The Dutch national rugby union team is a Rugby Union team that represents Netherlands in international competitions.


Netherlands played its first match in 1930 at home in the Hague, they lost 0-6 of the Belgian national rugby union team. Later that year followed the second competition in Brussels, who went 11-0 lost. Both games, however, are not recognized by the Nederlandse rugby bond because both the Dutch and the Belgian rugby Federation at that time did not exist. The first official international is according to the Nederlandse Rugby Bond (NRB) the match was played in 1932 in Amsterdam, again against Belgium (6-6). Moreover, also according to the NRB had not allowed to count that contest but does so anyway because at the time, the Belgian Federation already existed and the creation of the NRB was advanced. [1the fourth international, which on 18 december 1932 in Eindhoven against the German national rugby union team (11-24) is the first international match since the creation of the NRB. [2In the rest of the 1930s Germany against Belgium and Netherlands played a number of times and also a few times against Romania. Netherlands won in this match varying results, but overall they had moving against their opponent.

So fared in the 1940s, in which she also regularly played against Belgium and Germany. In the 1950s there were fewer games played, including a number of large losses against both Eastern and Western Germany. In the 60 's played matches against West Germany Netherlands especially, they usually lost. In addition, they went against an increasing number of other countries, such as Poland, Sweden, Spain play and Czechoslovakia.

In the 1970s it was getting better with the Dutch women's national rugby union team. They won more matches than in previous years and in addition, they played more and more and even against the strong countries, such as Italy. This continued in the 1980s, in which they play went much more international matches. In this period the team also knew to make the longest row WINS. This began on 14 October with a 27-3 win on Sweden and ended twelve games later with a loss of 27-14 against Czechoslovakia on april 12, 1987.

In the last years mainly Dutch plays games against European B-countries. But occasionally they have lost a match against Netherlands, played as a professional country with 110-0 by England on 14 november 1998.

Since the creation of the rugby World Cup in 1987 the Netherlands failed to do to qualify.

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