Frasier is an American sitcom (1993 - 2004), a spin-off of the series  Cheers that revolves around the life of Dr. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer), a psychiatrist with his own radio program. It is one of the most successful spin-offs of all time (with a record of 37 Emmy Awards), and was also one of the most popular comedy programs ever on American television (with arranged more viewers than contemporary Friends). The program was conceived and produced by David Angell, Peter Casey and David Lee.

The series was broadcast by NBCin the United States. The program is In Netherlands from november 2007 broadcast by Comedy Central. The broadcasts were previously provided by NCRV on Netherlands 1 (1994-1995), NOS/NPS on Netherlands 3 (1996-2002) and Netherlands VARA on 3 (2002-2004). NET 5 has aired repeats during the period 2000-2005.


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Dr. Frasier Crane, a psychiatrist, moves from Boston to his home to Seattle, where, together with his father Martin Crane (John Mahoney) and his inseparable comrade Eddie (a Jack Russell Terrier) takes up residence in a luxurious apartment. Father Martin is a retired police officer, who suffers from his health since he is shot during a robbery. This makes Frasier forced to a housekeeper/to adoptphysical therapist : Daphne Moon, a British who "somewhat clairvoyant" is.

From the moment Martin Daphne carer of its entry into the series, Frasier's brother, Dr. Niles Crane has (also psychiatrist) keeping an eye on her. This is the thread through all 11 seasons. Eventually he manages to gain her and marries her.

The relationships that are central to change slightly throughout the series per episode. At the beginning, the focus is mainly on the relationship between Frasier at home with his father and Daphne. Because Niles a breakout character is, the focus has shifted to the relationship between the two brothers and the relationship between Niles and Daphne.

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

Actor Character Comments
Kelsey Grammer Dr. Frasier Crane
David Hyde Pierce Dr. Niles Crane Frasier's younger brother
John Mahoney Martin Crane Frasier's father
Jane Leeves Daphne Moon Martins physical therapist
Peri Gilpin Roz Doyle Frasier's radio producer
Moose Eddie Martins dog


