Heathers is a 1989 film written and directed by Michael Lehmann.


Veronica Sawyer sits in the popular group of The Heathers. They are called so, because everyone, except Veronica, Heather as first name parts: Heather Duke, Heather McNamara and Heather Chandler. These three are superficial, selfish and mean. Veronica goes with them only because they are popular. But Veronica doesn't like harassment and was previously friends with Betty Finn, the pispaaltje. When Jason Dean two bullies with a gun threatening, is Veronica under impression.They also get quickly a relationship.

Veronica is evil on Heather Chandler. She threatens for the joke that Jason drain cleaner in her tea will do as revenge. But then they perform the threat from, and Heather Chandler dies. Jason a suicide note with her Veronica Gets and so do they know anyone that Heather Chandler committed suicide.

Soon Jason comes on with another plan: he wants to Ram and Kurt penalties for their bullying and bullies suggests to lure them to the Woods by saying that they should not have sex with Veronica. If they are here they would be shot with stun arrows and then stuff them accept that would say the two are gay.

When Veronica with her gun on their aim, shoot, however, they are wrong. Jason rent behind them to and Veronica realizes that the real bullets were. While she is Jason teruglokt, Veronica bang and shoot both guys dead. Again they let it seem like it was suicide.

Veronica soon feels guilty for the murders they committed. In the meantime try other kids in school now also to commit suicide, because all three popular people "would have done this". For example, Martha "Dump truck" Dunn stock jumps for movement. She survives, however.

Veronica realizes that she wants to stop killings, but when she tells it to Jason, he is Livid. He threatens to kill Heather Duke and then Veronica itself. Therefore spoofs her own death by Veronica everyone into thinking that she has hung himself. When Jason finds her hanged and thinks that she is dead, he tells her that he wants to blow up the school.

Veronica goes to school the next day and confronts Jason. They come in a gun fight and Veronica shooting Jason in his finger. She knows in the end to save the school, but not Jason.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character
Christian Slater Jason Dean "J.D."
Winona Ryder Veronica Sawyer
Shannen Doherty Heather Duke
Lisanne Falk Heather McNamara
Kim Walker Heather Chandler
Penelope Milford Pauline Fleming
Lance Fenton Kurt Kelly
Patrick Labyorteaux Ram Sweeney
Jeremy Applegate Peter Dawson
Carrie Lynn Martha ' Dump truck ' Dunn stock

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