James (Jamie) Trevor Oliver MBE ( May 27, Clavering1975), nicknamed the Naked Chef, is a well-known British chef.


[hide]*1 early life and career

Youth and career[Edit]Edit

In his native town where he grew up, his parents owned a pub-restaurant (The Cricketers) and Jamie helped after school time with it in the kitchen [1]. When he was 16, Jamie Oliver went out of school. His dream was to become chef. He signed up at Westminister catering College, took classes in France and joined the well-known Italian chef Antonio Carluccio. He went on working in the River Café in London.

It was in the River Café that Jamie first came into contact with television. One day a television crew recording for the documentary Christmas at the River Café. The editors of the program soon noticed the fresh and young cook on; the camera was constantly focused on Jamie. The day that the program appeared on television, Jamie got several offers from television producers.

Ultimately, Jamie in sea with Daily Television, the producer of the highly successful cooking show Two Fat Ladies. The idea behind The Naked Chef was for food to bring back to the essence, food to ' Strip ' to the core (hence the name Naked). The program would show that you have no expensive ingredients and kitchen machines need to prepare something smakelijks.

Meanwhile, Jamie ten cookbooks to his credit. In addition to the worldwide fame, which he has, through his books and programs is Jamie consultant chef at Monte's restaurantin London and he writes articles for the Saturday Times Magazine. He was featured in an advertising campaign of a supermarket chain, but there was the BBC not happy with it. He also started the restaurant Fifteen in London, where 15 disadvantaged young people are trained to horeca-pros. In the future, Oliver more similar restaurants set up inGreat Britain, but also in Sydney and New York City. There is already a Fifteen restaurant in the Eastern Docklands area in Amsterdam. Jamie Oliver also started an action for improving the quality of school meals [2.

Private Life[Edit]Edit

On 24 June 2000 Oliver married former model Juliette Norton, also known as "Jools". The couple met in 1993 and have three daughters and a son. The family lives in ClaveringEssex.


  • Jamie Oliver has its own beer: Lady Marmalade. [3]
  • In October 2012 was Jamie Oliver as honorary Knight included in the Chivalry of the stirring stick der Banerjee. This is an award for individuals who have proven their services for the brewer's job. The award is awarded by the Association of Belgian Brewers. [4]


Jamie Oliver wrote several successful cookbooks:

  • Jamie's America
  • Jamie's ministry of food
  • Jamie At Home
  • Cook With Jamie
  • Jamie's Little Book Of Big Treats
  • Jamie's Italy
  • Jamie's Dinners
  • Jamie's Kitchen
  • Happy Days with the Naked Chef
  • Return of the Naked Chef
  • The Naked Chef
  • Jamie in 30 minutes
  • Jamie in 15 minutes
  • Save with Jamie

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