Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is an American adventure film from 1989. It is the third installment in the Indiana Jones series. This film was directed by Steven Spielberg and partly written by George Lucas. The lead role was again played by Harrison Ford. The father of Indiana is played by Sean Connery, Connery is less than 12 years older than Ford.


[hide]*1 Story


The film begins with a prologue in 1912. The 13-year-old Indy are trying the cross of Coronado (a relic that belonged to Francisco Vásquez de Coronado) to keep out of the hands of grave robbers. However, he fails. In 1938 he undertakes as an adult a second attempt, and this time with success. He gives the cross to Marcus Brody'smuseum. Shortly after this adventure Indiana meets the wealthy Walter Donovan, who tells him that Indy's father, Dr. Henry Jones, has disappeared during his search for the latest indication, the Holy Grail. Indy will also receive a special package, which turns out to contain his father's Journal . He has all his clues as to the whereabouts of the Grail written down. The search for the Grail there his father's life's work was his father, realizes that Indy in trouble (otherwise he would not have sent his journal to his son). Along with Marcus Brody and the mysterious Dr. Elsa Schneider, who has worked for a long time for Indy's father, is Indy looking for him.

The quest begins in the catacombs beneath the library in Venice, where Henry Jones was last seen. However, at the entrance to the catacombs Marcus decides to wait for Indy and Elsa the tomb of Sir Richard, one of the Knights of the first crusade, have found and coming back. Indy and Elsa find indeed the tomb of Sir Richard Marcus, but is knocked unconscious by one of the men of the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword, a secret religious organization that protects the Grail, and Indy and Elsa are ambushed by the Brotherhood. They stick the catacombs in fire, but Indy and Elsa survive the fire by hiding in the Tomb. After they escape by motorboat, where they shake off all the members of the Brotherhood.

Indy eventually discovers that his father is being held by the nazi's in a castle on the border with Austria. When he and Elsa here penetrate inside, steals the diary, Walter Donovan and Elsa follows him and let Indy locking up when Henry.

Indiana and Henry managed to escape, and travel to Berlin in order to recover the stolen journal. In the journal is how the three traps, which can bypass the road block for the Grail. They succeed in their mission but are discovered by the Nazis. A wild pursuit per car, plane and zeppelinis the consequence. During the flight they release also Marcus, who had given Indiana a map showing the location of the temple with the Grail.

The Jones ', Bradley Marcus and their guide travel down to the Canyon of the Crescent Moon, where the temple with the Grail is located. The Nazis, however, wait for them. Donovan, one of those Nazis shoot Henry down so that Indiana forced is the Grail to go get. With the instructions from the book Indiana bypasses all obstacles, and ends up in a room full of cups. Here is also a Knight of the first crusade, which after all these centuries is still alive thanks to the Grail. Indiana must own the good Grail between the many nepgralen in the room.Donovan and Elsa also arrive in the room. Donovan grabs a gold, with jewels on the advice of Elsa-covered Cup, and drink it. However, this is a nepgraal and through out this false Cup to drink, his body is rapidly aging, and perishes to dust.

Indiana choose well the real Grail, a simple Cup with a golden inside. He drinks one myself out as a test. Das confirms that it is indeed the correct Grail. He warns that the Grail Indy does not have the seal at the exit of the temple go to go. Indy takes the Cup into the room to save his father. Indy reached his father, and pour holy water from the Grail over his wound so that his gunshot wound heals. Elsa tries to flee with the Grail, which she runs with the Grail on the seal in the temple.The ground drops away under her feet, and she falls into a gap. Indy tries to grab the Grail yet, but Elsa and Indy let Elsa fall. Afraid to let the Grail Henry advises Indy for what he is. Together they flee from the temple.

While Henry, Indiana, Mark Bradley and the setting sun drive, Henry reveals that Indy's real name is Henry Jones Jr. is. He also tells that ' Indiana ' used to be the name of their dog, to the great pleasure of Bradley.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character
Harrison Ford Indiana Jones
Sean Connery Dr. Henry Jones
Denholm Elliott Dr. Marcus Brody
Alison Doody Dr. Elsa Schneider
John Rhys-Davies Bradley
Julian Glover Walter Donovan
River Phoenix young Indy
Michael Byrne Bird
Rakei Malikyan Kazim
Robert Eddison Grail Knight
Richard Young Fedora
Alexei Sayle Sultan
Alex Hyde-White young Henry



After the outcome of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Steven Spielberg decided to finish the trilogy. This both for its promise to comply, if George Lucas to "are to apologize" for the second film. To make "The Last Crusade", he hit the offer to the Rain Man movies and directing off Big .

For the film was initially the plan of Sun Wukong and taken a ghost Castle. These were even though the original plans for "The Temple of Doom". Chris Columbus processed this idea into a script entitled Indiana Jones and the Monkey King. Lucas, however, came with the suggestion for the Holy Grail. Spielberg had previously rejected this idea because he found it very similar to come up with Monty Python and the Holy Grail. When he came to introduce themselves with the idea of Indy's father and a father-son story-story, a theme that is used more often by Spielberg. He accepted the idea of the search for the Holy Grail, and rejected the script by Chris Columbus.

Lucas came up with the idea for the prologue with a young Indy.


The shots were launched on 16 May 1988 with a budget of $ 36 million. Recordings found among other things in VeniceAlmeríaJordanAustriaGermanyNew MexicoColoradoUtah and Texas. However, the first film was shot in Cinemascope and in Spain, where the pursuit with the tanks was recorded. Spielberg worked during the shooting the original plan of the scene further out, and made him a lot more extensive than originally planned.

After three weeks of filming in Spain the recordings went further in the Elstree Studios for 10 weeks. Here were the many included filming. The recordings started in Venice on August 7, 1988.

The opening scene with River Phoenix was three weeks after the main work was done well.


The film premiered in 2327 cinemas in North America. Worldwide the film brought $ 474 million on the film. the second most successful movie of 1989 ( Batman only scored better). The film was also well received by critics.

Awards and nominations[Edit]Edit

Like the previous film was "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" nominated for 22 prizes, 5 of which he won.

  • Four Saturn Awards:
    • Best actor (Harrison Ford)
    • Best costumes
    • Best fantasy film
    • Best script
  • The DVDX Award for Best Overall DVD, Classic Movie.

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