The Indian national cricket team is the national cricket team of India. It was the sixth country that got the status of Test cricket ; the first test was played in 1932 against England. At this time, the Indian cricket team in terms of sponsoring the best paid sports team in the world. [1]


[hide]*1 History


Already in 1721 was the first game played in India. The game was brought back by the British. In 1848 was the Oriental Cricket Club as the first club founded in Bombay.At the beginning of the 20th century for several Indians came out for the English national cricket team, some of which also impressed right away. India was admitted In1926 within the ICC and in 1932 became the first test match played. It would take a long time before the first victory was achieved. This was only after independence in1948.


When India played their first test match in 1932, it was regarded as one of the weakest countries. Despite that the team improved only after 50 years later, India was one of the countries to be reckoned with in the Test cricket and one-day cricket. Due to the large population of the country and the enormous popularity of cricket, India can produce many top players. This was first exhibited in 1983, when the country was world champion , by defeating the West Indies by 43 runs. 28 years later, in 2011, was the world title again in their own country.

The team won the ICC Champions Trophy in 2002, shared with Sri Lanka. In Asia there is also played to the Asia Cup; India is in this tournament the most successful of all time with 5 final victories (1984, 1988, 1990/1991, 1995, 2010) and 2 final places (1997, 2004).

Twenty 20 WORLD CUP[Edit]Edit

India was the champion of the first edition of Twenty 20 World Cup in South Afrika.In the final India- Pakistan reports has their neighbors.

Results at international tournaments[Edit]Edit

World Championship[Edit]Edit

1975 · First round 1979 · First round 1983 · Winner 1987 · Third

1992 · First round 1996 · Third 1999 · Second round 2003 · Second

2007 · First round 2011 · Winner

Twenty20 World Championship[Edit]Edit

2007 · Winner

2009 · Second round

2010 · Second round

Other important tournaments[Edit]Edit

ICC Champions Trophy Commonwealth Games Asia Cup Asian Test Championship Australasia Cup

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