Josephine Francisca Maria (call sign Fieke) Baker (Helmond18 december 1957) is a former Dutch field hockey player. Fieke boekhorst played 116 international matches (128 goals) for the Dutch national field hockey team.

Baker made her debut on september 16, 1978 in the match Netherlands-India (4-1), and made fame with her-especially for women concepts-devastating penalty corner. The defender of the Eindhoven EMHC was in the seventies, early eighties of the 20th century than also considered ' the female Paul Litjens'. Her strength was so impressive that a former player of the U.s. hockey team, Beth we also did extensive research to short corner battle of her Dutch colleague.

Baker was one of the mainstays in the successful team of the then national coach Gijs van Heumen. The Brabant, on reflection, played her last international match on november 10, 1985 (Netherlands-Great Britain6-0). A few months before the World Championships of 1986 in Amstelveen stumbled Baker himself during a match at the time. A fully broken knee made an abrupt end to her career. As a scout, she was nevertheless active in the Wagener Stadium in the fight world winner 2008.

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