Thomas "Fats" Waller ( Harlem ( New York ), May 21 1904 - in the Santa Fe Express , December 15 1943 ) was a jazz musician . He was organist and pianist .

Fats Waller was born as the son of a pastor. In the church he learned to play the organ , accompanied by his mother.

In 1918 Waller recorded his first small victory after he won a talent contest playing Carolina Shout by James P. Johnson . He had to learn to play this song by observing a pianist who performed this song. Not much later he would take piano lessons at Johnson, the composer of the song.

In 1922 Waller began recording songs and he earned his money by playing in theaters and during theater performances. In 1927 he recorded some songs with his piano teacher James P. Johnson for the show Keep Sufflin. Two years later he wrote the music for the Broadway -Hit Hot Chocolate, along with his friend Andy Razaff , who wrote the lyrics.

The most successful song of Waller Is not Misbehavin. This song he first played with Louis Armstrong and quickly became a huge success in the United States .The real breakthrough came Waller in 1934 . During a celebration of the famous composer George Gershwin bore him a sensation by his piano playing and vocals. A representative of Victor Records was present at and made ​​sure Waller signed a contract with the record company.

Afterwards Waller made a few albums. These he brought all out under the name of Fats Waller & His Rhythm. His band consisted of six musicians who frequently worked together, including Zutty Singleton . In that period Waller was a popular guest in clubs and radio appearances. Moreover, he toured Europe .

In 1943 Waller died at the age of 39 unexpectedly of a pneumonia . This happened in a train which is near Kansas City in Missouri found.

The film Be Kind Rewind is a little about the life of Fats Waller.

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