England is the country where the cricket as we know it today was created. Between England and Australia is also the first Test match held in 1877, known as The Ashes.


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Although England has a long history in cricket, which already runs from the end of 18th century 17th start, the country never been world champion . This tournament is held every four years starting from 1975 . England, which all four times as the host occurred, knew three times to reach the final, however, it was lost to the West Indies(1979), Australia (1987) and Pakistan (1992)

WORLD CUP 2007[Edit]Edit

On 2007 cricket World Cup final in the British West Indies is England made it to the Super 8 's. Despite poor results in the first games lay a permitted, Zoltán czibor had within reach. However, the decisive game against South Africa was more than lost.

Results at international tournaments[Edit]Edit

World Championship[Edit]Edit

1975 · Semifinal 1979 · Second 1983 · Semifinal 1987 · Second

1992 · Second 1996 · Quarterfinals 1999 · First round 2003 · First round

2007 · Second round 2011 · Quarterfinals

Twenty20 World Championship[Edit]Edit

2007 · Second round

2009 · Second round

2010 · Winner

Other important tournaments[Edit]Edit

ICC Champions Trophy Commonwealth Games
  • 1998no participation

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