ice cream (also: ice cream cone or ice cream) is a serving of ice cream on a stick or in a Horn.


[hide]*1 Horn


A horn is an edible ice cube tray of waffle dough. The oldest recipes for edible bowls date back to French cookbooks from 1825. The Horn in combination with ice was only popular in the early 20th century, namely at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904.

Frederick Bruckman patent early in 1912 to a cornets rolling machine. [1before the invention of these were the waffles with the hand rolled up. Also there were metal and paper cones.


Ice cream's forms are:

Linguistic aspects[Edit]Edit

The word ice cream is most likely derived from ' ijscompagnie ', a company that operated in the 20 's ijswagentjes. On the side of the carts was ice cream., what to kind name has become. [2]

In large parts of Flanders in an ice cream with a stick called a frisco . A horn in East Flanders is called a turret and there is also a variant between the two, thin, hard wafers, which is called a cadet .

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