping pills, which he was accustomed. He was buried at Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton, a town at Hendrix 'hometown of Seattle (WA). After an autopsy was clear that Hendrix never in his life has been addicted to heroin , and that it therefore was not the cause of death, which at that time many people thought.

According to the book Inside the Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell would Jimi Hendrix on a stretcher in the corridor of the London hospital where he was transferred to have died due to suffocation by vomit, as African-American would not have looked back at him or, no one knew who he was.

The circumstances surrounding his death, however, are not entirely clarified. According to a former roadie he was murdered by his manager . James 'Tappy' Wright this is exposing the mysterious death of this legend; it stands in sharp contrast to the usual assumption that Hendrix choked on his own vomit from this cocktail of wine and pills.According to the roadie blurted manager Michael Jeffery after the tragedy in a ladder drunken state out that he killed Hendrix - he would have stopped him with the help of some members of drink and pills because he was worried that Hendrix would switch to another manager. Wright's belated assertion (June 2009) can not be tested for truth, because Jeffery has long been in a plane crash is deceased (three years after Hendrix's death and he would have said this about a month before the crash). [2] [3] [4]

[Influence edit ] Edit

Hendrix's style was unique, and despite his hectic touring schedule and perfectionism in the recording of songs he has left more than 300 unreleased songs. Musically lifted Hendrix arguably the electric guitar to a much higher level, and by his use of combination and include feedback , distortion and wahwahpedalen the popularity of these effects and techniques after Hendrix's death become much larger. Hendrix conceived under the influence of include blues, jazz and rhythm and blues -music, new techniques are particularly evident after his death, especially in rock music and other sub-genres. With his music and he laid the foundation for new genres. Funk (funk rock) and heavy metal are examples of this. Hendrix often played a Fender Stratocaster -gitaar, mainly thanks to him one of the most popular guitar models has become.

The influence of Hendrix on his contemporaries and current guitarists is quite large and is also reflected by artists like Slash , John Frusciante , Stevie Ray Vaughan , Joe Bonamassa , Joe Satriani , Lenny Kravitz ,Popa Chubby , John Mayer , Brian May , Steve Vai , Yngwie Malmsteen , Prince , Buddy Guy , Billy Gibbons , Jeff Beck , Kirk Hammett , Frank Zappa , Eric Johnson , Eddie Hazel , Matthew Bellamy ( Muse ), Kenny Wayne Shepherd , Johnny Lang , Walter Trout , Dave Murray and Pete Townshend to name but a mention.

Musical equipment [ edit ] Edit

[Guitars edit ] Edit

Jimi Hendrix played the following makes and models of guitars:

  • Fender
    • Stratocaster
    • Jaguar
    • Duo-Sonic and Music Master (1961)
    • Telecaster
    • Jazzmaster
  • Gibson
    • Gibson SG
    • Gibson Flying V (1967 and 1968 editions)
    • Gibson Firebird
    • Gibson Les Paul
  • Remainder
    • Danelectro Short Horn (1959)
    • Supro Ozark 1560S Electric
    • Three Rickenbackers : a bass, a six-string and a twelve string guitar
    • Martin D-45, purchased new
    • Hofner electric
    • Guild acoustic 12-string
    • Gibson stereo
    • Acoustic Black Widow
    • Zemaitis 12-string acoustic guitar (can be heard in the acoustic version of Hear My Train A-Coming)
    • Two Hagström 8-string bass (played by Hendrix Spanish Castle Magic and Axis: Bold As Love)

Eric Barrett says Hendrix normally always had multiple copies of the aforementioned instruments except the Rickenbackers. Jimi Hendrix had a specially made ​​for him Gibson Flying V. It was a left-handed Flying V with golden elements and tremoloarm . This can be seen in the vault of the Hard Rock Cafe in London .

[Amplifiers edit ] Edit

Jimi Hendrix amplifiers used the following brands:

  • Fender
  • Marshall
  • Sunn
  • Vox
  • Sound City

[Effects edit ] Edit

Jimi Hendrix effect devices used for the following brands:

  • Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face
  • Vox Wah-Wah
  • Univibe
  • Roger Mayer (Octavia)

[Discography edit ] Edit

[Albums edit ] Edit

Album with any hitnotering (s) 

in the Dutch Album Top 100

Date of 


Date of 






Comments Are you experienced 1967 -
Axis: Bold as Love 1967 -
Smash hits 1968 - Collection
Electric Ladyland 1968 -
Band of Gypsys 25-03-1970 09-01-1971 40 5 Live Album
The Who and Jimi Hendrix Experience 1970 09-01-1971 31 12 like Jimi Hendrix Experience / with The Who / Collection
Starportrait Jimi Hendrix 1971 13-02-1971 29 12 Collection
The cry of love 05-03-1971 03-04-1971 10 18
Crash landing 1975 06-09-1975 47 3
Cornerstones 1967-1970 1990 03-11-1990 34 20 Collection
The ultimate experience 1992 14-11-1992 54 11 Collection
Blues 1994 07-05-1994 35 10 Collection
Woodstock 1994 03-09-1994 57 5 Live Album
Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix 1997 27-09-1997 42 6 like Jimi Hendrix Experience / Collection
The Jimi Hendrix Experience 2000 21-10-2000 100 1 Collection
Valleys of Neptune 05-03-2010 13-03-2010 4 22 Collection
Winterland 09-09-2011 17-09-2011 93 2 like Jimi Hendrix Experience / Collection
People, Hell and Angels 2013 09-03-2013 2 1 *
Album with hitnotering (s) 

