Interview with the Vampire  is a novel by US author Anne Rice . It tells the story of the vampire Louis de Pointe de Lac .

Interview with the Vampire is the first part of the series The Vampire Chronicles . The other five are called parts of the series:

  • The Vampire Lestat
  • Queen of the Damned
  • The Tale of the Body Thief
  • Memnoch the Devil
  • The Vampire Armand

In 1994 the was Neil Jordan film directed Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles released with starring Tom Cruise (Lestat de Lioncourt), Brad Pitt (Louis de Pointe du Lac), Antonio Banderas (Armand),Stephen Rea (Santiago ), Christian Slater (Daniel Malloy) and Kirsten Dunst (Claudia)

Story Edit

A young man interviews a 200 year old vampire Louis, who talks about his life before he met the vampire who made him immortal. He also tells of his life as immortal in the New Orleans of the eighteenth century, which he shares with the vampire Lestat and eventually with child vampire Claudia.

Louis' father had already died young and Louis took care of his sister, brother and mother. When his brother died, Louis felt that this was his fault and started drinking. On a night when he was drunk, Louis was attacked by a vampire. The vampire, Louis drained and dead. Louis, however, was not dead, and he was quickly found. That night the vampire in search of his victim and offered him immortality. Louis became a vampire.

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