Elaine Vassal is a fictional character on the dramedy Ally McBeal. The role was played by actress Jane Krakowski of 8 september 1997 to the end of the series on May 20, 2002. Elaine is Richard Fish together with Ally and the only character that can be seen in all episodes.

Fictional Character History[Edit]Edit

Elaine is the sexy Assistant of Ally. They always want to know about everything and tries to eavesdrop on any conversation. Initially can Ally the meddlesome Elaine not stand. Elaine says to Ally to find her bitsig and gradually improves the relationship. Elaine acts as a slut and here comes also from. She is always trying to attract attention.She always sings a Christmas song in the bar where they always have a drink and also with the birthday of Ally she act. Ally accuses her she will try their best to stand out and asks when they will stop. Then it says Elaine then says that they continue until it is observed. She says that this is her way to process her loneliness. Elaine tries to find something out, she has arranged a face bra designed that people have to wear during exercise so as not to get wrinkles, later find them luminous condoms from with messages printed on it.

In season two she starts a relationship with George Madison. George, however, soon fell in love with Ally and makes its that clear. However, no Ally begins relationship with him to spare the feelings of Elaine. The face bra is put into practice and there will be featured in a television commercial and the product is marketed. Not much later, her aunt Gladys in the Office with a subpoena. Her late daughter would have invented the BRA. Ally believes that Elaine has not stolen the idea, while Georgia has her doubts. A witness says that Elaine's niece Martha had said that she was afraid that Elaine with her idea would start walking. Then a video tape they still remember Elaine has her idea to her niece that she tells. Her aunt is outraged that her own daughter has lied to her so and let fall the indictment.

Elaine is becoming a better friend of Ally and develops a rivalry with Renee Raddick about singing in the bar. If they act together to sing, but most always try Elaine Renée cannot always do and fight back. In the fourth season gets Elaine a relationship with Mark Albert. They cheat him because they simply can't make it. As Richard the handsome lawyer Elaine Jackson Duper is immediately attracted to him. That leaves they notice by bright to transpire. Mark is jealous and Elaine tries to hide her feelings, but fails there not good at and the relationship with Mark being broken.

Furthermore, Elaine little storyline. In one of the last episode, she tries to put her singing career on track by to audition for musical A Chorus Line. Because they have no experience, she is not selected, but she sleeps with the Director. Nelle, which normally always a enemy of Elaine, regulates that Elaine should a second audition, in which she gives the best of themselves. After her performance she received a warm applause, but still got they didn't get it.

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