in the Flemish Ultratop 200 albums

Date of 


Date of 






Comments The best of Jimi Hendrix 1997 27-09-1997 28 5 Collection
Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix 1997 30-09-2000 36 4 Collection
Valleys of Neptune 2010 13-03-2010 6 10 *
Electric Ladyland 30-09-1969 24-04-2010 85 1 like Jimi Hendrix Experience
Are you experienced 12-05-1967 24-04-2010 72 2 like Jimi Hendrix Experience
People, Hell and Angels 2013 09-03-2013 27 1 *

[Single Edit ] Edit

Single with any hitnotering (s) 

in the Dutch Top 40

Date of 


Date of 






Comments Hey Joe 1967 11-02-1967 11 12 # 8 in the Single Top 100
Purple haze 1967 06-05-1967 14 6 like Jimi Hendrix Experience / # 11 in the Single Top 100
The wind cries Mary 1967 17-06-1967 7 8 like Jimi Hendrix Experience / # 6 in the Top 100 Single
The burning of the midnight lamp 1967 23-09-1967 30 3 like Jimi Hendrix Experience / # 20 in the Single Top 100
Foxy lady 1967 23-12-1967 31 2 like Jimi Hendrix Experience
All along the watchtower 1968 02-11-1968 10 8 like Jimi Hendrix Experience / # 9 in the Single Top 100
Crosstown traffic 1969 08-02-1969 33 3 like Jimi Hendrix Experience / # 48 in the Single Top 100
Let me light your fire 1970 17-01-1970 tip10 - like Jimi Hendrix Experience
Voodoo child 1970 05-12-1970 4 9 like Jimi Hendrix Experience / # 4 in the Single Top 100
Angel / Freedom 1971 15-05-1971 36 2
Gypsy Eyes 1971 06-11-1971 tip9 -
Crosstown traffic / Voodoo child 1990 26-05-1990 tip10 -

Radio 2 Top 2000 [ edit ] Edit

Number of quotation (s) 

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

'99 '00 '01 '02 '03 '04 '05 '06 '07 '08 '09 '10 '11 '12 '13 '14 All along the watchtower 

(Jimi Hendrix Experience)

107 130 242 146 146 136 162 158 147 142 120 138 131 123 97 156
Hey Joe 77 105 182 163 167 151 174 196 220 170 179 204 161 203 215 343
Purple haze 

(Jimi Hendrix Experience)

- 542 1236 570 491 457 421 608 636 542 382 602 329 406 377 586
The wind cries Mary 

(Jimi Hendrix Experience)

255 223 254 379 318 670 333 410 344 366 224 256 233 301 337 506
Little Wing 

(Jimi Hendrix Experience)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 1901 1070 454

DVDs [ Edit ] Edit

DVDs hitnoteringen in Dutch Music Top 30 Date of 


Date of 






Comments An experience 2010 13-03-2010 19 3
Jimi plays berkeley 2012 14-07-2012 21 2

[Performances in the Netherlands edit ] Edit

Jimi Hendrix performed three times in the Netherlands : for the first time on March 14, 1967, in "Fan Club" TV. Hendrix was allowed to play live but there were problems with noise (which was too hard). He had then miming to TV director Ralph Inbar , something that Hendrix always hated. His second visit to the Netherlands took place on 10 November 1967. From that day Hendrix was first included a performance (as well live) for the TV program Hoepla in the VPRO Vitus Studio Bussum. Of these circulating a recording (audio only) on the Internet; the ampexband is cleared. A few hours later, the Jimi Hendrix Experience gave a first - and last - Dutch concert of 55 minutes: the Hippy Happy Fair for Twieners in Old-Ahoy Hallen, a former Heliport Rotterdam, where tickets cost only five dollars. At this fair near Rotterdam Hofplein also performed other great artists on as Pink Floyd and the Bee Gees . The poster of the exhibition are among others in the Municipal Rotterdam. There is an amateur recording of the Pink Floyd concert, and a small part of the concert of Jimi Hendrix Experience.

On December 28, 1968 would again appear the Jimi Hendrix Experience in the Netherlands and in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on A to Lowlands Paradise (the predecessor of the current Lowlands in Biddinghuizen). But Hendrix remained unexpectedly in New York City. The reason for the sudden cancellation was, according to the then festival organizers against the disappointed public that Hendrix around Christmas in the US when climbing a ramp had broken his leg. This turned out not to be true.

Shortly before his death Jimi Hendrix give two concerts in De Doelen in Rotterdam. Due to illness of bassist Billy Cox was not through. A few weeks later, in September 1970, Hendrix was deceased.

Trivia Edit

  • Hendrix played left-handed in a right-handed guitar. He wrote with the right, which one can conclude that he was right-handed. Turning the right-handed guitar (so that the guitar was left handed), he did mainly because in the sixties, little left-handed guitars in stores layers, which have been weak at the time, moreover.
  • Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead has ever been a roadie for Hendrix.
  • Like many celebrities Hendrix died at the age of 27 and is an original member of the so-called 27 club

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