Fanny Rinne (Mannheim15 april 1980) is a German field hockey player.

Until the 2005-2006 season played Rinne in the highest German League for TSV Mannheim.

At the beginning of the season 2006-2007 she switched to the at that time German Champion Berliner HC.

They left after just one season there again: at the beginning of the season 2007-2008 she played for the Dutch club HDM. In July 2008 signed for one more season, Rinne at HDM that HDM, the great competitor HC Small Switzerlandthat Rinne would have liked to capture, too fast was finished.

Rinne is the spelverdeelster of the German national team, with which she has won Olympic gold in 2004 in Athens.

It has also won the European Cup in 2007 with Berliner HC, after already having amassed in 1999 and 2005 Silver and bronze in 2003. Furthermore, they with indoor hockey world and European champion.

Prior to the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens made Rinne for any fuss by getting together with some fellow sport stars "civilized nude" for the magazine Playboy to be photographed, this-to her own say-to the music to bring more in public.

In december 2007, Rinne by the international hockey Federation FIH nominated for the title "player of the year".

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