House M.D. (also called House ) is an American Hospital series developed by David Shore for the US television channel Fox. The lead role of Dr. Gregory House is played by the English actor Hugh Laurie. The series ran for eight seasons. [1]

The series was repeated in 2004 after his award-winning debut. In Netherlands, the series was broadcast by SBS6NET 5 and RTL 8, which resumed in december 2010 is from episode 1 season 1, but that's broken off in mid-2011. In Belgium, the series was originally broadcast by VTM. Since september 2007 the series was to follow onchannel two (now 2BE). Since August 2012 VTM started broadcasting the series again, starting from episode 1 season 1. House is also shown on the digital channel 13th Street. In the UNITED STATES is the title song of House Teardrop by Massive Attack, his other songs used in Europe.


[hide]*1 Story


The British actor Hugh Laurie plays Dr. Gregory House, a medical genius who leads a team of young diagnosticians. He is not only very by itself, but also blunt and rude and would prefer to avoid all contact with his patients. His direct way of communicating and cynical comments make it almost impossible for many people to deal with him.Partly his behavior by the chronic pain in his right leg, caused by a wrong medical treatment. Nevertheless, he is held in high regard because of its ability to seemingly terminally ill patients to diagnose and treat. This, and his penchant for medical issues, making him the last hope for "untreatable" patients with unusual and mysterious diseases. House ' philosophy is easiest to set as follows: "The truth of the human condition is that everyone lies. The only variable is about what. " Dr. James Wilson(Robert Sean Leonard), head of Oncology, is his only friend and also the only one who accepts all his defects. He tries to behave as social House. With Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), head of the hospital, House has a love-hate relationship. It recognises him to his work, but has her hands full to his behavior. To combat the pain in his leg used House Vicodin. This medium is also a source of conflict, because it is addictive and his colleagues think it his work negatively. But especially if he did not do the middle. the team of the first season remains virtually all eight seasons in tact, with the exception of Dr. Allison Cameron (played by Jennifer Morrison), who after the sixth season no longer returns, and Dr. Lisa Cuddy (played by Lisa Edelstein) who leaves the series after the seventh season. [2]

Season one, two and three[Edit]Edit

Doctor Gregory House has an elite team of young medical experts gathered where he works. Dr. Eric Foreman (Omar Epps) is a neurologist with a slightly suspect past,Dr. Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) a passionate immunologist and Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer) is a smart, but conceited IC-doctor. Together with them trying House on unconventional way to save the lives of patients. For example, a team member so feel free to let him hack into the home of a patient, to look for clues that could explain the disease. In addition to solving the medical puzzle play a role the personal circumstances of the various players. So meet Chase his father after having had no contact for a very long time, Cameron is in love with House, getting Foreman a deadly infection, Wilson once again separate goes and pulls from House and get Chase and Cameron a relationship. House itself is facing an extremely ambitious Board Chairman and a vindictive policeman. Also his former lover Stacy (Sela Ward), comes back into his life. First because her husband an unclear condition, later she is a lawyer employed by the hospital.

Season four[Edit]Edit

Having been in the finale of season three Foreman and Cameron have taken resignation and Chase gets fired, starts season four with House that only a case trying to solve. Cuddy forces him to adopt a new team, however, and he answers to this request by forty people to believe; This Cuddy's to the chagrin. After a kind of play for House, with good and bad responses from the candidates and correct and incorrect diagnoses remained there three people about who the new team of House forms: Dr. Chris Taub (Peter Jacobson), Dr. Lawrence Kutner (Kal Penn) and Dr. Remy ' Thirteen ' Hadley (Olivia Wilde). Salient detail is that the actors who played the forty applicants knew in advance which of them would not continue. Only after the appearance of the script of a new episode was there known who is out of the game. For the actors was therefore a real waste race. The last one that losing weight is Amber (Anne Dudek). However, she comes back as the girlfriend of Wilson. Foreman tries to work somewhere else, but because he is too much the way House has taken over failing that and he comes back to Princeton to get back to work for House. Also Chase and Cameron are still working in the same hospital, even if they get much less playing time and only occasionally come into the picture at a consultation, surgery (Chase) or if the first aid (Cameron) comes into the picture. The final of this season is a double episode where House loses his memory in a bus accident. Also Amber is in the same bus and will eventually (indirectly) to the injuries they incur death.

