George Best ( May 22, BelfastLondon1946 - 25 november 2005) was a Northern Irish footballer who made a name in the English football club Manchester United. He is counted among the best football players of all time. During his football career was Best however also notorious because of his lifestyle, with plenty of booze, women and fast cars.


[hide]*1 Career


Best played In his youth for Cregagh Boys ' Club, and in season 1963/1964 he came for the first time out for Manchester United. He was discovered by a scout from United, which sent a telegram to Sir Matt Busby with the words: "I think I've found a genius" (="I believe to have found a genius"). In his first season there made the attacker 4 goals in 17 games, and from the Best season was an essential value for the club. With United was Best among other things twice champion of England and won the European Cup 1in 1968. In the final against Benfica , he scored once. Between 1964 and 1972 he played Best 313 duels, and scored 128 times.

In his time at United, he was to the alcohol. His game fell back and he stayed away at practices and games. The last two seasons at United he came less often in action: in 1972/1973 19 times (4 goals), and in 1973/1974 12 times (2 goals). In 1974, he was therefore at United layoffs, after which he switched to Jewish Guild in Dunstable Town, South Africa for five games in a year. Best continued his career at Stockport County, but went there after 3 duels and 2 goals to move away to Cork Celtic . Also there was his presence not of long duration, because in the season 1976/1977 he already played at Fulham, where he scored 8 times in action came 42 times and.

Like many other football players in that time Best left to the United States. There, he played in 1977 and 1978 for the Los Angeles Aztecs. Midway through his second season he swapped in for the Aztecs, Fort Lauderdale Strikerswhere he would play the following year together with Gerd Müller, the legendary German goal-scoring ability. In 1980 continued Best are away at the San Jose Earthquakes, where he kept it after one season for seen. Here, he played with Hans Kraay jr.

Best went for the Scottish play Hibernian , where he remained for 2 years he in the season 1982/1983 made the move to Motherwell FC . Best played for three clubs In that season: Motherwell, Arbroath Victoria and Glentoran. None of the three of us turned out to be a club to be where Best long remained, because in season 1983/1984 he played for Bournemouth, and that same season also for Nuneaton Borough. The following year, in season 1984/1985, he closed his career off at tobermore United.

In addition to the numerous clubs for which Best played he came also out for the Northern Irelandnational team, with which he played 37 games for the national team and his country in it 9 times brought a goal.


[1][2]Memorial drawing of George Best inBelfast, on Woodstock Road (Northern Ireland)

Best three months ' imprisonment for the end of 1984 was driving under the influence and insulting a police officer. In this period, he played for the prison team.

In 1991 he appeared in a television program of the BBC in which he clearly was drunk and cursed. Later he offered his apologies to here.

He underwent a liver transplantIn 2002. A year later he got a lot of criticism when he-despite his transplanted liver drank alcohol in public. On January 3, 2004, he was again convicted of driving under the influence. He got a driving ban of 20 months.

Itself responded he ever quite laconically on the publicity surrounding his lifestyle: "I have a lot of money spent on booze, women and fast cars. The rest I have squandered. "


In October 2005-are driving ban was just ended-got Best single infections, among other things to his kidneys. He was admitted to a hospital, where his condition still deteriorated. From mid november he lay to a breathing machine. He died on 25 november and 3 december, he was buried in Belfast.

Famous sayings[Edit]Edit

Other footballers were very impressed with the football qualities of George Best, witness the following statements:

PeléGeorge Best was the best player of the world. [1]
Diego MaradonaGeorge Best was my biggest example when I was little. [source?]
Johan Cruyffwhat he did was unique, only a handful of players could this. [source?]
Franz Beckenbauerbest soccer player that the United Kingdom has ever produced. [source?]


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