  • Frasier Crane
The main character in the series. Frasier moves from Boston to Seattle, to starting a career as apsychiatrist at KACL radioTalk radio. He takes his father Martin in house, which often leads to tensions: Frasier finds himself a man with class (he is a lover of operaclassical music and literature) and his father is this at all, to his great frustration. Frasier hates everything public is: for example, he hates sports (on af-and-toe after a game of squash ). On relational area he has little luck: he's been married twice (with Nanette Guzman and Lilith Sternin, with whom he has a son (Frederick Gaylord Crane) and all his relationships turning out to be a fiasco, mostly by his own fault. In the episode Don Juan in Hell, is the failure of all these relationships centrally and is analyzed how this now happens every time.
  • Niles Crane
Frasier's younger brother, also a psychiatrist. Often has discussions with Frasier and is constantly in the clinch with his brother about who is the best between their two: as Frasier also have something should Niles this (and vice versa). There is a great envy between the two brothers, but they can't live without each other. Niles also has only a fear: he almost always first clean the Chair where he sits down and has always handkerchiefs with him to get his hands to clean.
Niles is married to Maris, a character who is never seen in the series (she is described as absolutely skinny and has some weird diet habits). In the course of the series separate Maris and Niles. However, the first 6 seasons Niles is secretly in love with Daphne, Martins physiotherapist. When Niles finally ready to declare his love to Daphne, she learns to know Donny (a lawyer). Niles realizes that he should with his life and teaches Mel common. Just like Niles and Daphne and Niles Mel are married, declare their love for each other. Niles and Daphne and Niles can Mel separate and finally be together.
  • Martin Crane
Martin is the father of Frasier and Niles, a retired police officer. He is a man of the street and not as snobbish as his two sons. Martin loves beer (from the brand Ballantine), television, vulgar jokes, his tribe café (Duke's) and multiple sports, including baseball and basketball. His wife Hester is death for several years and he suffers (since he is shot) with his hip. Frasier sees itself forced to take in his father's House. Not only his father moves to Frasier's annoyance to his apartment, his dog Eddie and Martins junky Chair (which swears at Frasier's device). Frasier and Martin have often quarrel: Frasier wants to teach his father some culture, but not that interested Martin (Martin want nothing more than that his sons Frasier and Niles are sporty, where then again hate)-but Frasier and his father can not do without each other.
  • Roz Doyle
Roz is the producer of Frasier's radio program. She is single and is quickly fell in love with all kinds of (wrong) men, often up to entertainment by Frasier and Niles. She is originally from Wisconsin and her mother there is Attorney General. She is pressured by her family to marry and to found a family, but how they try, Roz ' relationships are limited to what flirts. In the course of the series she is pregnant and gives birth to a girl's Roz: Alice. This throws her life greatly at odds: the father is still a student and she needs so Alice educate yourself. She and Frasier once end up in bed.
  • Daphne Moon
Daphne is coming from ManchesterUnited Kingdom and is the only girl in a family of 9. She is at the same time Martins physiotherapist and maintains the apartment of Frasier. She claims to be clairvoyant and Crane in the eyes of the family can not good at cooking. Niles is in love with her from the start. He can express his love not, because he was still married to Maris. If he can, however, at last she is along with Donny. Just for Daphne and Donny marry, she admits to her own romantic love for Niles. So they can finally be together. They get married and get in the very last episode: their first child David (named after David Angell, producer of the series and killed by the attacks of 11 september).
  • Other characters
Frederick is the son of Frasier and Lilith, and lives with his mother in Boston. He comes regularly to visit Frasier (especially during school holidays and public holidays). As a small boy, is he in love with Daphne (to the chagrin of Niles) and like his father, he is interested in culture. Once he gets older, he goes more often rebel and gets his father mediums on him.
Lilith is Frasier's second wife. She lives in Boston, is also psychiatrist, but has an ice cold character (they never showed emotions). She is the mother of Frederick and she has Frasier left for a younger man (which in turn leaves her). She can not stand it, but Niles after a night with a lot of alcohol they end up anyway once (to Frasier's dismay) in bed together.
Bebe is Frasier's Wily impresario. She has a neurotic personality and is very selfish set. Bebe is committed to helping Frasier to keep with him, but according to Niles ' the devil in a suit '. They ignore anyone who is not important for her own career.
Colleague of Frasier at KACL radio. He presents a sports program and is fond of women (up to Roz ' annoyance). In the course of the series he is fired and must work as a pizza delivery. After mediation by Frasier should he back at KACL go to work (as a Messenger).
The put the manager of KACL. Is easy to manipulate by Frasier and Roz.
Radiocollega of Frasier; presenter of ' Restaurant ' in which he Beat with a critical eye the local hospitality industry evaluates. He has some feminine traits and many colleagues are wondering if Gil is nothomosexual . In the episode The Perfect Guy, season 5, Gil claims to be married to the woman ' Deb ', which has its own garage and graduated from Sarah Lawrence to the University. This is a surprise to his colleagues who thought ' Deb ' only his cat was.
Was the plastic surgeon of Maris, but begins a relationship with Niles after he is separated from Maris. She is also for several days his wife; until Niles and Daphne explain their love each other.
Shrewd lawyer of Niles during his divorce from Maris. Daphne learns so common with whom he had a relationship begins. When he hears that Frasier is the one who Niles and Daphne together has helped, it shall inform him personally responsible and drag him to court.
Daphne's mother, who remains in the United States (and therefore comes to live at Niles and Daphne), after she is left by her husband Harry. She is a meddlesome woman who pursues quite old-fashioned ideas. That makes for a lot of conflicts with her daughter.
Daphne's brother, who does nothing better than drinking, smoking, and chasing women sitting. He also challenged Frasier's apartment and works him ruin the nerves with his boertig occur.
Employee of KACL radio, has a crush on Roz-that nothing should know of this nerd Star Trekminnende.
Frasier's upstairs and enemy. They are equally great snobs and try to outdo each other constantly (where Frasier repeatedly is to recognize his defeat). So for example, a huge American flag he hangs on, which is quite the view from Frasier's apartment and takes away.
Frasier and Niles ' former babysitter who in the last season courtship gets with their father Martin. In the very last episode they marry.
She comes in the last season and has a relatiebemiddelings desk. She tries to help Frasier to a woman, but without success. Not least because Frasier for a long time his eye on Charlotte self has dropped. In the very last episode shows that they are the true love for each other.


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