Season five[Edit]Edit

Thirteen has this nickname due to the song she had at the waste race during the application period. In season four has shown that the (ultimately fatal) has Huntington's disease . Get that her colleagues on the well-known blunt way of House to hear. He finds that it affects her judgment. Though she gets a relationship with Foreman. Wilson wants away at Princeton hospital, according to House a ridiculous decision because it does fail, but also his career because he lost his only friend will hit. Cuddy's biological clock is ticking and she decides that she wants a child. First by himself and later through adoption. House makes the hair of course not easy, but on his way he helps her though. The father of House dies and House do not want to go to the funeral because it says to know that it is not his biological father. Wilson forces a breakthrough.House hires a private detective, Lucas Douglas (Michael Weston), in order to spy on Wilson and his staff. Kutner commits to the dismay of everyone halfway through the series suicide whereby Foreman become more active in the team. Cameron still in marriage and Later asks Chase after getting rid of any obstacles, the ceremony took place during the last episode. House is not one of them. So by the end of the season he begins to hallucinate in the person of Amber, the deceased friend of Wilson, which makes him confused at diagnosis. He tries everything to get away from it, but in the end he admits that he needs help and if we see that Wilson Cliffhanger House delivers a mental hospital.

Season six[Edit]Edit

Begins with an extra long episode in which we House experience in the mental hospital. Of course, he finds that he can go home after it has been cleaned up of the Vicodin. But his psychiatrist does not cure and as long as he gets his House has been declared not doctors license does not return. He first tries the doctors and nurses on rattle so they will dismiss him of misery. But there they cross a stop to it. Then he tries it with deception and if that also doesn't help he gives himself over to the treatment. In between, he has a lot of influence on his fellow patients. After his resignation he goes live at the request of his psychiatrist at Wilson to make less likely that he will get a kickback. Foreman has since taken charge of the team, but that is not going without a hitch. By his love affair with Thirteen has affected their business contact there. It seems to him the best he dismisses her. If he does, she is going away from him. Taub would only work under House and takes itself dismissal. Chase and Cameron jump, but things are not running smoothly. House comes back again and sees chance Taub and Thirteen of retrieval. Now get Cuddy a relationship with Douglas, the private detective. An episode is largely dedicated to Cuddy, we see her during one day struggling with a few complex administrative problems. Wilson also has a episode that largely to him is dedicated. He buys a different apartment and House follows him. So by the end of the season he gets a relationship with one of his ex-wives, of course this is grist to the mill of House. We also see that Chase and Cameron (wedding) problems get through a medical act of Chase.

Season seven[Edit]Edit

After the season finale of season six, in which you see that House and Cuddy get a relationship, try House and Cuddy their relationship at work to make it work. Cuddy wants to keep secret, but the first House tells this of course to anyone. We also see that Thirteen leaves the team of House. When Cuddy a serious illness to her kidneys turns out to have no know House Council. To relieve the pain he takes a few Vicodin. This is not good at Cuddy, because it gives her the impression that House there just for her may have been under the influence of Vicodin. That's why Cuddy it out and goes back to the House again finally desperate Vicodin. He tries as much as possible from the "break up" to get, such as a plasma tv, a monster truck and a wedding. In the season final drive House Cuddy's House with his car. After this, he ends up for about 6 months in prison.

Season eight[Edit]Edit

This season begins with a scene in which House is tells that he was only a week have to be in prison, provided he behaves well. It is further built up in this season much to the ultimate House MD final, which was broadcast in America on May 21, 2012. At Thirteen, Wilson is cancer comes back and Foreman Cuddy's course takes over.

After a joke does House everything we can to stay out of prison, he asks him to dying people, instead of going to prison. House puts his own death scene, so he remains out of jail, no need to commit suicide (dead seems boring him) and he Wilson a few good "last months" can give. While Wilson speaks at his funeral, nice started, but after this failed he began to tell the hard truth about House, he receives a sms: "shut up, you idiot." Wilson finds House and together they go the last 5 months of Wilsons celebrate life.

