Jack William Nicklaus, also known as The Golden Bear (Columbus, OhioJanuary 21, 1940) is an American golfer.

Nicklaus was in 1961 and 1962 played in his first professional tournament on the PGA Tour. He came in his career to 111 professional victories, including 73 on the PGA Tour, 10 on the Champions Tour and 28 other achievements.

Nicklaus has won eight times the Order of Merit of the PGA Tour. More often than it's rivals ' Tiger Woods (7 x) and Arnold Palmer (4 x).


[hide]*1 Best golfer of all time

Best golfer of all time[Edit]Edit

Along with Tiger Woods, Gary Player and Arnold Palmer he belongs to the best golfers of all time. Of the 60 's to mid-late 80 's he was very successful on the PGA Tour and from early-mid 90 's until now on the Champions Tour. Until recently, Nicklaus is widely acknowledged as the best golfer of all time. Starting from 2006 , the discussion or Tiger Woods has taken over whether or not this status, there is much to say in favour of both men. Nicklaus has in absolute numbers most tournaments won, but Woods has won more than Nicklaus at his age at the time and dominating, but here is about to discuss, his era more than Nicklaus did. So was Woods eight times best player on the PGA Tour and Nicklaus five times.


In total, Nicklaus won a record 18 Majors . He was many times on the stage of a Major and dozens of times in the top ten.


Tiger Woods has won 14 Majors, 9 Gary Player , Tom Watson and Arnold Palmer 7 8.



Nicklaus said goodbye to golf on the Old Course of St Andrews Links, after British Open by July 2005. A Scottish bank honoured him on that occasion with a 5 pound Sterling banknote. This honor is at life normally only members of the Royal family to share.

Nowadays runs Nicklaus Golden Bear International, a company that designs golf courses. He lives with his wife Barbara Bash in Palm Beach, Florida. They have five children and numerous grandchildren.


Along with Arnold Palmer is the Nicklaus ' merit that golf is today a popular spectator sport. Palmer made golf a tv sport and his rivalry with Nicklaus made sure that Gulf gained popularity.

Golf Course architect[Edit]Edit

Nicklaus has many courts. His first job in Europe was St Mellion. His first job in Russia was the Tseleevo Golf & Polo Club , nowadays he works together with his three sons and his son-in-law. Their company has almost 400 golf courses on all continents designed, inter alia:

Nicklaus Design is working on the next courses:

  • Ullna Golf Club, renovation, will reopen in 2013
  • Chambord Country Club near Paris

See the complete list of golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus.


  • In comparison, Tiger Woods came so far in his career to 76 professional victories, of which 54 on the PGA Tour; Gary Player to 163, 24 of which are on the PGA Tour and Arnold Palmer to 95, of which 62 on the PGA Tour.

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