Grange Hill is a 1978 British TV series set at a high school in a fictional area of London (Northam). The series is broadcast by the BBC between 1978 and 2008.


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BBC studio: 1978-1985[Edit]Edit

  • Season 1 (1978): the first episodes were recorded in 1977 .
  • Season 3 (1980): the younger pupils come into focus, including Pogo Patterson, Suzanne Ross (Suzanne Tully), Stewpot Stuart (Mark Burdis) and the bully Gripper Stebson (Mark Savage). It took a while but the older pupils may now finally out the uniform; However, this is reversed in no time, not because the visit ban to the shopperhal is ignored but because of a fight between Gripper and Pogo (which is called by his assailant Stompie ). Nevertheless, Tucker Jenkins (Todd Carty) in his leather jacket walking around.
  • Season 4 (1981): the school trip to France is called off because Tucker and Alan (Humphries; George Armstrong) their boyfriend Tommy Watson (Tommy McCarthy) the bus have smuggled in.
  • Season 5 (1982): the new generation consists of Zammo Maguire among others (Lee MacDonald) and Roland Browning (Erkan Mustafa); the latter has great difficulty to adapt and because of its thick-is he an easy victim for Gripper. If it is him too much he runs away and he takes his resort to comfort eat. For the old guard it's time to say goodbye to and that is done in style; on the prom Tucker presents itself as a rock singer.
  • Season 6 (1983): Gripper embraces the right-extremist thought well and good at the same time that Randir Singh (Kaka Singh) presents itself. Also Roland should suffer because he "not really English" look.Eventually, Gripper expelled from school, and no one there sorry about that can be. That same year begins the first of three seasons Tucker's Luck; This includes Tucker, Alan and Tommy shows up as assisted school leavers.
  • Season 7 (1984): during a school trip to Wales breaks Roland his leg after he drops out of a bunk bed. Mr. Baxter, the gym teacher, however, shows no pity; who has finally been given a bucket of water over himself.

Elstree studio: 1986-2002[Edit]Edit

  • Season 9 (1986): Zammo develops a heroin addiction. As part of an anti-drug campaign takes the cast the number Just Say No on and scores a top 20 hit in England with it. There is even a visit to the White House in; There will be some later actors admit they secretly have smoked a joint.
  • Season 13 (1990): the 1990s are inaugurated with a new theme and the students get a teacher of Dutch origin for themselves.
  • Season 17 (1994): there are two disabled students was introduced.

Liverpool: 2003-2008[Edit]Edit

  • Season 26 (2003): find The recordings now place in Liverpool . In the first episode returns back to his nephews Togger Tucker and Tigger Johnson to bring to school; He also proves his hair to lose, but not his strokes.
  • Season 29 (2006): the new math teacher is played by ex-Allo Allo-actress Kim Hartman.
  • Season 30 (2007): the only episodes that are only broadcast on children's BBC.
  • Season 31 (2008): the BBC announces to stop Grange Hill because there is a need for programs that align with the experiences of the current generation of children.

Especially for the last season is The Chicken Song used as the theme song. In the final episode comes along to again Togger pointing out Tucker not to make the same mistake when he dropped out of school. At the end leaves Tucker on his moped; critics find this too much a repeat of the farewell to EastEnder Mark Fowler, Carty's other succesrol.

In Netherlands[Edit]Edit

  • Beginning 1982 sent the NCRV a few episodes under the title The S_mmman of ...
  • SpangaS, broadcast since 2008, still seems the most near to come out of a Dutch answer to Grange Hill.

Where are they now?[Edit]Edit

  • Todd Carty:

See Todd Carty for the main article on this topic.


  • Suzanne Tully presented the summer camps Razzmatazz and played from 1985 to 1995 the role of Michelle Fowler in EastEnders. As a fan of Tucker, she was over the moon when she was told in 1990 that Todd Carty was her new television brother. Later Tully Director of the series Tracey Beaker.
  • Mark Savage was still long haunted by Gripper (especially by rogue to continue playing roles) and excelled in his absence in the documentary on the occasion of the 20th anniversary. In 2005 he was called by the party to the reunion of the Just Say No-cast
  • Erkan Mustafa, Grange Hillin his time a fanatical rugby player, was to see in the early 1990s comedy series Chef!; then he stopped acting and he went to work in a record store.
  • Lee MacDonald was forced to stop there but had to boxer.
  • Michelle Gayle played the role of Hattie Tavernier in EastEnders in 1994 and scored a hit with Sweetness.

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