Course delivery[Edit]Edit

Episodes of the series expired often according to a fixed pattern:

  • In a patient unless proved otherwise, any condition, usually in acute form and life-threatening.
  • House and his underlings start to the differential diagnosis and try to recognize and combat the disease.
  • Invariably they sit next to it, as demonstrated by the deteriorating state of the patient (sometimes the motions relating to medications).
  • Around the 38th minute of an episode gets House than a "revelation" (usually by something that is totally unrelated to the symptoms), then the correct diagnosis. Usually it is an extremely rare condition that virtually no doctor ever get to see: the reality series has no medical value. In three seasons he has run only once a diagnosis has been made, under the influence of narcotics wrong end-abstinence.

In between, he almost inadvertent way treats patients with normal symptoms, something he hates it. Raids for out-patient services are a regularly recurring object of betting.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

  • Hugh Laurie - Dr. Gregory House -head of the Department "Diagnostic Medicine", specialist in infectious infectious diseases and nephrologist.
  • Robert Sean Leonard - Dr. James Wilson -head of the Department of Oncology and House ' best (and only) friend.
  • Lisa Edelstein - Dr. Lisa Cuddy -head of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH). She is therefore House ' boss. Cuddy is endocrinologist. (Until season 7)
  • Jesse Spencer - Dr. Robert Chase IC-doctor, worked under the direction of House. After being in the finale of season 3 was fired by House, he has been working as a surgeon in the surgery department of PPTH. After the team of House in the beginning of season 6 is significantly thinned out he returns along with Cameron back in the team.
  • Omar Epps - Dr. Eric Foreman neurologist, works under the leadership of House. In season 3, after he had resigned, but nowhere could find work because he had taken over many properties of House is he returned to PPTH to get back to work for House. In season 8 Foremann is head of the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH). This task he has retrieved from Cuddy.
  • Peter Jacobson - Dr. Chris Taub plastic surgeon, worked under the direction of House. In the episode ' Ugly ' became clear why he had stopped his practice, namely because he had committed adultery with a sister and his partners still hold him only if he promised to this dismissal would take. Of the three new team members is Taub enters the one that is most against House. At the beginning of season 6, he on because he thinks House has stopped working at PPTH.
  • Olivia Wilde - Remy Hadley "Thirteen" Internist, was number 13 of the 40 people who House had assumed for the job and everyone keeps her ' Thirteen ' call, even if it is ' game ' about it. In "House's Head" calls Cuddy her ' Dr. Hadley ', on which House against Cuddy says he doesn't even know her name. In the episode ' Emancipation ', it proposes, however, for himself as Remy Hadley. In the episode ' You Don't Want To Know ' originates from that Thirteens mother died to the Huntington's disease. In the finale of season 4 she decides finally to test himself and comes from that she also has the disease. Foreman and House have both made comments about her alleged bisexuality. This suspicion is confirmed in season 5. In season 5 she gets a relationship with Foreman listed at the beginning of season 6 ends after Foreman does not relieve her from the team.
Actor Role Starring in episodes Starring in season Lead role in the year Number of episodes Supporting role in season Supporting role in years
Hugh Laurie Dr. Gregory House 1 – 177 1 – 8 2004 – 2012 177
Lisa Edelstein Dr. Lisa Cuddy 1 – 110, 113 – 155 1 –7 2004 – 2011 153
Robert Sean Leonard Dr. James Wilson 1 – 88, 90-111, 113 – 155, 157-177 1 – 8 2004 – 2012 174
Jesse Spencer Dr. Robert Chase 1 –110, 113 – 155, 160 – 177 1 – 8 2004 – 2012 170
Omar Epps Dr. Eric Foreman 1 – 110, 113 – 155, 157-177 1 – 8 2004 – 2012 172
Jennifer Morrison Dr. Allison Cameron 1 – 110, 113-118, 127, 177 1 –6 2004 – 2010 117 8 2012
Peter Jacobson Dr. Chris Taub 79 – 110, 113, 118 – 155, 160 – 177 4 – 8 2007 – 2012 88 4 2007
Olivia Wilde Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley 79 – 110, 113-115,

