The Gateway Arch (also known as St. Louis Arch ) is a 192 meters high, arc-shaped monument in the American city of St. Louis, in the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial .

He is on National Register of Historic Placeslist. Under the arch, there is a visitor centre with the Museum of Westward Expansion .


The whole surrounding park was created in memory of a number of things:

  • The Louisiana Purchase: the United States in 1803 were expanded to include an area of 2.1 million km2. Symbolically are millions of settlers under the Arch extended. After that time were the first States founded West of the Mississippi .
  • The Dred Scott Case: a lawsuit to the debate on slavery left a flare up.

Construction Work[Edit]Edit

The structure was designed by Eero Saarinen and Hannskarl Bandel. It has the form of a mathematical catenary and is built entirely of double-walled stainless steel separated by a layer of concrete. The intersection is everywhere triangular. It is 192 metres high and at the base also 192 metres wide. The construction lasted from February 12, 1963 to 28 October 1965 and cost 15 million dollars. It is the second highest building of the State of Missouri. The highest is the One Kansas City Place in Kansas City. Inside the monument drive two trams that bring visitors to the observation deck at the top of the set.


[1]The Gateway Arch, displayed on a US-Dollar-penny*Since the handover are 11 airplanes under the Gateway Arch then flew.

  • The Gateway Arch is depicted on the Missouri 's penny.
  • The Gateway Arch is to be built in the game Simcity 4.
  • Counterfeited in GTA3.

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