Jill Dorothy Ireland (London24 april 1936 – MalibuCalifornia18 may 1990) was an English actress who is best known for the many films in which she starred with her husband Charles Bronson.


[hide]*1 acting career

Acting Career[Edit]Edit

Jill Ireland began acting in the mid-fifties, with small roles in films such as The Woman for Joe and Oh ... Rosalinda. Ireland also played for television. She starred in TV series such as Star Trek, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Mannix. On the silver screen, she played mainly in films with her husband Charles Bronson Death Wish II, such as, The Mechanic and Love and Bullets .

For her contribution to the motion picture industry, Jill Ireland has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located at the location 6751 Hollywood Blvd.

Private Life[Edit]Edit

Ireland was born in London in 1936, the daughter of a wine importer[1]. Ireland is married twice. From 1957 to 1967, she was married to actor David McCallum[2]. They had three sons: Paul, Jason and Valentine. Their son Jason, who was adopted, died in 1989 at the age of 27 after a drug overdose , six months before the death of his mother. [3McCallum suggested Ireland to Charles Bronson when they both participated in the film The Great Escape in 1963. Her husband left Ireland In 1967 for Bronson, with whom she married in 1968. [4the couple had two daughters, Katrina and Zuleika. In 1984, when Ireland adopted breast cancer . Ireland underwent amastectomy and wrote about her battle with cancer in her book Life Wish. She was also spokeswoman for the American Cancer Society. [5she testified In 1988 for a Committee of the US Congress about medical costs. President Ronald Reagan awarded her with the Medal of Courage. In 1989, Irelands second book, titled Life Lines, in which she talks about the setbacks in her life, including her son Jason's drug use. Ireland was working on writing a third book, Life Times, when she died in 1990 as a result of her illness.

After her death, a TV movie made about her fight against breast cancer, based on her autobiography Life Lines. It was one of Irelands last wishes that her book could be made into a film. [3the television movieReason for Living: The Jill Ireland Story, in which Ireland is played by Jill Clayburgh, however, was challenged by her husband Charles Bronson. [3Bronson had initially allowed that Ireland was very open about her illness and her fight against cancer, but was more reserved after her death and wanted to protect the memory of Ireland. Bronson allegedly refused the $ 50,000 for the rights to Irelands book, which they agreed was with a production company. Bonny Dore, producer of the TV movie, filed a lawsuit against Bronson because of breach of contract, but the case was settled out of court. [3]


Year Film Role Comments
1955 The Woman for Joe
Oh ... Rosalinda!! Lady
Simon and Laura Burton's Receptionist Not listed
1956 Three Men in a Boat Bluebell Porterhouse
1957 There's Always a Thursday Jennifer Potter
Hell Drivers Jill, Pull In Waitress Other title: Hard Drivers
Robbery Under Arms Jean Morrison
1958 The Big Money Doreen Firth
1959 Carry on Nurse Jill Thompson
The Desperate Man Carol Bourne
The Ghost Train Murder Sally Burton Other title: Scotland Yard: The Ghost Train Murder
1960 Girls of the Latin Quarter Jill
1961 So Evil, So Young Ann
Jungle Street Sue Other title: Jungle Street Girls
Raising the Wind Janet Other title: Roommates
1962 The Battleaxe Audrey Page
Twice Round the Daffodils Janet Other title: What a Carry On: Twice Round the Daffodils
1968 Villa Rides Girl in restaurant
1969 Twinky Girl at the airport Not listed
1970 Rider on the Rain Nicole Other title: Le Passager de la Pluie
Città violenta Young Bram Other title: Violent City
Cold Sweat Moira
1971 1982 Frances Jeffries Other title: Someone Behind the Door
1972 The Valachi Papers Maria Reina Valachi
The Mechanic The girl Other title: Killer or Killers
1973 Valdez Horses Catherine Other titles: ChinoValdez the Halfbreed & Wild Horses
1975 Breakout Ann Wagner
Hard Times Lucy Simpson Other titles: Street Fighter & The Streetfighter
Breakheart Pass Marica
1976 From Noon till Three Amanda
1979 Love and Bullets Jackie Pruit
1982 Death Wish II Geri Nichols
1987 Assassination Lara Royce Craig
Caught Janet Devon
Year Title Role Comments
1959 The Voodoo Factor Renee Number of episodes not known
1960 Juke Box Jury 1 episode
1961 Armchair Theatre Sybil Vane 1 episode
Kraft Mystery Theatre 1 episode
Ghost Squad Anna 1 episode
1963 Richard the Lionheart Marianne 1 episode
1964 Ben Casey Julie Carr 1 episode
The Third Man Julia 1 episode
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Julie Lyle 1 episode
1964-1967 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Multiple roles 5 episodes
1965 My Favorite Martian Zelda 1 episode
1965-1966 Twelve O'Clock High Alyce Carpenter/Sara Blodgett 2 episodes
1966 The Wackiest Ship in the Army 1 episode
Shane Marian Starrett 17 episodes
1967 Star Trek Leila Kalomi 1 episode
1968 Mannix Ellen Kovak 1 episode
1969 Daniel Boone Angela 1 episode
1972 Night Gallery Ann Loring 1 episode
1980 The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything Charla O'Rourke television film

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