Inferno is a book written by American author Dan Brown and is the fourth part in his Robert Langdon-series. It was preceded by angels and demonsthe Da Vinci Codeand the lost symbolInferno was released on 14 may 2013 by publishing house Doubleday in the United States. [1a Dutch translation was published on the same day. [2]this translation was provided by Marion Delmonte, Erica Fade and Yolande Lana and editor Theo Veenhof. A trailer for the book was distributed via YouTube.


[hide]*1 main characters

Lead Actors[Edit]Edit

Read warning: text below contains details about the content and/or the end of the story.*

Robert Langdon, Professor of art history at the University of Harvard. Throughout the story he is suffering retrograde amnesia, caused by benzodiazepinesadministered to him.

  • Bertrand Zobrist. Biochemius, a genius who is seriously concerned about the threat of overpopulation and an admirer of Dante Alighieri. Just before the beginning of the story, he commits suicide by of the Badia tower to Florence to jump. [3]
  • Sienna Brooks. She carries an IQ of 208 and graduated as a doctor. She is both an admirer as a sweetheart of Bertrand and is therefore doubly shocked by his suicide.
  • The Provost. He is the head and also owner of the Consortium, an employment agency for complex to impossible business. Sienna has worked for the Organization in the past and they got done that Bertrand can work undisturbed to an invention for a year under the protection of the Consortium. After the suicide of Bertrand and a shocking video message from him, which about 1 day contractually to the world should be shown, is the Provost doubt his organization and his last job.
  • Elizabeth Sinskey. She is in her childhood medications barren hit and is now as elderly woman moved up to the head of the WHO. She fears that Bertrand after his suicide still a monster virus on mankind will let go and they clear Robert Langdon in to help her.


Professor Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital with a head wound and amnesia. The last thing he remembers is that he was on the Harvard campus walking pretty fast, but he realizes that he is in Florence is.Sienna Brooks is one of the doctors and she explains to him that he is recovering from an attack with a bullet after which he himself on foot in case of emergency is walked in. Vayentha suddenly pops up on; She is a murderess who invade the hospital know. She shoots one of the doctors who for Robert provides death and goes to Roberts room. Sienna takes Robert and flight with him to her apartment.

After Sienna the details on his arrival at the hospital has been checked, Robert finds a cylinder with a biohazard symbol (dangerous biological waste). This stood in his jacket and he decides to call at the US Consulate. There is told him that one is looking for him and the consulate asks for the address where he is now. On Sienna's advice Robert them a place opposite Sienna's apartment so Sienna not even more involved in this mysterious situation. Robert soon sees an armed Vayentha which is on its way to the location that Robert had passed to the Consulate. This is the time when Robert and Sienna are convinced that the u.s. State to kill them.

Robert decides to the cylinder to view closer and sees that there is a hi-tech projector is that an edited version of Botticelli's ' the map portrays the hell '. At the bottom of the lighting one can see the text "The truth can be glimpsed only through the eyes of death". At that time fall soldiers Sienna's apartment. They can but just in time to escape. Robert and Sienna walk towards the old city centre, with the idea that the cylinder has to do something with Dante. On their way they come to know that the Florentijne police and the ' Carabinieri ' have closed bridges and are looking for a man and a woman, which is perfect to their description.

If they have come to rest here, are watching Robert de map again. It strikes him that different letters were visible CATROVACER. At first glance, he could not, but when he took the card back in its original version was trying to recover, it occurred to him that the letters two Italian words were: ' cerca trova '. Robert know that this same words are like on the painting by Vasari ' the battle of Marciano ', which is located in the Palazzo Vecchio is. Robert and get away via the Sienna Buontalenti-cave by an old road leading into the old ' Vasari corridor ' on the Ponte Vecchio. This leads to the Palazzo Vecchio. It takes quite some effort but eventually State Robert for the painting ' the battle of Marciano '. He tries to find out where he now go by the ' eyes of death ' to link to its location. A guard sees him and is worried. He must inform the Director of the museum in the Palazzo Vecchio, Marta Alvarez. It recognizes Robert immediately, because the previous evening with Ignazio Busoni visited the museum. Ignazio is the Director of ' Il duomo ', the Duomo of Florence. She leads Robert and Sienna by stairs to ' the battle of Marciano '[4and Robert realizes that the top of the stairs are on the same height as the words "Cerca Trova" in the painting.

