Albert Edwin (Eddie) Condon ( Goodland (Indiana) , November 16th 1905 - New York City , August 4 1973 ) was an American jazz banjo player - guitaristand bandleader . He was one of the leading figures of the rise of Dixieland . He also played piano and sang occasionally.

Career Edit

After a time ukelele have played, Condon switched to the banjo and was around 1921 a professional musician . He settled in the twenties in Chicago , where he stayed mostly and played with other jazz musicians like Bix Beiderbecke and Frank Teschemacher .

In 1928, Condon moved to New York City . He played regular jam sessions for various record labels including Louis Armstrong and Fats Waller . His recording sessions in the studio at the time were unusual, he played alongside Waller, Armstrong and Henry Red Allen and played some time with the band of Red Nichols . In the late thirties he regularly played in the jazz club Nick's, located in Manhattan . In 1938 he signed a contract with record labelCommodore Records . Between 1944 and 1945, Condon appeared during radio broadcasts from New York's Town Hall. From 1945 to 1967, Condon ran his own jazz club. In the fifties he took plates under Columbia Records . In 1957 toured Condon by Britain , along with Wild Bill Davison, Cutty Cutshall, Gene Schroeder and George Wettling. His last tour was in 1964 in Australia and Japan .

In 1948, became autobiography We Called It Music issued in 1956 and Eddie Condon's Treasury of Jazz.

Eddie Condon died at the age of 67.

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