Grandstand was a British sports program, that of 11 October 1958 to January 28, 2007 by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) aired on Saturday afternoons. [1it was one of the longest-running British sports programs and the first television show in which multiple sports were highlighted. The idea for grandstand came from television producer Bryan Cowgill. [2[3the program was broadcast weekly and took more than three hours.

Peter Dimmock, the first presenter of the program, suggested the title Out and About! for BBC One, but Director Paul Fox chose the grandstand as the title. In the first year ended up at a quarter to five in the afternoon every week, because otherwise the children's programme children's Hour should be shortened. Since the autumn of 1959 ended up at five o'clock in the afternoon, so that also report could be made of the latest sports scores on Saturday. After children's Hour, which eventually was shortened to forty minutes, it followed today's Sportsnews program. [2]

Since 1981 was also a Sunday Edition broadcast: Sunday grandstand.

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