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"Holiday Romance" is a song by the British rock band the Kinks. The song, making an appearance on the band's 1975 album Soap Opera, was written by Ray Davies, the band's main songwriter.


"Holiday Romance" first saw release as a British and Japanese single, released in October 1974 (months before its album debut in May of the next year.) The single was not released in America. Backed with "Shepherds of the Nation (from the band's 1974 album, Preservation Act 2), the single, like many Kinks singles prior and after "Holiday Romance", was a flop, not charting in any countries that it was released in. Two more British singles from Soap Opera ("Ducks on the Wall" and "You Can't Stop the Music") and one American single from the same album ("Everybody's a Star (Starmaker)") followed the release of "Holiday Romance", but they also failed to generate any popularity. "Holiday Romance" also was released on the Soap Opera album after its single appearance, where it was the eighth track. It also appeared on the compilation album, Picture Book.


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