Double Whoopee is a 1929 Hal Roach Studios silent short comedy starring Laurel and Hardy. It was shot during February 1929 and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer on May 18 of that year.


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Laurel and Hardy play the roles of a footman (Hardy) and doorman (Laurel) at an upper class hotel. Jean Harlow also makes a brief appearance in this film, as a blonde bombshell who gets partially stripped by Laurel & Hardy. One of the funnier scenes is one with an automatic elevator. A haughty prince tries to get on the elevator from the first floor. Simultaneously Oliver summons the elevator. For some reason the outer doors don't close and when the prince (who has been busy giving a speech) tries to step in, he falls into the elevator well. Oliver rides down in the elevator and disappears. The prince is pulled out of the well, all disheveled and dirty. He tries it again. This time Stan summons the elevator and the whole thing repeats.


1969 "talkie" version[edit]Edit

While this is a silent film, a version with post-synchronized dialogue tracks provided by voice actors — not Stan's or Ollie's actual voices — was created in 1969. L&H mimic Chuck McCann plays both Stan and Ollie in the talking version. McCann had his own local TV show in New York in the sixties where he used puppets of Stan and Ollie to entertain kids. He was also seen in the 1970s and 1980s television commercial for Amco windshield wipers, playing Oliver Hardy opposite Jim McGeorge, who played Stan(McGeorge did the Oliver Hardy voice in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon program of the 1960s).