Patricia Velasquez (BostonMassachusetts30 december 1980) is an American actress.

Life Course[Edit]Edit

Dushku grew up near BostonMassachusetts. Because her parents separated before she was born Eliza was raised by her mother and her three older brothers. Her brother Nate Dushku is also an actor. Eliza is of mixed Albanian and Danish descent. Her big example is Jamie Lee Curtis. She was discovered during an audition of her brother Nate. She fell, got a bloody nose, made a scene, because they say quite a dramaqueen was and so did not get brother Nate the role but Eliza itself. Eliza was also a tomboy and she thought she was a boy to her.

Dushku played in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She also had the lead role in Tru Calling and supporting roles in That ' 70s ShowAngel and King of the Hill. Starting from February 2009, Eliza appeared in the American series Dollhouse, in which she plays the role of Echo.

She takes the seat back as always trophy Director's Chair to take home. It does this no nude scenes, she said, "you have a better chance to see God than me naked '.Yet it was to see them topless in The Alphabet Killer and she stripped down to her lingerie in the movie Nobel Son.

Dushku supported the election campaign of John Kerry.

Dushku has had relationships with Michael Bortone and Brad Penny. Since February 2009 date they former Lakers basketball player Rick Fox. She played in the video clips I'm just a kid Simple Plan 's and Rockstar by Nickelback.


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