Marta tells Robert that she has shown him the previous night, Dantes Mask that is in a different room. Robert tries to reconstruct the previous evening. She takes him to the mask and together they come to the discovery that it has disappeared. See the security with the three movies in which they see Robert and Ignazio steal the mask. Marta Ignazio tries to detect, but comes off at his Secretary who tells him that Ignazio died of a heart attack the previous night and that he has left a message to Robert Langdon. Ignazio's Secretary asks for Robert to be able to speak and gives him the message by: Ignazio tells on an esoteric way where the mask is located and refers thus to ' Paradise 25 '.

At that time they decide to flee and they escape along the guards, but soldiers arrived just then. As they cross the attic over, where Sienna it has faces Vayentha, which it does not reach in the fight. Sienna and Robert walk further to the baptistery, opposite the Dom, where they find the mask with a riddle of the current owner, Bertrand Zobrist. Sienna knows Bertrand Zobrist and explains later to Robert that he is a geneticist who against the growth of humanity is no longer under control because humanity itself has. He would also work on a way to a disease develop that would wipe out part of the world's population.

A man, Sean Ferris, who claimed to be the World Health Organization, helps them when they come from the Baptistry from the hands of the soldiers to stay. Ferris has some dirty spots, which seem suspiciously like those of the plague. They follow the puzzle suddenly falls unconscious to Venice, where Ferris. One thinks immediately of the plague, seen a disease could eradicate people worldwide. Sienna convinces Robert and makes him believe that Ferris succumbed to the effects of the plague, Zobrists pest.

At that time Robert is arrested by the soldiers, while Sienna manages to escape. They bring him to Elizabeth Sinskey, a woman he had in his mind and that he thought dreamed to have. It turns out to be the Director of the World Health Organization. She knows that Zobrist had committed suicide a week earlier, but also that he is a great supporter of Dante was. Elizabeth came via Zobrists safe to the cylinder and flew to Robert in Florence to the prompts. However, suddenly stopped communicating with Robert after the meeting with Marta and Wereldgezonheidsorganisatie therefore the Ignazio and feared that he had betrayed them and actually worked with Zobrist. The soldiers wanted to kill him at all.

Zobrist had ' the consortium ' paid to protect the cylinder until a specified date. The consortium has a reputation of strict secrecy. He also had a video left behind in which the place where the plague was clogged was visible. The video was not clear, the only thing one heard and saw was water with a bag inside it. In the video indicated that the world would change the next day. Here the story is clearer: the Provost and his team (Vayentha) Robert kidnapped after meeting with Marta and Ignazio, but Robert had not yet fully solved the puzzle. They gave him a drug that would erase his short-term memory and created a nepwond on Roberts head. Sienna, Vayentha and Ferris are all actors to work for the Consortium. The phone call to the Consulate was even part of the feigned reality. The Consortium decided to collaborate with the World Health Organisation. And Ferris just had an allergic reaction.

Sienna turned out to be a good friendship with Zobrist to have had and she stood fully behind his denkwijzes. Through the help of Robert is they found out where the plague stood. Robert had solved the puzzle for her after all. Robert didn't know if Sienna had to be the place where they had come to know, but if they didn't already know, then it would probably not be long. Robert itself found out that the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul was supposed to be, that is the place where Enrico Dandalo was buried. When they arrive there, they see that they are too late. Sienna had found the net for them. The bag was already broken and the way this happened, was genius: the disease would spread through the water that the whole of Istanbul provides of water distributed. Try to escape by Sienna in Turkish to call something what panic among visitors. Robert haunts her.

At this time we come to know that the bag was already gone and broken a week earlier that the date that was called, was no more than the date on which the world's population would be infected already. Sienna was eventually get on the good side, she tried to prevent the disaster. The only reason she looks so mysterious about had done, was because they didn't trust the World Health Organization. that works together with Governments and who are able to use incorrectly, the virus as a weapon. The leader of the Consortium tried to escape to the World Health Organization, but was arrested by Turkish police.

The virus will at an average of one-third of people catch on, after which one is infertile. Ultimately choose Sienna for cooperation with the WHO, to map out the impact of the virus. Bertrand Zobrist was geobserdeerd by the work of Malthus and he designed a solution for humanity, which would cause much unrest. The book concludes with an open ending flying back to Boston as Robert.


Dan Brown announced the title for his new book to on 15 January 2013 [5], after which the design for the cover followed in February 2013. The cover shows the famous Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore from Italy. A short preview of Inferno was published along with a free e-book the Da Vinci Code 's in March 2013.

Inferno was translated into French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish and Dutch for a simultaneous publication with the English version. Two teams of translators were accommodated in all secrecy in the headquarters of Mondadori in Milan and in the basement of Random House in London between February and april 2013. 

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