Evil Dead II, also known as Dead by Dawn [1is an American horror film written and directed by Sam Raimi. The movie is a cult classic. Evil Dead II was succeeded in 1992 by Army of Darkness.


Ash Williams wants to spend a romantic weekend with his girlfriend Linda in a remote cabin. [1there he finds a tape recorder with passages from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, voiced by professor Knowby.

As a result, a malicious force called up. This kills Linda and then her body in possession to take Ash to attack. Ash is forced to Linda with a chainsaw to cut up and bury.Ash is possessed by the force up to when the sun comes up. Ash tries to flee, but the only bridge to the inhabited world is gone. When the darkness falls back, set the power Ash to his hand and he must amputate this. Then start the hand a life of its own.

While Ash fights against are attacking hand, Annie and Ed Getley (respectively the daughter and Assistant to professor Knowby) on the way to the professor. They come from an archaeological site where they have found from Necronomicon pages yet. Their tour stops at the bridge disappeared. There they meet trackers Jake and Bobby Joe who know an alternative way to the hut. When they arrive, the log cabin is Ash become so insanely in his fight that he thinks the whole room has come to life. That is why he shoots at random with his rifle. The four suspects Ash to doctor Knowby and his wife have killed and connect it on in the basement.

Annie start the band recording again where professor Knowby says he had to kill his wife Henrietta because this was possessed by a dark force after he himself read out passages from the Necronomicon. Her body is buried in the cellar. It creeps the body of Henrietta from her grave and falls to Ash. He is saved just in time by the foursome.Next, Ed owned and should Ash to kill him. Bobby Joe flight into the Woods, but is attacked by living trees that her quarters.

Annie finds in the Necronomicon two passages to the power to send back to his dimension. The first spell to open a wormhole to the power to gobble up. The second to close the wormhole. Before making the first spell can pronounce, Jake will turn against them. Under duress of a gun he takes Ash and Annie on quest for Bobby Joe. He throws the appropriate pages in the basement.

Ash is possessed again and start a fight with Joe which Joe loses. Thereupon put Ash in Annie. They flight the cabin in. When the door opens, insert a knife into the chest of Annie Jake that the fight has survives. They drag a dying Jake with it down to the cellar door. There drags him in the cellar hole and Henrietta kills him. A possessed Ash tries to kill Annie. In doing so, he finds the necklace from Linda and will force to expel the demon from his body.

Ash re-edits the chainsaw which fits on his right forearm, where his hand was. Then he goes in the cellar where he finds the paper. He also cuts Henrietta in pieces. Annie says the first spell which makes outdoor a wormhole is created. The wormhole absorbs not only dark force on surrounding trees, Ash, but also his car. .. Annie start to the second spell, but the possessed hand sticking her down with a knife. She can still speak the last word, but can not prevent Ash still is absorbed before the wormhole closes.

Ash and his car end up in a procession of Crusaders in the Middle East around 1300 ad. They regard as a deadite Ash: someone who is possessed by the dark force. It flies a bird possessed effective on them. Ash uses his rifle to the deatite to get popping. Thereupon the soldiers kneel and say that Ash is the chosen one to save them from the evil forces. Ash calls "No!".

Division Of Roles[Edit]Edit

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