118 – 133, 150 – 155, 158, 176 – 177

4 –8 2007 – 2011, 2012 60 4 2007
Kal Penn Dr. Lawrence Kutner 79 – 106, 177 4 –5 2007 – 2009 28 4, 5, 8 2007, 2009, 2012
Amber Tamblyn Dr. Martha M. Masters 138-151, 177 7 2010 – 2011 14 8 2012
Odette Annable Dr. Jessica Adams 156, 158-177 8 2011 – 2012 21
Vicki Yi Dr. Chi Park 157 – 177 8 2011 – 2012 21

Recurring cast[Edit]Edit

  • Steve McQueen -A rat caught by Dr. House that serves as pet and his owner also regularly is used as guinea pigs by. This rat is named after the actor where Hugh Laurie fan of is. Steve McQueen has died a natural death.
  • Coma Guy -an unnamed character who is in coma for many years. Dr. House will add a lot of time with him through, not as a doctor, but to escape from confrontations, to enjoy his lunch or to watch his favourite TV series . Not to be confused with Vegetative State Guy, which in the episode ' Son of a Coma Guy ' had showed up. (Season 3)
  • Nurse Brenda Previn -Charge Nurse. Has a good dose of irony.
  • Marco -pharmacist in PPTH.
  • Michael Weston - Lucas Douglas -hires private detective that House to keep an eye on Wilson. Also used to House him in the private lives of his team to dig. In season 6, this is the friend of Lisa Cuddy.
  • Nurse Jeffrey Sparkman A male nurse who absolutely hate has also put in place to House and him. Actor Patrick Price played him in 2 episodes of season 6 and Nurse Jeffrey Sparkman is the protagonist in the ' Bitchtapes ' in the in-house App for the iPod and iPhone in the summer of 2010 is brought out every Monday. Nurse Jeffrey goes looking for evidence that Gregory House does something unacceptable.

No longer in cast[Edit]Edit

  • Chi McBride - Edward Vogler (five episodes, 2005)-billionaire, owner of a pharmaceutical company. By quite a lot of money to put in the hospital, he is head of administration of the hospital. Soon he comes up with House in conflict because it finds that ' diagnostics ' too much costs money and House to unconventional. He tries to get House toe the line among other things by forcing him to dismiss one of the doctors.When all that fails, he tries to use one of his House to promote drugs. However, the action and Vogler House sabotages then tries to dismiss House, but he has to get to the Board. Finally failed and he leaves again, with his money.
  • Sela Ward - Stacy Warner -Ex-Girlfriend of Dr. House with which he was living in the past and former lawyer of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. We see Stacy for the first time in the episode ' Three Stories ' that explains how House to his lame leg comes. In the episode ' Honeymoon ' we see how they House begs for help because her husband, Mark, according to her very ill. House sets the diagnosis for Mark and Stacy by Cuddy adopted as lawyer for the hospital. Stacy continues until the eleventh episode of the second season ' Need to Know '. Stacy decided to choose for House in this episode, but leaves in the same episode the hospital because House has said that she is better off without him.
  • David Morse -Detective Michael Tritter Michael Tritter -we see for the first time in the fifth episode of the third season "Fools for Love". He comes to the clinic with a glitch, House see all what is going on but Tritter wants him disbelieve. House wants to go away, but Tritter kicks his cane so that House almost against the door falls. House decides to anyway to see if it is an infection and cross the thermometer on a somewhat uncomfortable place and then walking away. And so begins the ' Tritter arc '. Tritter get revenge, demanding apologies and finally goes behind House to by his drug use and the fact that he has distorted to Vicodin to get signature Wilsons. The following are some bad times for the friendship between House and Wilson, since Wilson's car is taken away, his bank account blocked and he also may not unsubscribe recipes more police in connection with a ' research '. Where all the power from Wilson to Tritter to do this is a mystery. Stacy Warner can help Wilson would have probably better here than his current lawyer. House itself does everything possible to irritate everyone, while still Vicodin Tritter with his questions and constant kauwgomgekauw. Ultimately it comes down to a lawsuit and after an interesting twist in the courtroom is finally the end arrived from the ' Tritter arc '. We see Tritter for last in the eleventh episode of the third season ' Words and Deeds '.
  • Anne Dudek - Amber Volakis -also known as ' Cutthroat Bitch ' (roughly translated: consummate bitch, the subtitles often Underhanded Beast). Amber was one of the 40 potential candidates for a job under the leadership of House. She sat in the ' top 4 ', but was eventually fired as last. They will however surprisingly back in the eleventh episode of the fourth season, as Wilson's new girlfriend. House and Amber often with each other to stick and arguing mainly about who may spend time with Wilson. In the season finale of season four, a double episode, Amber takes leave of the series. By the effects of an accident and a wrong "harmless" drug, Wilson's girlfriend dies. Also at the end of season 5 she returns as a hallucination of House.
  • Kal Penn - Dr. Lawrence Kutner -specializing in sports and recovery. Works under the direction of House. Kutner is the most enthusiastic new team member and finds the illegal practices of House entertaining.In episode 20 of season 5 he turns out for unclear reason to have committed suicide by a shot in sleep with his own weapon. Actor Kal Penn (Kutner doctor) was a volunteer for the campaign team of Barack Obama and got after his election as president of the USA, half way through season 5 offered a job on the White House. This led to the abrupt disappearance of his character from the series.
  • Jennifer MorrisonDr. Allison Cameron Immunologist, worked under the direction of House. After she had offered her resignation in the finale of season 3, she is working as the senior attending physician PPTH Emergency Department. After the team of House in the beginning of season 6 is significantly thinned out she returns along with Chase back in the team. On september 26, 2009 was announced by Fox that Morrison's character Allison Cameron stops in the middle of House season 6. [3]


