Flowers for Algernon is the debutnovel from author Daniel Keyes based on a story from 1959. It was published by Publishing House Born in Netherlands from Assen. It first appeared in bound form under the title IQ185, then as pocket. The book was published as science fiction, but can also be read as psychological novel. In 1960 won the Hugo Award for the Keyes originally short story Flowers for Algernon from 1959. That appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. He rewrote the story to a novel and thus earned the Nebula Award in 1966 . The book is made into a film twice as CharlyCliff Robertson received anOscar for his role. The BBC edited the book for a radio drama and a musical version. The book has some explicit sexual passages and is thereby a number of times fallen prey to censorship.


The mentally retarded Charlie Gordon (IQ = 68) works in a bakery. His knowledge level is low. His colleagues in that bakery find him nice and help him every now and then a hand. Also the boss squeezes every now and then add an eye. From his teacher is Charlie test subject of a surgery, which eventually should take care that his intellectual abilities increase. The trial has previously showing had at the laboratory mouse Algernon. The lure for Charlie is that he is so handsome just like everyone else. When those intellectual capabilities increase, more aware of his past is Charlie. The behavior of his colleagues seemed nice, but on the other hand, the smallpersterijen. The IQ of Charlie runs fast on and comes at the equal level (relative) of the mouse. However, the mouse turns on the way back. Games like walking around in a labyrinth are annoying and the insertion of a female mouse has that he ignores her. Charlie begins to suspect that there will be some similarity between the behavior of the mouse and himself. For example, he retires and also the girl that always has supported him no longer many. Also the researchers of the first hour he begins to hate.The late Charlie returned to his old level degeneration, which does get sympathetic him again. Eventually he leaves, and leaves behind a letter containing the command to flowers on the grave of mouse Algernon to continue posting

The story is written as a diary . The beginning is hard to read, because Charlie but a limited talk and drive level. The write errors from the beginning slowly disappear from the text as its capabilities increase. The written fragments are also given a better structure. However, the errors and inadequate structure times back as the degeneration has started.


The name Algernon is submitted by Algernon Charles Swinburne. Nemur and Strauss the doctors were colleagues of Keyes. The cover of the first American pressure refers to the Rorschach test that Charlie must undergo to see if he can do on the test. The book was inspiration for the studio album A curious feeling by Tony Banks.

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