Gladiator is a 2000 American drama film set in the Roman times. The film was written by David Franzoni and directed by Ridley Scott. It is a fictional story inspired by Emperor Commodus and his father Marcus Aurelius.


[hide]*1 Story


General Maximus Decimus Meridius is betrayed by the new Roman Emperor Commodus after the Emperor Marcus Aurelius had killed his father. Maximus ' wife and child are murdered and he get revenge. First, Maximus captured and brought as a slave to Africa. There he used as a gladiator and know so to survive and even to win various competitions. He is also increasingly important for Proximo, the ' leader ' of the Gladiators. Eventually they leave for Rome to play there at the Memorial to act. (The Memorial organized by play for Marcus Aurelius Commodus, were not without humor for Proximo because Marcus Aurelius had greatly reduced the right was the one who play in favor of the Treasury.)

Here is visited by the Emperor Maximus after a series of fights and he is forced to reveal his identity. The Emperor, who thought that Maximus had been murdered, panics and tries through fighting in the arena Maximus before Maximus is too popular with the people; After all, the people is the power. Maximus plant together with the sister of Commodus, Lucilla, and with senator Gracchus a military coup to Commodus of his. Lucilla tells under pressure the whole plan, whereby it failed and Maximus becomes imprisoned by the emperor. This is followed by a showdown between Maximus and Commodus. Commodus stabs Maximus for the fight, in secret, cover the wound in his back and let by a harness. Commodus delft despite defeat, but the wound of Maximus Maximus dies also, still in the arena, to blood loss. One of his last wishes is to Rome to bring back its former State, as the previous Emperor Marcus Aurelius it would have wanted. In the end scene shows how Maximus goes, all stroking through the high wheat, and eventually his wife and young son wait on him in the distance. This would be then the previously mentioned ' hereafter ' are.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit


  • Gladiator in 2000, won 5 Oscars including best film and best actor.



See Gladiator (album) for the main article on this topic.

The music of the film was composed by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard.

  1. Progeny (2: 13)
  2. The Wheat (1: 03)
  3. The Battle (10: 02)
  4. Earth (3: 01)
  5. Sorrow (1: 26)
  6. To Zucchabar (3: 16)
  7. Patricide (4: 08)
  8. The Emperor is Dead (1: 21)
  9. The Might of Rome (5: 18)
  10. Strength and Honor (2: 09)
  11. Reunion (1: 14)
  12. Slaves to Rome (1: 00)
  13. Barbarian Horde (10: 33)
  14. Am I Not Merciful? (6: 33)
  15. Elysium (2: 41)
  16. Honor Him (1: 19)
  17. Now We Are Free (4: 14)

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