House In 2006 received a prestigious Peabody Award, the Peabody House jury called the most innovative medical series in the past decade, in particular by the extremely unorthodox main character; Dr. Gregory House.

Creator David Shore won an Emmy Award in 2005 for his work in the episode Three Stories from season 1.

2006 and 2007 were good years for Hugh Laurie, for his role as Dr. Gregory House he received for two consecutive years the Golden Globe for best actor in a television drama seriesHugh Laurie also received in2007 and the 2009 Screen Actors Guild Award for best supporting actor in a television drama series.

The series has won multiple Emmy Awards in different categories and also in 2010 for Hugh Laurie for "Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series '.



See list of episodes of House for the main article on this topic.


  • In most episodes drink House from the same red Cup. If he is drinking from the cup of a colleague once, finds House that that colleague, which at that time ill at home, probably a lead poisoning and therefore ill: the Cup is a product of Arts and crafts time at school and painted with lead-based paint.
  • House sounds like a real American, but Hugh Laurie is British.
  • Jesse Spencer (Dr. Robert Chase) and Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Allison Cameron) were in fact engaged. In August 2007 it was announced that the wedding is called off.
  • The t-shirts and shirts that House one night to a ball wearing them are first rolled up, make them look extra Wrinkly appearance.
  • House always wears jeans with a ' worn ' look, and also always the same black belt.
  • House is also always a bracelet.
  • Cameron, Chase and Foreman are often ' Ducklings ' mentioned in the ' House ' fandom, because they follow and are easily persuaded House throughout. They are called the ' Cottages ' on TWOP, or ' small houses (houses) '
  • An anagram for ' Gregory House ' is ' Huge ego, sorry '. With ' Dr Greg House ' you can ' Hector does go rug. ' make (is mentioned in episode "House Training").
  • The rare disease lupus is very often referred to in the series as a possible diagnosis for a patient. David Shore even got an award from the Organization better known for the Lupus L.A. making this disease.
  • Because of the script's writers strike France season 4 only 16 episodes. The strike began after episode 12 and lasted 4 months. Initially starting with season 5, FOX wanted to continue but because the season not a full-fledged lock episode had known, it was decided to make more than 4 episodes that had to lead to the conclusion of the season.
  • The name of the doctor Eric Foreman is also used in That ' 70s Show.
  • In Scrubs says protagonist J.D. person as a search for a House, a person who keeps their heads above water and the proper diagnosis to know, at that moment comes, with same cynical personality as Perry Cox House, hobbled along with a walking stick with the right diagnosis for a patient.

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